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  • Lines of Charm: Brilliant And Irreverent Quotes, Notes, And Anecdotes from Golf's Golden Age Architects
    Lines of Charm: Brilliant And Irreverent Quotes, Notes, And Anecdotes from Golf's Golden Age Architects
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    The Future of Golf: How Golf Lost Its Way and How to Get It Back
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    Masters of the Links: Essays on the Art of Golf and Course Design
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    The Captain: George C. Thomas Jr. and His Golf Architecture
    by Geoff Shackelford
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  • The Golf Book: Twenty Years of the Players, Shots, and Moments That Changed the Game
    The Golf Book: Twenty Years of the Players, Shots, and Moments That Changed the Game
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    Planet Golf: The Definitive Reference to Great Golf Courses Outside the United States of America
    by Darius Oliver
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Good play is, on the whole, the product of good courses. How fortunate it would be if that were believed and born in mind by the more indifferent golfers when they are inclined to oppose those seeking to improve our courses!   ROBERT HUNTER




Denim Wars! Dress Code Brouhaha In Boston!

Callum Borchers of The Boston Globe with the funny if it weren't so embarrassing brouhaha at Weston Golf Club, where it got heated over guests wearing jeans for a nightcap meeting in the clubhouse.

Borchers writes:

It’s unclear what kind of denim people in the group were wearing that September night, but as Stephen and Charlotte Weeple walked toward the clubhouse around 10:45 p.m, they were intercepted by club president Tom Ferry. The Weeples are not members but they and other guests were meeting Weston GC members for a nightcap in the clubhouse bar.

Ferry believed the Weeples were in violation of the dress code and used profane language to tell them jeans are not allowed on the grounds, according to a letter the couple wrote to the club’s directors.
Charlotte Weeple declined to comment, but in her letter to the board, obtained by The Boston Globe, she said she thought Ferry was joking until he called her derogatory names, igniting an animated shouting match between her husband and Ferry.

At 10:58, Weston police received a 911 call reporting a fist fight in progress.

Maybe this is the turning point in the utterly insane saga that is denim on country club grounds?


Rory Could Be "£25 Million Worse Off" If He Loses Case

Derek Lawrenson quotes Rory McIlroy at length from Tuesday's press conference where the Race To Dubai winner before the Race To Dubai officially ends spoke of how he doesn't see his Masters preparation impacted by legal proceedings.

Lawrenson writes:

‘Annoying and frustrating,’ is how the 25-year-old summed up being forced to sit out the first two events of the European Tour’s Final Series in China. It will be costly too, if he finishes on the losing side in the Dublin courtroom showdown, scheduled for February.

Those in Ireland who have been following the various machinations closely estimate he could be as much as £25million worse off if the worst-case scenario unfolds.

‘Of course I’m annoyed that it is still going on but there’s nothing I can do about it,’ McIlroy said. ‘We tried our best a few weeks ago to come to some sort of resolution and it didn’t work out. So yeah, it’s not the best thing to be going through but it will be over and done with a good bit before I have to go down Magnolia Lane (for the Masters) in April. As long as I’ve got a clear head going there, I’m happy with that.’

Lawrenson reports the blisters on McIlroy's hands speak to the level of his preparation for the Race conclusion. I know, more detail than you needed.

The Guardian's Ewan Murray took in McIlroy's remarks and reminds us that there is evidence to support Rory's ability to block out distractions.

 He has swapped managers, equipment, jilted his fiancee and finds himself as the No1 player in world golf. At Augusta next April he will seek to complete a grand slam of major championships before the age of 26.

Detail of interest to those fascinated by the legal wranglings and potential impact on McIlroy's game will want to read Brian Keogh's analysis of the press conference comments and recent goings on.

This alone suggests a strain that will inevitably distract McIlroy:

McIlroy might not be concerned about what emerges in the public domain but that’s not to say that others may not also be drawn into the public arena against their wishes.

The forensic scrutiny of laptops, mobile phones, text messages, emails and other documents in a case such as this could unleash an uncontrollable beast.

As it is, Horizon has asked McIlroy himself, his father Gerry, Rory Mcilroy Inc CEO Donal Casey, and McIlroy’s personal assistant/tour manager Sean O’Flaherty to produce documentation in the discovery process and much of what they have requested has not be turned over in full.

The process is designed to show that commercial platform Horizon built for Rory McIlroy was effectively commandeered by what is now Rory McIlroy Inc together with a large proportion of his management team.

Horizon’s lawyers will be trying to show through this discovery process that the takeover was planned over a lengthy period of time with many individuals directly and indirectly emerging as key movers.

Lawyers for Horizon appear to have had trouble securing all the documents they require and have brought a motion to the High Court to have their requests met in full.

As for Rory's golf, Karl MacGinty reviews the drama that surrounded Rory both on and off the course in this Irish Independent piece.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note McIlroy and Justin Rose attempted to re-create Henrik Stenson's epic shot from the 2013 Race's conclusion, as well as Rose's key chip in 2012 in those epic Race To Dubai moments that you've already forgotten.


PGA Tour Wants IMG Subpoenaed Over Vijay

In other First World News...

GolfNewsNet was the first to note that the PGA Tour has asked the judge in Vijay Singh's suit against the PGA Tour over his use of deep antler spray to help subpoena documents from agency IMG.

“The Tour cannot obtain this information directly from Mr. Singh because Mr. Singh would not have communications internal to IMG or between IMG representatives and potential sponsors, and indeed has produced no such documents in response,” Dreyer wrote in the filing.

Bransten has granted the motion pending any appeal from Singh, whose representation did not object to the filing.

If granted — and any necessary subpoenas from the Common Pleas Court are obtained — then IMG would be required to submit documentation under the motion by December 15 and depositions to take place on Jan. 15, 2015.


LPGA In 2015: 33 Events, $61.6 Million In Prize Money

Congratulations to Commissioner Mike Whan and his hard-working staff and players on the LPGA setting a new total prize money record, not to mention 33 events in 2015.

Golf News Net with the breakdown.

Beth Ann Baldry focuses on the big news of the day, a sponsor for the year's first major and replacement for longtime, forget them. Welcome ANA (All Nippon Airlines) at the Dinah Shore and sporting a $2.5 million purse.


Lindsey Vonn: "It was like a fabricated interview, like what (Jenkins) thinks Tiger would say."

David Leon Moore of USA Today talks to Lindsey Vonn about her boyfriend's first column for taking aim at Dan Jenkins, who took aim her man (satirically) in Golf Digest.

"We talked about the article and that he was going to say something," Vonn told USA TODAY Sports. "I completely agree with him. I agree with his statement and I'm glad that he did it. That's not journalism. It was like a fabricated interview, like what (Jenkins) thinks Tiger would say.

"But it went way too far, and it wasn't very clear that it was a joke, that it was fabricated.

It only said fake once on the cover!

"If you read it, you might think that it was actually Tiger talking. The whole thing is completely ridiculous."

Maybe if it sounded like Tiger was actually talking then aren't you confirming our worst fears that Jenkins captured the essence?


Tiger Declares War On Jenkins Satire, Demands Apology

To put the gravity of Tiger Woods' anger into perspective, Woods rebutted Dan Jenkins' December Golf Digest parody at The Players Tribune instead of his preferred media outlet, the upstart

Take that, his ownself's website!

Speaking of His Ownself, Jenkins tweeted a link to the story that was only posted at after Tiger's item appeared.

Let's ignore that the word "fake" was on the magazine cover. Or that the print spread included an asterisk after the words "My Interview With Tiger*" with by the phrase "*Or how it plays out in my mind" in large type at the top.

And ignore the obviously satirical photos of a fake Tiger eating at a diner and polishing his Escalade, because the real crux for Woods appears to be that people he's hearing from are mistaking the piece for a real interview. Tiger, or someone on his payroll, writing for Derek Jeter's new website:

Did you read Dan Jenkins’ interview with me in the latest Golf Digest? I hope not. Because it wasn’t me. It was some jerk he created to pretend he was talking to me. That’s right, Jenkins faked an interview, which fails as parody, and is really more like a grudge-fueled piece of character assassination.

Journalistically and ethically, can you sink any lower?

Maybe someone someone saw "fake" on the cover and they think he "faked an interview" as a satirical device? Nothing gets by Tiger's handlers!

Golf Digest even hired an actor to pose as me in photos.

It appeared to me, having read this a week ago, as the second fastest way to let people know it was a fake interview right after using the word fake on the cover. But I'm just thinking out loud here.

Keep digging...

Fortunately, invented fiction

Quibble interruption...I think invented fiction qualifies as redundant...but keep calm and carry on...

like this is not at all what I hear on tour from the fans. It’s not the type of feedback I get from them, especially when I’ve been hurt or going through a tough stretch. Fans’ encouragement is what really matters to me.

Exactly, like when a young lad named Johnny ask for an autograph at your gated community course because they idolize you and you give them the first of their two Heismans!

Whether it’s misreported information or opinions I think are way off base, I let plenty of things slide.

That, I don't doubt.

But this time I can’t do that. The sheer nastiness of this attack, the photos and how it put false words in my mouth just had to be confronted.

Oddly, it would have gone quietly into the night until you confronted the problem.

My representatives and I asked Golf Digest for an explanation, some reason for what I think is journalistically wrong and a pretty cheap shot. Digest responded by saying it was Dan’s humor, and they didn’t think it was unfair or they wouldn’t have run it. Those aren’t great answers.

Here, is the letter we sent. Read it, and the original piece if you have to, and decide for yourself what’s fair.
~ Tiger

Here is the letter sent to Conde Nast CEO Chuck Townsend on November 12th by agent Mark Steinberg and VP of ETW Communications Glenn Greenspan. I've grabbed and embedded it here because the Wynn just posted 3-1 odds that the letter gets taken down by week's end when the bad tipping stories come out and Jimmy Kimmel makes 15 Escalade jokes upon reading the letters line about there being "no basis whatsoever" for the jabs.

Bob Harig at has a straightforward account of the history between the two and a summary of the column by Tiger.

Jason Sobel at tells Tiger to chill and makes this shrewd point:

For a guy who’s so often straddled the fence or bitten your lip rather than quenching our collective thirst for an opinion, it’s refreshing to read an unvarnished viewpoint on something that’s bothering you. The truth is, if you’d been this unfiltered for the past two decades, journalists would probably have less cause to write imaginary pieces guessing at what’s going on inside your head.

However, the essence of the issue here, and why this one will be staple of PR training schools for decades to come, comes from The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre, who writes:

Quick reminder: Nobody was talking about this at all until Tiger’s team went on the offensive this afternoon.

They are now.

The whole thing reminds of that oldie but goodie from Woody Allen: "You know, it's one thing about intellectuals. They prove that you can be absolutely brilliant and have no idea what's going on."


Welcome To The Club! Pavin Joins Fox Sports Broadcast Team

Coleman McDowell reports that former U.S. Open Champion Corey Pavin has been welcomed by Greg Norman to the Fox Sports broadcasting club. Also added was Steve Flesch, formerly of Golf Channel, along with CNN's Shane O'Donoghue, who will host when Joe Buck is not the lead play-by-play announcer. O'Donoghue will providing essays and features, too. (McDowell also confirms the previously reported hiring of Juli Inkster.)

McDowell writes:

“I feel really good about this crew,” Mark Loomis, coordinating golf producer for Fox Sports, told “One of the reasons we have been taking our time is that we’re putting a team, not just a bunch of individuals, together. We went about it slowly and deliberately, and I think this group we’re adding today all complement the team really well.

Pavin will serve as a studio analyst at the U.S. Open, while Inkster will be an on-course analyst at the U.S. Open and an analyst at the U.S. Women’s Open. Flesch, who has spent several seasons working with Golf Channel, will work as a hole announcer for most of the USGA events.

Pavin was greeted after his U.S. Open win by Norman, who welcomed him "to the club" of major winners.

This just about rounds out Fox's team, with only a few on-course reporters needing to be named.

Jessica Marksbury recently interviewed Joe Buck about the Fox team as they prepare for their first telecast from the Shark Shootout's final round. On his broadcast partner Norman...

Greg will be as open and as naturally critical as a guy can be without overdoing it. You have to be honest with the viewer, but you also have to be fair and remember how hard this game is. The Shark will have teeth, but I don't think he'll be a Great White every time he opens his mouth.


The Daily Show On Detroit's Water Shutoff

Jessica Williams investigates Detroit's water shutoffs targeting some of the city's poorest residents not paying their bills while not targeting major businesses and golf courses who...are not paying their bills.

The segment (thanks reader Jeff):


Report: Tiger’s Got A New Body!

Rosie’s has had some big exclusives but if his Golf Central report is true that Tiger Woods has a new body, this will make international headlines.

Oh wait, oh I got it…new body as in, maybe he’s not spending more time on the bench press than the range? Our prayers have been answered.

Tim Rosaforte also has an update on Dustin Johnson, who has taken his leave of absence from the fairways of Sherwood back to Florida where he’s showing up on time for his lessons. It’s news that will cure whatever ails you.


"Wasting time on a golf course simply standing around will only mean more ghost signs on other courses as they see more and more players opt for other pursuits."

M. James Ward attended the USGA’s Pace of Play Symposium and concludes for those not getting the urgency of the issue…like the PGA Tour Commissioner...

Wasting time on a golf course simply standing around will only mean more ghost signs on other courses as they see more and more players opt for other pursuits. That’s not a solid future, it’s a dead end certainty.

Before reaching that point, Ward covers the array of topics involved with trying to speed up play both in tournament golf and at the recreational level, as presented at the event.

The symposium provided reams of information on how and when to time players but when all the smoke clears, the main issue is enforcement. Backing up matters to show action will be taken when warranted. A great example of retreating on slow play took place at the 1981 U.S. Open. Two players from a threesome were deemed responsible for being more than 20 minutes behind the group in front of them. Then USGA Executive Director P.J. Boatwright Jr. slapped two shot penalties on John Schroeder and Forest Fezler. Both men appealed to a four-man Rules committee—of which Boatwright was one—and the committee overturned P.J. by a vote of 4–1. So much for standing behind your key man.

After reading a few stories from the syposium, I'm still stock on the overwhelming data that points to 11+ Stimpmeter speeds as the most evident evil facing pace. Stop this study now and stop the chase for 13 feet!

I  discussed on Morning Drive with Gary Williams.


Video: Tiger's "The Making Of Bluejack" Vol. 1

Remember, I just copy and paste this stuff.

So that we're clear, (A) this is real and not satire and (B) I don't coordinate the developer's ties with the sweaters he wears over his shoulders. Frankly, I don't condone any of this other than to say that this video is a positive sign the economy is coming back. Because to see golf course developers have the resources to do these kinds of films and coordinate their over-the-shoulder sweaters with their ties can only be positive.

And at least they cropped Tiger's dad jeans out of the shots! Enjoy...


The Donald Has Big Plans For Turnberry, Prestwick Airport

Helen McArdle reports that Donald Trump is floating some big numbers for both his planned revamp of Turnberry and has worked a deal to have private planes landing at Prestwick airport. Oh and the golf courses will get remodeled too, including big changes to the famed seaside holes.

From McArdle's Scottish Herald story.

In a far cry for an airport more associated with budget holidays, wealthy customers en route to Turnberry will also be allowed to land their own private jets at the site before being whisked by limousine or Trump's own Sikorsky 76B helicopter to the famous golf hotel.

Mr Trump, 68, also revealed he was close to agreeing a redevelopment of the famous golf resort with the Royal and Ancient, golf's ruling body, which will see both the Ailsa and Kintyre courses completely overhauled, with work commencing on October 1 next year after hosting the Women's British Open.

A new sprinkler system, renovated clubhouse and major changes to Ailsa's ninth, 10th and 11th holes - which will see the ninth become "the most spectacular hole in all of golf" - will be key to transforming the resort, which Mr Trump said had been neglected for decades by its previous owners.


Shark Offers To Give Poulter A Putting Tip Via Twitter

Ian Poulter has feuded with NBC's Johnny Miller. Fox Sports' Greg Norman?

Why he's spotting things wrong with Poulter's putting and offering (via Twitter) free advice. Is this is a sign of things to come for Shark the broadcaster?

Luke Kerr-Dineen with the Tweets. And take that, Johnny!


Christina Kim Is Back!

It wasn't easy, nor did anyone expect Christina Kim's hugely popular comeback win to come easily, so here's the AP story on her hugely popular win in the Lorena Ochoa Invitational.

If you saw Kim's playoff win over ShanShan Feng you know that the notoriously fast player has developed a pre-shot routine which, while not slow, is slow by Christina Kim standards. Randall Mell with the lowdown on why she's developed the almost full backswing and stop move. Naturally, her description gives you an idea why she's a golf writer's favorite:

“I had an incident with some bees that had me back off my shots [at the Ricoh Women’s British Open], and that actually gave me sort of a back-in-the-day, Sergio kind-of-Dufnery waggle. It's something that's been really frustrating to me, because I used to be such a fast player.”

Kim has actually refined the waggle the last couple weeks, shortened it up considerably.

“Lobbed off a lot of time, but still not quite what I'm working toward, because I would love to just step up to the ball and hit,” Kim said. “But it's also something I've been trying to work on. Just making sure that I don't turn my hands over too quickly and just making sure I get the grip and the butt of the club going ahead of the club head.”

Golfweek's Beth Ann Baldry on the long road back for Kim, that has included this long stretch on the road.

Kim’s Sunday rounds at several events on the Asian swing were a precursor to what happened in Mexico. It began with a 63 in Malaysia, followed by a 67 in Korea, a 70 in China and a 68 in Japan.

“My caddie, T.J. Jones, and I have been kind of using the mindset every day is Sunday,” she said.

Kim’s international odyssey began on Sept. 27 when she left Orlando, Fla., headed to Beijing. She won’t return home until after next week’s season-ender in Naples, Fla. That will be eight consecutive weeks of tournament play for Kim, in seven countries (China twice).

Judging by the sombrero-wearing selfie Kim took with the tournament trophy, it was worth every mile.

The "With this Win" info for Kim from the LPGA's media staff:


LPGA: Third-career victory. Previous wins: 2005 The Mitchell Company Tournament of Champions, 2004 Longs Drug Challenge
LET: One career victory. 2011 Sicilian Ladies Italian Open


Earns 500 points toward the Race to the CME Globe standings moves from 40th to 23rd in the Race to CME Globe with 1,435 points


Christina is projected to move up from No. 76 to No. 58 in the Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings


CAREER: With the $200,000 first-place check, Christina remains 50th on the LPGA Career Money List with $4,783,556.50
SEASON: Has earned $555,658 this season and moves from 43rd to 27th on the 2014 LPGA Official Money List


• Becomes the seventh different winner of the Lorena Ochoa Invitational
• This is the third time she has played in the Lorena Ochoa Invitational, finishing 33rd in 2010 and T34 in 2008


25 events, 20 cuts made, $505,658 earned, two additional top-10’s, previous best finish - 2nd at ShopRite Classic


•  1st career playoff win, lost only other in 2010 L. Na Yeon Choi, Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic Presented
by Kroger (SD2).
•  First LPGA win since the 2005 The Mitchell Company Tournament of Champions, 9 years and 3 days between wins
•  Becomes the 21st different player to record a win this season on the LPGA Tour
•  Christina Kim finished 4th in the 2003 Rolex Rookie of the Year standings with 376 points - the winner that year was Lorena Ochoa
•  The $505, 658 total earned in 2014 is the fifth-highest total in her career - she earned $678,598 in 2008

After the round she talked to Jerry Foltz of Golf Channel and as you'd expect with nine years separating wins, not to mention countless days wondering if she'd ever find her game, things got emotional.

And Golf Central Tweeted this image of Kim with the winner's sombrero.


Teen Qualifies For USGA Four-Ball On Own Ball

David Shefter has the the amazing story of Honolulu's Brent Grant, whose qualifying partner is a physician's assistant, 47-year old Bill Walbert. But Bill had to be present for surgery instead of playing the USGA Four-ball qualifier.

So the 18-year-old shot 63 to get the duo into the first-ever four ball championship at Olympic Club next spring.

From Shefter's story:

Grant’s score was one stroke better than two other teams. With 35 sectional qualifiers completed to date, Grant is the only competitor to have earned a spot in the field May 2-6 at The Olympic Club in San Francisco without a partner.

“Pretty amazing,” said Walbert, 47, who serves as a physician’s assistant for heart and lung cancer surgeries at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu.


Even Dustin Johnson's Biggest Supporter Hasn't Heard From Him

My Loop item feeding off of Bloomberg's Erik Matuszewski-authored story on Taylor Made CEO Ben Sharpe confirming that the company that is paying Dustin Johnson handsomely through 2015 hasn't heard from the golfer who is on a "leave of absense" from the PGA Tour (but not from playing Sherwood Country Club!).


R.I.P. Taylor Made's Grow The Game Initiatives

Longtime readers will recall that I applauded Taylor Made's Mark King for his crowdsourcing idea and 15-inch-hole experiment since a golf manufacturer finally put forward money to do something about their state-of-the-game complaints.

Unfortunately, the initiative lost traction before its first anniversary ('14 PGA Show), as new CEO Ben Sharpe confirmed with CNBC. (He told's Coleman McDowell that they'll continue to fund the website and any ideas that come from the site).

Sharpe also mentioned how golf needs kids, when he should probably be making the case that kids need golf. But we won't quibble over that.

The non-confirmation confirmation of Hack Golf as a leading voice for change meeting its maker...

That didn’t get the traction that we hoped it would, because it was perceived maybe as a Taylor Made campaign rather than an industry campaign. So we’ve learned from that.

Sharpe goes on to say how they are supporting the PGA Tour's initiatives, and mentions The First Tee and the PGA Junior Golf Leagues (that's PGA of America, but who's keeping score?).

The full clip:


Video: John McEnroe Hasn't Mellowed On The Golf Course

The tennis great and now broadcasting giant who makes watching tennis so fun, has mellowed from his playing days. Except, on the golf course, it seems.

Sporting some sort of headgear that only John McEnroe could pull off while golfing in an Dominican Republic exhibition with Jim Courier, Johnny Mac displays that old fire when he regrets not listening to his caddie. Only, he doesn't know that you don't compound the ignorance by leaving the ball for the caddie to pick up!


Lawrie To Host New Euro Tour Match Play Event In Aberdeen

The Scotsman's Martin Dempster has the details on Paul Lawrie hosting a new European Tour event in his home city of Aberdeen during the week when the world's best are whapping it around dreary Firestone.

Murcar Links, which abuts Royal Aberdeen and has hosted professional events in the past, will be the site of the 64-player event featuring a €1 million purse. It's a straight up, single-elimination event which isn't ideal but any match play on a links livens up the schedule and provides a welcome alternative to watching golf at Firestone!

The tournament, named the Saltire Energy Paul Lawrie Match Play, will be held at the Murcar Links Golf Club, on the outskirts of Lawrie’ hometown of Aberdeen, from July 30 to August 2, 2015.

Boasting a prize fund of €1 million, the tournament will see 64 of the leading players on The Race to Dubai play against each other in a straight knockout, match play contest.

Lawrie, a stalwart of The European Tour for the past 23 seasons, will host the tournament, with his 4 Sports & Entertainment management firm promoting the competition.

Murcar, by the way, has the narrowest entrance drive in golf.

Regarding Lawrie, I just finished the latest By The Minute Golf podcast featuring Lawrie and it's a tremendous listen. The former Open Champion talks about spectating at this year's Ryder Cup, playing with Bubba Watson at the Masters (and what a fast player he is), Monty, the past Ryder Cups he's played (he doesn't think Brookline was the travesty that others do) and more.

Definitely worth a listen.


Christina Kim On The Cusp Of Winning In Mexico City

She hasn't won since 2005 and many had assumed her best days where behind her, but win or lose Sunday Christina Kim's made a stunning comeback to be holding a five-stroke lead heading into the Mexico City finale.

Randall Mell at writes:

With a hot putter, Kim didn’t just hold off a stellar cast of challengers in the third round as she seeks to claim a wire-to-wire victory at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational, she also pulled away from them. At 14-under 202, Kim is five shots ahead of Shanshan Feng (68) and six ahead of Azahara Munoz (71), So Yeon Ryu (69) and Pornanong Phatlum (71). Kim built on her one-shot lead through two rounds to secure the largest 54-hole lead on tour this season.

Kim, who played with Ochoa in her rookie years on the Symetra and LPGA tours, says she loves playing in Mexico in front of Ochoa this week.

“I've been really, thoroughly enjoying myself,” Kim said. “This is honestly one of my favorite countries on Earth. Between the tequila and the tacos and the guacamole, and just the wonderful mindset that the people have - they have such a lovely lifestyle – it’s just something that I really embrace.”

That's our Christina!

You can read about some of the demons she's dealt with and overcome to be back in this position on a tour dominated these days by teenagers. Stina Sternberg filed the story.