Dufner Gets A Brandel Block After (Almost) Using An Obscenity
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 11:36 PM
Geoff in Twitter

There is nothing quite like a Pro Golfer Twitter spat and today's Brandel Chamblee v. Jason Dufner back-and-forth resulted in a conclusion just about everyone saw coming: Chamblee blocking the 2013 PGA Champion.

This outcome made Dufner's day:

Best part of my day.. when people aren’t educated in what they are saying, they run and hide from the truth. It’s to keep what they have going and not be exposed for being a fraud. pic.twitter.com/O97OHYrive

— Jason Dufner (@JasonDufner) November 28, 2017

Brandel explained his thinking in blocking a major winner: 

Twitter often brings out the worst in people, but one should consider there is no age limit to be on this forum&profane language is generally uncalled for. I have no beef w/Duf,he can carry on doing his thing -and we should all pardon reciprocally frailty,as it exists in us all. https://t.co/a9zdarTI2O

— Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel) November 29, 2017

Alex Myers of GolfDigest.com explains what precipitated the manspat--a jab at Dufner instructor Chuck Cook at a seminar, followed by a side Twitter conversation where Chamblee was included against his will. Unable to get Dufner and friend to not include him, Chamblee reached for the block button.

After sharing his joy at the blockage, Dufner went on quite the re-Tweet storm, sharing the tales of other Brandel Blockees, including one who noted Brandel's liking of a profane Tweet. A few examples:

He blocked me for calling him Bermuda Chamblee after he said they should've chose Bermuda grass for the greens at Chambers Bay. 🤦🏻‍♂️

— Jason Hooper (@superjhooper) November 29, 2017

Pfffff I’ve been blocked since 2010. Welcome to the largest growing club in da golf world

— Kirk Oguri (@KIRKOGURI) November 29, 2017

I️ lost all respect for him when he bashed @theturfyoda and his staff because they couldn’t grow Bermuda Grass in the Pacific Northwest & the conditions weren’t like Augusta

— Timmy D on DVD (@allturfandgrass) November 29, 2017

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