History! 13-Year-Old Wins 30-Hole U.S. Women's Am Match
Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 06:29 AM
Geoff in Amateur Golf

You'll want to watch the highlights of the record 30-hole U.S. Women's Amateur quarterfinal match eventually won by 13-year-old Chia Yen Wu over Lauren Stephenson. There was no shortage of near makes that would have iced the match, which goes down as the longest in the 117-year history of USGA championships...by two holes!

Vanessa Zink reported this for USGA.org

“My caddie just told me, ‘I want to go eat dinner,’” said a smiling Wu, referring to Scotty Patel, a two-time club champion at San Diego Country Club who is on Wu’s bag this week as they approached the 18th tee. “He reads the lines pretty well, and he tells me, ‘You can make it,’ and gives me confidence.”

In her story from Chula Vistas, Beth Ann Nichols at Golfweek points out that Patel is making quite the sacrifice to stay on the bag for Lu on Saturday.

Her caddie, local businessman Scott Patel, won the club championship here two years ago and was supposed to see his daughter off to college this weekend at UC-Berkeley. That will have to wait.

(Nichols also files a wonderful story on semi-finalist Alexis Valenzuela and her brother-caddie.)

This was just one of the crazier moments:


This unbelievable turn of events has this #USWomensAm quarterfinal headed for a 27th hole. Watch now on @fs1.

— USGA (@USGA) August 12, 2017


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