Kumbaya! Taylor Made Reunites Tiger And Golf Digest
Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 08:33 PM
Geoff in Golf Media, Tiger Woods

Middle East peace is right around the...well, no. But if Tiger Woods and Golf Digest can make time for each other, if it's just an hour, we know the PR team at Taylor Made wields a lot of power. Or a big checkbook. Or snipers on standby. Or all of the above!

Woods, whose business relationship with Golf Digest died a few years ago, only to be intensified over pieces by longtime editor Jerry Tarde and columnist emeritus Dan Jenkins, is now all smiles on the February issue cover.

Max Adler
was tasked with covering the "all day" photo shoot arranged by Taylor Made and lasting from 1:59 pm to 2:59 pm.

Strap in, this reunion gets syrupy! Next thing you know, Tiger will be back in the monthly giving his keys to Atlantic spearfishing.

“I’m Tiger,” he says with a grin when you introduce yourself, and the handshake is as strong as it gets.

Actually, it was more than a photo shoot. With a man whose time is as valuable as Big Cat’s, you kill at least two birds. With cameras rolling on the south end of the driving range at Medalist Golf Club, TaylorMade’s top equipment staff unboxed for Woods the new line of clubs he should soon be playing. So besides capturing marketing materials, it was also the first official custom-fitting session with the staffer who sat out nearly all of 2017 injured. TaylorMade invited Golf Digest along to witness the process.

Wait, first official custom fitting? Since Tiger and Taylor Made hitched up last January? Now that's news.

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