Video: Add DJ To The Bifurcate-Via-The-Ball List
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 09:06 AM
Geoff in State of the Game, Technology, Tiger Woods

Golf Channel's Todd Lewis sat down with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson at the Hero World Challenge asked about golf's distance issue. Woods reiterated his view that golf take inspiration from baseball's wood bats in using the golf ball as a similar distance regulator.

Johnson was also asked his views and one of the game's longest hitters said he did not mind "seeing other professional sports playing with one ball" and noted that the "doesn’t spin near as much as it used to."

Due to less spin, Johnson actually lamented the lack of a larger gap between "guys who swing very hard and guys who don’t" and wants to see an "advantage for guys who work on hitting it far and getting that speed that’s needed. So having a ball, like that same ball that everyone plays you’re going to have more of an advantage."

Very interesting!

The full clip:

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