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Torrey Pines Mess Vol. 6

The San Diego City Council voted down the North Course redo, 9-0. Tod Leonard reports that $400,000 was approved for additions to the South, including a renovated 18th hole. Ultimately, the council had trouble with the lack of a presentable plan. They also didn't buy the case made that the greens were in need of a USGA-spec upgrade.

"I am struck by the fact that we were asked to approve these changes before there was a design," said councilman Brian Maienschein. "Why do you need an architect like Rees Jones to do maintenance work? I played baseball, and when they talked about maintaining the field, they weren't moving the bases 80 or 100 feet.

"It's clear to me from the testimony and from e-mails that people feel the South Course has become extremely difficult for the average player, and that should not be repeated on the North. We need to be very cautious about spending $3 million when the vast majority don't want the project."