Hats Are In The Mail! USGA Denies Report of Membership Program's Demise
Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 08:31 AM
Geoff in USGA

Entering its 42nd year, the USGA members program once formed a strong bond between golfers, the Rules Of Golf and the best traditions of the sport. Plus, it gave us some stellar address labels and notepads.

However since the closure of Golf Journal magazine twelve years ago, there has been a gradual eroding of golfer-USGA relations in part because, well, how many US Open hats can one get excited about? In recent years, members have enjoyed some cool-on-site perks at the US Open.

But according to MorningRead.com's Adam Schupak, the USGA has "disbanded its membership program and created a development initiative aimed at raising $100 million." The USGA, contacted by Schupak, denies the report and says hats are in the mail!

When reached for comment, USGA spokeswoman Janeen Driscoll said, "The USGA has no intention of eliminating the members program," and noted that renewals are out and hats are being mailed to members.

This part of the report was the most depressing given what a shining star this person was for the operation:

A USGA switchboard operator confirmed Tuesday that Fiona Dolan, the USGA's senior director of member programs since 2003, no longer was employed. Sources said another part-time membership position had been eliminated. When contacted by Morning Read, Dolan would not respond to questions.

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