Instagram: Some Golfers Age More Gracefully Than Others
Monday, February 12, 2018 at 10:01 PM
Geoff in Instagram

Gary Player is still tinkering with this swing and some Rory McIlroy-inspired posture looks pretty strong.

Jack Nicklaus tests a putter and some sock style that works at certain clubs in Australia and Bermuda.

And then there's Greg Norman.

Golf is a funny game that we all know a hell of a lot about nothing. Here I am in my 6th decade as a pro, tweaking my swing ever so slightly after I noticed @rorymcilroy standing more upright than me so I wanted to test out his stance. Thoughts?

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The great Jack Nicklaus having some fun calling my @scottycameronputter ‘off market’. Maybe he should switch! #losttreeproam. Best conditioned greens ever

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After 63 revolutions around the sun, time to celebrate!!

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