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  • Playing Through: Modern Golf's Most Iconic Players and Moments
    Playing Through: Modern Golf's Most Iconic Players and Moments
    by Jim Moriarty
  • Tommy's Honor: The Story of Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris, Golf's Founding Father and Son
    Tommy's Honor: The Story of Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris, Golf's Founding Father and Son
    by Kevin Cook
  • His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir (Anchor Sports)
    His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir (Anchor Sports)
    by Dan Jenkins
  • The Captain Myth: The Ryder Cup and Sport's Great Leadership Delusion
    The Captain Myth: The Ryder Cup and Sport's Great Leadership Delusion
    by Richard Gillis
  • The Ryder Cup: Golf's Grandest Event โ€“ A Complete History
    The Ryder Cup: Golf's Grandest Event โ€“ A Complete History
    by Martin Davis
  • A Life Well Played: My Stories
    A Life Well Played: My Stories
    by Arnold Palmer
  • Harvey Penick: The Life and Wisdom of the Man Who Wrote the Book on Golf
    Harvey Penick: The Life and Wisdom of the Man Who Wrote the Book on Golf
    by Kevin Robbins

[Riviera] became Hogan's Alley, a part of the most famous partnership in sports history. Ruth-Gehrig, Dempsey-Tunney, even Notre Dame-SC had nothing on Hogan-Riviera. Ben knew and loved every blade of grass on it and in later years used to describe them to me in detail. JIM MURRAY




Jack Getting The Arnie Treatment

Buoyed by the reception to Arnie, Golf Channel's Golf Films project on the late King, the network will give Jack Nicklaus a similar documentary treatment.

Sponsored by Nationwide, the three-part series

Nearly 100 Interviews Gathered for Jack, Airing in Primetime Across Consecutive Nights; Starts Sunday, April 9 at 9 p.m. ET Following Golf Central Live From The Masters, Continues Through Tuesday, April 11
Jack Will be Presented with Limited Commercial Interruption by Nationwide
Other Sports “Greats” to Share Perspective, Reflecting on Nicklaus’ Legacy
ORLANDO, Fla. (February 8, 2017) – Golf Channel today announced its next Golf Films project, Jack, a three-part biopic on record 18-time major champion and World Golf Hall of Fame member Jack Nicklaus, that will play out over three consecutive nights in primetime, beginning Sunday, April 9 at 9 p.m. ET following Golf Central Live From the Masters. The film, presented by Nationwide, will feature limited commercial interruption.
The product of nearly 100 interviews and hundreds of hours of archived film, Jack blends recollections from Nicklaus, as well as his playing competitors, family members, sports legends, business partners, and childhood friends, along with golf and sports media. Also included are signature moments from a storied career to capture the essence of an individual who forged a permanent mark as the most accomplished golfer of all-time. Additionally, Jack will feature other “Greats of All-Time” in their respective sport, each weighing in on Nicklaus’ impact on the larger sporting landscape, including Wayne Gretzky, Richard Petty, Jerry Rice, Annika Sorenstam and Kelly Slater.
“Jack is a project that Golf Films has spent years developing in order to comprehensively capture the career and legacy of golf’s most accomplished champion,” said Mike McCarley, president, Golf, NBC Sports Group. “At the heart of the film is a commitment to high-quality, personal detail captured through nearly 100 interview subjects recounting signature moments over the course of Nicklaus’ career in order to help shape a definitive biopic that accurately reflects Mr. Nicklaus’ legacy in golf and in sport.”
The three parts are segmented chronologically:
·         Prodigy (Sunday, April 9 – 9 p.m. ET) – Beginning with Nicklaus’ childhood upbringing, highlighted by the Golden Bear’s relationship with his father (Charlie), meeting his wife (Barbara) in college at Ohio State, and his early successes as a professional golfer.
·         Prime (Monday, April 10 – 9 p.m. ET) – The bulk of his on-course career accolades inside the ropes, led by his record 18 professional major championships and 73 PGA TOUR victories.
·         Pinnacle (Tuesday, April 11 – 9 p.m. ET) – Focusing on his lasting legacy as an ambassador to the sport, the priority he placed on family, and his business and philanthropic endeavors, including global golf course design, and the hospitals bearing the Nicklaus name.           
As a longtime partner of Nicklaus – as well as the sponsor of his Memorial Tournament – Columbus-based insurance and financial services company Nationwide will serve as the presenting sponsor of Jack, which will allow for the three-part film to air with limited commercial interruption.
“Jack Nicklaus is considered the greatest golfer to ever play the game, but his successes can be measured by more than just wins on the golf course,” said Steve Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer, Nationwide. “Counted among his accomplishments is the work that he has done for charity, particularly with pediatric hospitals like Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Nationwide is proud to partner with Golf Channel to share Jack’s story with his fans and the world.”   
Jack utilizes accounts from Nicklaus gathered over numerous sit-downs at his South Florida home during the past 18 months, and showcases an unprecedented video collection of rarely seen broadcast footage from his record 18 major championship victories. The film also offers unique, first-hand accounts from individuals on the grounds at different vantage points during each respective major victory. A section of the film additionally will pose the question of who is the greatest golfer of all-time, Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods, and feature insight from fellow Tour professionals and media, including consideration to whether Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors will ever be equaled, or broken.
The film will give viewers a sense of Nicklaus the competitor, offering insight from swing experts on the physical traits that poised him for sustained success, along with an examination from psychologists on his unyielding resolve to finish ahead of his contemporaries. Jack also will incorporate collectibles from the site of each of Nicklaus’ 18 major championship victories. Utilizing vintage items collected by Golf Channel to help tell the stories of the Golden Bear’s most identifiable achievements, items collected span from his first professional major title at age 22 in the 1962 U.S. Open at Oakmont through his final major at age 46 in the 1986 Masters, 24 years later.
Jack is being produced by Golf Films, led by 13-time Emmy Award-winning coordinating producer Israel DeHerrera, who also served as the lead producer for the critically acclaimed, three-part Arnie film in 2014 on Arnold Palmer, which stands as the most-watched original production in Golf Channel’s 22-year history.

A sneak peak:



Clock Ticking On Rome's 2022 Ryder Cup Status

When Rome pulled out of the 2024 Olympics running, the winning 2022 Ryder Cup bid also became a potential target for Italian government officials opposed to funding major sporting events.

The first leg of this potential issue for the 2022 Ryder Cup venue, the not-esteemed Marco Simone Golf and Country Club, came last month when the Italian Open was moved from Rome to Turin. The Italian Open is part of the European Tour's new Rolex Series.

Now the president of the Italian Senate has stripped off a funding amendment that was to guarantee $103 million for the 2022 Ryder Cup (and presumably the Italian Open). Whether it's a technical or significant issue will become more clear in the coming weeks.

Quotes from an unbylined AP story suggest it could go either way:

"The Ryder Cup is and remains a great opportunity for the country," said Andrea Marcucci, the president of the Senate's culture and sport committee. "Grasso's decision is technical; it's not about the content of the amendment.

"I hope the government quickly finds a solution which responds to the prerequisites asked for by the organizers. I want to remind everyone that the tournament has a considerable economic spin-off and television rights. The amendment in question didn't call for further public spending."

Is it too early to start nominating an actual golf course that would be suitable for the Ryder Cup? Is it to early to beg to see a Ryder Cup on a links just once in our lifetimes?



USGA's Davis: โ€œMost widespread, significant set of rule changes thatโ€™s ever been made."

Strong forecast from the USGA's Mike Davis, as reported by Matt Adams on Golf Central:

“Most widespread, significant set of rule changes that’s ever been made. If you go back over 100 years and look at the changes that have been made, these are significant.


Tradition Unlike Any Other Files: Celebrity Ams & Pebble Beach

The core golfer consternation that is celebrity golf was tackled by Morning Read's Gary Van Sickle. He misses the days of Burt Lancaster and even fears the day Bill Murray stops showing up.

Van Sickle writes:

The corporate executives far outnumber the celebrities in the pro-am these days. I don’t blame CBS for shamelessly hyping these execs; they know where their bread (pun intended) is buttered. But I don’t have the patience to watch rich guys in whom I have no vested interest chopping it up and seeing Phil Mickelson hit one shot every 12 minutes, then waiting for Peter Kostis to analyze some schlub like Huey Lewis and his god-awful swing on the Konica-Minolta Biz-Hub Slo-Motion Marlboro IBM Messerschmidt Action Cam.

House and I kicked this around on ShackHouse yesterday and I believe we have separate issues: only getting one day of pure tournament golf on the PGA Tour's best course, and CBS's approach to the telecast.

We all want to see more Pebble Beach, but the format is well known and won't be changing. Reconcile yourself to this tradition unlike any other. Many casual fans seeing celebrities play golf--at least they ones they've heard of. For every Gary Mule Deer there is a Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers who put their games on display in what is, for them, a difficult stage compared to their day jobs. (Full celebrity list here.)

The bigger issue plaguing the AT&T National Pro-Am arrives with the coverage. Namely, who CBS chooses to cover, how little their golf broadcast model has evolved and a sense that change is bad. As the tournament has added younger celebrities and more athletes, the broadcast feels almost the same as it did 20 years ago (except for some new voices, HD, some Trackman and snippets of jaw-dropping drone shots). In an event where it is impossible to please all, CBS pays a price for excessive coverage of certain CEO's and other friends of the network.

Would a fresher take on the coverage help? Of course. One of the most visually stunning venues on the planet deserves to be shown off more with those mysteriously seldom-used drone shots, while more sound from group conversations would bring viewers closer to the action.

Perhaps the only way to please core fans would be a PGA Tour-only feed on another channel, allowing CBS to actually cover the celebs, athletes and suits in more depth and in different ways.

None of this is likely to happen under the current television contract, so the polarizing event will march on. But it doesn't have to be that way. And hey, at least we get to see Pebble Beach!


ShackHouse 26: Pebble Beach Week & Herm Edwards 

Before one of the most engaging commentators in all of sports TV--ESPN's Herm Edwards--joins us to talk the Super Bowl, Monterey golf and his first Crosby with Peter Senior (!) a long time ago in a galaxy far away, House and I talk Tiger, Pebble Beach week and the importance of the next two weeks for Masters prognosticating.

As always, you can subscribe on iTunes and or just refresh your device subscription page. Here is the direct link to this week's show.

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Under Armour Enters The Bag Business With Sun Mountain...

On the heels of their disappointing earnings news turned into a virtual calamity by an irrational Wall Street, Under Armour's golf expansion took an interesting turn with a new Sun Mountain partnership.

Long known for their golf bags and travel gear--count me as a huge fan--Sun Mountain will be making an Under Armour branded bag.

Given that so many have wondered if UA would ever enter other parts of the golf business beyond clothes and shoes, could this signal what their planned model looks like?

For Immediate Release:

Sun Mountain to Make Under Armour Golf Bags
February 7, 2017 -- Sun Mountain has entered a licensing agreement with Under Armour to create and market a new line of golf bags. The 2017 collection includes two stand bags (Speedround $239.99, Match Play $259.99) and one cart bag (Armada $259.99). These new golf bags are scheduled to be at on- and off-course golf specialty stores beginning in April. Interested retailers should contact their Under Armour sales representatives to place an order.
The UA Storm Speedround golf stand bag is the lightest bag in the collection and offers a 9”, 4-way divided top and the X-Strap® Dual Strap System for easy on/off. Speedround offers nine pockets, two are water resistant, and comes in men’s and women’s styles with a retail price of $239.99.
The UA Storm Match Play golf stand bag features a 9.5”, 4-way divided top and the E-Z Fit© Dual Strap System for customizable fit. Match Play offers 11 pockets, two are water resistant. Retail price is $259.99.
UA Storm Armada is a golf cart bag with a 10.5”, 14-way divided top and single shoulder strap. Armada features 10 pockets, two are water resistant, and the new Smart Strap System to secure the bag to the golf cart. Retail price is $259.99.


Faxon On Putting Stats: "No great athlete thinks about that as they perform"'s David Dusek talks to Brad Faxon about all things putting and while this has no immediate news value, the move toward analytics in golf may make this bit an important go-to quote for parents dealing with a stat-obsessed youth. Especially as the PGA Tour's ShotLink system moves closer to more detailed putting stats in the coming months thanks to their Mircrosoft partnership.

From Faxon, one of the best putters of all time:

Q: Were you aware of your putting stats, and if you had today’s analytics would you want to have known when you were putting well and when you were putting poorly?

A: That’s a very good question, and here’s what I’d say about that. I loved to know any stat I could, and you can use them in a couple ways. They can give you confidence in your feeling of self worth, but no great athlete thinks about that as they perform. Tom Brady is not thinking that he’s the greatest quarterback ever as he’s throwing a pass. Ian Baker-Finch told me that when he was considered a great putter, he put more pressure on himself because he felt like he was supposed to make more putts. So it can work two ways.


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Venue Calls Women-As-Members Issue "Nuisance", IGF Demands Change

An unbylined Reuters report says members at Kasumigaseki met, debated and postponed a vote on admitting female members. With the course set to host men's and women's Olympic golf, the club's barring of women on Sundays gives, to put it mildly, a poor impression.

Not helpful was this quote from club board chairman Kiichi Kimura:

"That this situation has developed is a nuisance for us, it's really perplexing," he said.

Given that the club's 15-member board must vote unanimously on a rule change, the prospects do not look great for a change that would appease the IOC.

The International Golf Federation, charged with selecting the venues and shaping the competition for the IOC, has issued its first threat to move the competition.

Pete Madden, reporting for, the comments of Ty Votaw, IGF vice president:

“The IGF has clearly stated to both Tokyo 2020 and Kasumigaseki C.C. our requirements that the golf competition be delivered according to the Olympic Charter,” he said. “If the Club does not change its rules, then we cannot support holding the events at this venue.”

Options are limited for the IOC and IGF, but given the club's stance, a switch may be necessary to avoid further embarrassment for golf.

The Japan Golf Council is pushing for a centrally-located but space-deprived course closer to the city called Wakasu.


Shipnuck: MPCC The Best 36 In America!?

I hope The Knockdown's Alan Shipnuck lands a membership for declaring Monterey Peninsula's Dunes course America's "next great golf course" and the "best 36-hole club in America," nudging out Winged Foot, Baltusrol and, uh, Whisper Rock?

Shipnuck, resident of nearby Salinas and now eligible for Chamber of Commerce HOF status, writes:

Winged Foot and Baltusrol each have two courses with championship pedigrees but at both properties the tracks look and play pretty much the same. Whisper Rock is a cool scene and enjoys the starpower of various Tour players as members, but the outskirts of Scottsdale can’t compete with the grandeur of Pebble Beach.

No, the best 36-hole club in America is now Monterey Peninsula, with two very different courses that are every bit as good as those that share the same famous coastline.

The piece also features links to a slideshow of the Dunes, which is likely to host the AT&T National Pro-Am in 2018. It's sister Shore Course is currently hosting along with Spyglass Hill and Pebble Beach.


A High Top Golf Shoe We Can All Embrace?

Maybe it's generational but the Air Jordan's debuting February 11th in stores and retailing for $140 look pretty sweet. If, that is, you are of a certain vintage. And unlike recent high-top golf shoes, not 80s velcro!

Brentley Romine at with the details:

“The Air Jordan I was the first sneaker that really pushed the limits on what was acceptable,” Michael Jordan said. “It’s like being a young kid, when his parents say he can’t do something but he wants to do it. I felt like I wanted to be different.”

The limited-edition Air Jordan I Retro High golf shoe is certainly that, defying the status quo much like its basketball predecessor. The shoe does have a few notable differences: extra padding to provide additional comfort and support around the ankle, Jumpman logo on the tongue, Nike Free-inspired outsole with soft spikes and a fully waterproof upper.


Five Families Fun: U.S. Open Purse Jumps To $12 Million

The PGA Tour and PGA of America joined forces in 2013 to match and increase their signature championship's purses as part of a new collaboration. The move by two of the five families significantly bumped payouts to The Players and PGA Championship winners, and eventually pushed the USGA to the $10 million mark.

But as Joel Beall reports for GolfDigest, the USGA's announced move to $12 million should the attention of players.

"When you look at the USGA championships, by and large just about any way you look at, they’re the most important championships not only in the U.S. but in the world," Mike Davis, USGA executive director/CEO, said on Saturday prior to the USGA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. "And we talked about that and said the purses really should reflect that.”

The winner's share will see a significant raise as well. Last season, Dustin Johnson received $1.8 million for his efforts at Oakmont. This year's champion will take home $2.16 million.

The doubling of the purse since 2003 makes the U.S. Open, at least for now, the richest prize in major championship golf. The move also will bolster the U.S. Open ahead of an anticipated schedule shakeup that could permanently place the PGA Championship ahead of the U.S. Open.

Will the Tataglia's and Barzini's of Florida raise their $10.5 million purses perhaps sooner than planned?


"Patrick Cantlay to resume golf career with renewed purpose"

After holding the No. 1 world amateur ranking longer than anyone, Patrick Cantlay's whereabouts has prompted regular inquiries from fans hopeful for a return. While not on the Anthony Kim level of intrigue, Cantlay's return to PGA Tour action will be welcomed.

The former UCLA star's back injury and understandable struggle with sadness over the death of close friend/caddy Chris Roth is detailed in a moving piece by the O.C. Register's Damian Dottore.

“It still bothers me every day. It changes the way that you see things for a while. Maybe not forever, you get numb to it,” Cantlay said. “For a while, I couldn’t care less about everything. Not just golf. Everything that happened in my life for a couple months didn’t feel important. Nothing felt like it mattered.”

At the time, Cantlay was getting ready to re-enroll in college, but not long after Roth’s death, he had to start picking his classes. He said he just didn’t have it in him to do it.

There were times, his father Steve said, when his son started to explore some opportunities outside of golf. He wasn’t getting any better despite all the time he was taking off.

But in the last year, Steve Cantlay said Patrick has “committed” to being a golfer again. Losing Roth, the elder Cantlay said, is partly responsible for the change in attitude.

This week's AT&T National Pro-Am is one of ten PGA Tour starts Cantlay has as part of a major medical exemption.


Hey Siri: Rules Of Golf Figure To Look Different In Two Years

Ryan Herrington reports for on the likelihood of seeing a vastly revamped, simplified and codified Rules of Golf by January 1, 2019, a year earlier than expected.

Surprising, however, are the plans to take the visual and technological presentation of the Rules to a different level.

In aiming to make the Rules more easily understandable, the modernization project has focused on using visuals to help articulate the Rules in a more impactful way than mere words. Bodenhamer said that the use photos, images and even video to provide greater explanation has been explored and is likely to be implemented.

Davis, too, stressed a need for technology to help update and deliver the Rules in the 21st century.

“How come we can’t have an instance where someone can [take their phone and] say ‘Siri, I hit my ball into a water hazard. What are my options?’ ” Davis said.

It pains this Apple fanboy to say it, but Alexa would probably do better on the Rules of Golf test.


Dawson: Tiger Puts In Dubai Time After Back Spasms

I'm not sure how to read this Rex Hoggard story for from Dubai. The obvious takeaway is that Tiger, feeling bad about taking a huge appearance fee, put in a little sponsor time while in discomfort. Wise and good move for sure.

But if he was having more back spasms and chose to sit with Peter Dawson for a Q&A (painful!), does this mean the injury was not serious? 

Either way, Hoggard talks to Chief Inspector of Dubai Golf, former R&A Chief Peter Dawson, who reports on Tiger's many efforts to promote Dubai golf, including post-WD time with sponsors.

“When he withdrew, he and [manager] Mark Steinberg discussed it and thought, 'What a shame we haven’t done everything the tournament was hoping for,' and they offered to do it, which was nice,” Dawson said.

The Q&A, which was emceed by Dawson, lasted about 20 minutes for an estimated 60 sponsors and officials.

“He came in clearly in a little bit of pain, but sat down and soon had a smile on his face and we had a few jokes,” Dawson said. “He responded well, cracked a few jokes, he’s a pro.”


Wasted Open Wrap: The Ugly Side Of The Madness

Play was almost impacted by the 16th hole "cauldron" Sunday when eventual Waste Management Open winner Hideki Matsuyama had to back off a shot just before taking the club away. Otherwise, the 16th hole seemed like its usual noisy-but-fun self and remains a great attaction to the tournament.

But it's the behind-the-scenes activity in Scottsdale that sounds like it's bordering on unsavory. From Brian Wacker's story reporting on the 16th hole scene not so readily discussed:

It takes not much longer to confirm through a police officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he’s not authorized to speak on such matters that last year one female had passed out from intoxication near a porta potty having defecated on herself. That was the least of her problems as she had a certain white, powdery substance around her nose that is illegal in all 50 states.

Speaking of the porta pottys, more than one officer also confirms the biggest complaint from fans is people having sex in them. Later, I overhear this very complaint from a woman to a friend after returning to her seat. The officers also confirm these will actually be the least of their problems among the liquefied masses of 204,904 at TPC Scottsdale this day, a record crowd for the event.'s Dan Kilbridge posted random observations from the Wasted Management and included these two:

*Bag room attendants placing bets on what time they will see their first stretcher of the day.


*One concerned spectator checking the pulse of another spectator who had passed out in his bleacher seat Saturday afternoon.

An unbylined story noted that the tournament is at least offering free breathalyzer tests at the exits of TPC Scottsdale. Though it sounds like what happens inside the gates may becoming more dangerous to public safety.

Well, except this guy...


Trophy Ceremonies To Stay Fun For Another Year: Diana Murphy Re-elected USGA President

The managing director of Rocksolid Holdings, LLC, has been re-elected to a second term as USGA President following her wildly unsuccessful first year.

Diana Murphy, a relentless attacker of names both simple and legendary, delivered a stirring address to the assembled navy and grey.

Here's the key quote, met with joyous social media comments on Twitter and Instagram

Murphy's re-election may overshadowed by--ok I know it won't take much to overshadow USGA Executive Committee news--Mike Davis's exciting revelation of efforts to simplify the rules coming to a course near you sooner than expected.

Ryan Herrington at with the details and potential timing of a completely altered Rules of Golf by January 1, 2019.

On top of that, the annual meeting revealed plans to introduce a USGA-branded national championship for disabled golfers. Bradley Klein has that story for, including some of the dynamics involved in shaping the creation of an event that seems about 3-4 years away.


Post Dubai WD: Butch Harmon On Tiger's Game, Physical Issues

Former Tiger Woods instructor Butch Harmon spoke to Sky Sports in the wake of Tiger's Dubai Desert Classic WD.

Besides suggesting a return to Tiger's heyday was unlikely, Harmon's comments on Woods' efforts to get stronger will be of particular note.

BH: When he got bigger and bulkier, the speed of his swing didn't really increase, but a lot of people build up their body to protect their back. You try and work on your torso to make yourself stronger, but I think the problems Tiger has had didn't come from golf - they could have come from too much work in the gym.

Only he can tell us that, but there was a definite change in his body through the years, although when I saw him in San Diego he didn't look as bulky. He looked like he had slimmed down and trimmed down, which I though was going to be pretty good for him.

Gary Williams hosted a Morning Drive roundtable including yours truly, Brandel Chamblee and Charlie Rymer to discuss where Tiger goes from here.


USGA Still Has Some Progress To Make Post-2016 U.S. Open

The USGA social team, charged with the unimaginably difficult job of pushing out the organization's meeting from a Washington D.C. gathering of navy and grey, went a little far with this one on championship vision. Instagram commenters, taken aback by the choice of image and words, would suggest that the 2016 U.S. Open is still fresh on many minds...






Video: Skim Shot Trick Shot

I agree with reader Cole who sent this one in: the production values match the quality of the shot execution.

Nice work, self-described trick shot artists Joshua Kelly and Ryan Rustand...


Video: Sergio's Putt In The Dark To Take Three Stroke Lead

I'll spare you the old, "it's a lot darker than your seeing" warning... 


Garcia holds a three stroke lead with some round three play to be completed.