Video: Lewis Black On Pinehurst #2's Greens

Former UNC student and comedian Lewis Black holds back on the obscenities in talking to Alex Podlogar about Pinehurst #2.

The Daily Show contributor and constantly-touring stand-up master was in town for an annual cystic fibrosis fundraiser and while it'd be fun to hear him say Donald Ross's name with R-rated words as only he can use them, it's still enjoyable to hear him riff on the 2014 U.S. Open host.

The first clip:

The second clip:

NBC 69 Of 69 In Martin Kaymer Shots Shown Sunday

Talk about German engineering! (Sam Weinman reviews the various references to the German engineering in the post-Kaymer U.S. Open win here).

Impressive balance by NBC as noted by Classic TV Sports, which tabulated the distribution of leader shots shown by the network during the U.S. Open final round.

All 69 of Kaymer's shots were shown, but more interesting was the balance of leaders and their place on the leaderboard.