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Fall Winners To Get Masters Invitations?

The good news from Doug Ferguson's notes column?

The Masters will continue the tradition of restoring tournament winners to the field by adding the six PGA Tour fall event winners when the tour schedule reboots this October.

The bad news?

When it stopped inviting winners after 1999, the club said it was interested in the most consistent player throughout the year. That's why the Masters is likely to continue taking the 30 players who qualify for the Tour Championship.

The Tour Championship qualifiers get there by being the most consistent players in the four-week Playoffs(C), a flawed system of two points resets and algorithm based?

Wouldn't the top 30 money earners, which Ferguson says will be dropped as an invitation option, provide a more telling example of year-long consistency?

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Reader Comments (4)

@geoff fed ex points (regular season) are no more or less of an algorithm than the money list (and are probably more fair). And there's only one re-set, and it comes at the tour championships - so it doesn't impact who would receive the Masters invite.

The fact that the play-offs count for significantly more points than regular season events is an issue when doling out masters invites from the tour championships. On the other hand going off the regular season points list, and not including 3 very good pga tour events (the first three legs of the play-offs) is also problematic.
02.27.2013 | Unregistered Commenterelf
If the Masters banned anchoring, that would take care of the problem.
02.27.2013 | Unregistered CommenterAnchorhead
Aren't top money winners from previous season invited as per ANGC's criteria? And they took out the winner clause out in '99? Weird .. I could've sworn I heard announcers last year talking about how a W still punched a ticket to the Masters.
02.27.2013 | Unregistered CommenterPepperdine
There are two resets. Take another look.
02.27.2013 | Registered CommenterGeoff

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