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  • Playing Through: Modern Golf's Most Iconic Players and Moments
    Playing Through: Modern Golf's Most Iconic Players and Moments
    by Jim Moriarty
  • Tommy's Honor: The Story of Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris, Golf's Founding Father and Son
    Tommy's Honor: The Story of Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris, Golf's Founding Father and Son
    by Kevin Cook
  • His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir (Anchor Sports)
    His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir (Anchor Sports)
    by Dan Jenkins
  • The Captain Myth: The Ryder Cup and Sport's Great Leadership Delusion
    The Captain Myth: The Ryder Cup and Sport's Great Leadership Delusion
    by Richard Gillis
  • The Ryder Cup: Golf's Grandest Event – A Complete History
    The Ryder Cup: Golf's Grandest Event – A Complete History
    by Martin Davis
  • A Life Well Played: My Stories
    A Life Well Played: My Stories
    by Arnold Palmer
  • Harvey Penick: The Life and Wisdom of the Man Who Wrote the Book on Golf
    Harvey Penick: The Life and Wisdom of the Man Who Wrote the Book on Golf
    by Kevin Robbins
  • Teeing Off: Players, Techniques, Characters, and Reflections from a Lifetime Inside the Game
    Teeing Off: Players, Techniques, Characters, and Reflections from a Lifetime Inside the Game
    by Ken Bowden

A great deal of golf is played late in the evening. Therefore, if you can get equally good golf in that way, have the majority of your holes running north and south. But remember that a good hole running east and west is better than a bad hole running in any direction.




The 2017 Masters Covers And Images

Great to see golf on the Sports Illustrated cover accompanied by Alan Shipnuck's cover story and portrayed so beautifully by Fred Vuich's image.

A nice look at recent SI covers featuring the Masters:

Golfweek's April issue went with Andrew Redington's shot for Getty Images.

Global Golf Post used Harry How's shot for Getty Images.



ESPN! Stephen A. And Kellerman Trash Golf, Do We Care?

Golf has needed ESPN but since losing or waving goodbye to the many golf properties they once enjoyed rights to, not so much.

ESPN the television network makes clear it needs golf once a year when the Masters rolls around ( still shows great interest in and respect for covering the sport with their team of Harig, Sobel, O'Connor, Collins, Maguire, Wojciechowski, etc.). But as we saw with last week's no-golf Sportscenter in between live broadcasts and the round replays, golf seems to be an annoyance these days.

Still, the ignorance and disrepect shown by Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman takes things that may have the golf world no longer caring what the network thinks of our sport.

Let's get to the comments first as transcribed by Joe DePaolo (do watch the Mediaite embed as the tone is worse than the transcript.) Here is Stephen A lamenting the sportsmanship shown by Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose's:

This notion that we’re really not competing against each other. We’re really just playing golf and it’s really competing against the course. Nonsense. There’s a game to be played. Each of you go out there to do it. You’re trying to compete at a level that eclipses the individuals that are also on the course. Last time I checked, that’s competition.

He added: “I damn near told them to get a room. It was ridiculous, how they were with one another…I want to see you rooting for the other to fail.”

These comments were the most-noticed and they are silly given that Sergio and Rose did not walk arm-and-arm up the playoff hole. Even sillier when you have to know the heartbreak Rose the competitor feels in those moments and yet shows such respect.

Sure, there is a discussion to be had for players helping each other out by leaving balls down as backboards, or a softening of competitive edges due to the immense amount of money in the sport.

However, I feel the comments from Max Kellerman, Stephen A's colleague on First Take, speak to a lack of knowledge within the Worldwide Leader that is perplexing. He questions golf's "status as a sport" and then...

I would define a sport as a competition through which you accurately gauge the athleticism of its participants. And I don’t think that’s the case with golf. Among its many flaws…this ain’t Ali going at Frazier. They’re not throwing punches. They’re not tackling each other. They’re not in each other’s way. Golf is not a zero sum game. It’s more like a standardized test.

Needless to say we know some of the greatest athletes in the world have said they admire golf as a sport and have profound respect for their fellow athletes.

What's troubling is that a network we once relied on for balancing smart with entertaining coverage and for knowing where to draw the line on First Team All-American ignorance, even allows such an uninformed discussion to take place.

Mercifully, golf goes off ESPN's radar now until next year at The Masters. If there is a next year for ESPN.


Let's Savor Sergio's Masters Win A Little Longer

Scanning the coverage of Sergio Garcia's 2017 Masters win, I noticed a fair number of stories looking ahead to the next major, wondering who is the next great player without a major and other random stories designed to generate clicks.

While The Players and BMW Championship will offer intrigue this year with renovated holes and so many players looking to move on from Masters disappoint, we have the bleak Erin Hills experience looming as the opposite of last week's joyful intrigue. So why rush?

A day later, the magnitude of Sergio's playoff win may not have sunk in.

--He finally has his first major after a historic number of opportunities.

--His play on the two back nine par-5s will join the highlight reels of best Masters moments.

--A lifelong drawer of the ball, Garcia won hitting a fade on a course that some feel strongly favors a right-to-left shot shape.

No matter how you feel about his behavior and attitude at times, golf fans should find it hard to ignore his incredible consistency, persistence even when he clearly mailed in some moments, and, in the last year, his maturation. (It is no coincidence this has happened since Angela Akins came into his life.)

In his USA Today lede, Steve DiMeglio referenced another chapter was looming in the "Shakespearean tragedy" that is Garcia's golf career.

Doug Ferguson's lede focused on the staggering numbers, especially as we stare down an upcoming era of careers shortened by money.

Eighteen years and 71 majors later, more tears for Sergio Garcia.

This time, they were accompanied by a smile.

Bill Fields summed up for why we might even be in shock still that Sergio Garcia won a major.

People have been expecting Garcia to win a major ever since he burst onto the scene as a skinny 19-year-old and finished second to Tiger Woods at the 1999 PGA Championship, playing with joy and flair and the talent that said someday soon.

The skills never went away, because Garcia has been one of the purest ball-strikers of his generation, the primary reason he had 22 combined victories on the European Tour and PGA Tour prior to the 81st Masters. His putting can go hot or cold, but his attitude has been the anchor holding him back from more.

Randall Mell at took it a step further.

Sergio Garcia pulled off one of the great upsets of the modern era Sunday at the Masters.

Yes, few folks outside Garcia’s inner circle believed he could actually win a major championship, much less a green jacket, with such a formidable history of painful losses stacked against him, but the nature of this upset was even more stunning than that.

Over four hours at Augusta National, Garcia won the hearts and minds of American golf fans.
That’s your monumental upset.

Jaime Diaz of Golf World summarizes the backlash toward Garcia that may have prolonged his major chase.

In retrospect, Garcia suffered the backlash that often confronts sports prodigies. Used to both overwhelming their competition with talent and generally getting their way, being thrown in with older peers with more competitive grit and more polished skills can be jarring, especially when the expectations that were thrust upon them so early are, if anything, adjusted up. In Garcia’s case, he ran smack into the prime of Woods, a figure who, because he showed no mercy competitively, was especially chilly to potential rivals, and got into Garcia’s head. For the first eight years of Garcia’s career, the harder he tried to beat Woods, the more convincingly and dishearteningly he lost.

About that shot on 15 and the ensuing putt, it's the moment patrons on sight will forever remember and one of the best shots/putts/roars we've seen in years.'s Kevin Van Valkenburg on that moment and "one of the great finishing duels in Masters history."

How will you remember the 2017 tournament? I'll remember it, perhaps strangely, for the unplayable lie Garcia took in the azaleas at No. 13, and then the two perfect shots he hit to give himself an 8-foot par putt that he somehow made.

"I feel like if he misses at that point, I make, I'm four clear and I've got my eye on Thomas Pieters and Matt Kuchar instead," Rose said.

Without that moment of steely determination, which oddly came at the same time Rose began to spray his irons and drives like Sunday Sergio of old, we might never have the biggest shot of the tournament, Garcia's second shot into 15, which kissed the flagstick and came to rest in a spot where Garcia had a makeable eagle putt. Even Garcia conceded as much.

So let's wait a few days to look forward and focus on the recent past just a little bit longer...


2017 Masters Ratings Wrap: Final Round Down 11%, ESPN Streaming Way Up

As with ESPN's ratings drop, I suspect some context is needed to fully understand the drop in CBS ratings thar surprises a bit given the quality of the leaderboard. However, with the exceptional coverage online that can stream in places never before imagined, it would seem inevitable that ratings should decline.

On the other hand, perhaps this is an opening for a serious dialogue about how golf is presented on television.

Either way, let's start with Austin Karp's Tweets for SBJ:


ESPN's ratings were down but they did reveal streaming numbers that would suggest audience went to other means of watching. For immediate release:

Masters Tournament Coverage Earns ESPN’s Highest Streaming Numbers Ever

ESPN wrapped up its live coverage of the first and second rounds of the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club on Friday, April 7, with its highest streaming numbers ever for the two days.

Golf fans streamed a record 25.8 million total minutes, a five percent increase from 2016, and the two-day average minute audience of 46,812 was up three percent from the 2016 record of 45,313. Friday’s second round stream from 3-7:30 p.m. ET earned a record average minute audience of 49,038 viewers.

The success story for the Masters on ESPN digital platforms also included a record two-day average of 961,000 unique visitors to golf content on the ESPN App, an increase of 34 percent over 2016. Also, a two-day average of 1.3 million daily unique visitors went to golf content on Across all ESPN digital platforms, the two-day average minute audience of 23,000 people on golf content was a 14 percent increase from 2016.

ESPN’s live telecast of the second round of the Masters on Friday earned a 1.8 rating, averaging 2.603 million viewers. The telecast peaked at a 2.0 rating between 6-6:30 p.m. Last year’s telecast of the second round earned a 2.2 rating and an average viewership of 3.060 million viewers. 

Orlando, Fla., was the nation’s highest-rated metered market with a 4.0 rating for Friday’s telecast, followed by Greenville, S.C., at 3.9; San Diego at 3.2; and Greensboro, N.C., and Norfolk, Va., tied at 3.0.s

Completing the top 10 metered markets were Louisville, Ky., at 2.9; Cleveland and Memphis, tied at 2.8; and Tampa-St. Petersburg and Oklahoma City, tied at 2.7.

The Friday telecast completed ESPN’s two days of live Masters coverage, but SportsCenter and ESPN.comwill continue to report from the event throughout the weekend.

 Golf Channel's debut of Jack following Live From The Masters went well:

Last night’s 1st episode of Jack (.24 overnight rating) matched 2 of 3 episodes of Arnie, which premiered following the 2014 Masters. This makes Jack the highest-rated Golf Films project in three years, exceeding 4 other projects in that span (Payne, Arnie & Me, Crenshaw: A Walk Through Augusta, ‘86). Live+3 final data will be available later this week. Episode 2 of Jack premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET.


ShackHouse: Sergio Garcia Wins The Masters

Hot after the thrilling finish, House and I talk all things 2017 Masters: Sergio, Justin, the course, the broadcast, the bets and the performances.

The link is here on Soundcloud.

You can subscribe on iTunes.

Here is The Ringer's show page.

We are wrapping up special Masters coverage from The Ringer's ShackHouse with a very, very special giveaway from Odyssey: the O-Works One-Wide Putter complete with the Microhinge insert and the awesome commemorative Arnold Palmer headcover you’re seeing the Callaway Pros with this week at Augusta.
Get over to the Callaway Community and sign up, enter a comment in the giveaway thread with the year Arnie won his third green jacket.


Reactions: Sergio Garcia Wins The Masters!

He's come close too many times and had too many top 10s in majors to have never won one. On Seve's 60th!

Sergio Garcia wins on the first playoff hole, defeating Justin Rose to become the 2017 Masters Champion.

Your deepest thoughts!


2017 Masters Final Round Preview And Comment Thread

The potential for a day unlike any other is there, with benign conditions, a softened course vulnerable to a low round, and a fantastic leaderboard. I'm dreaming of a classic, hope you are too.

As of 817 votes, 32% of you think Justin Rose will win, 26% Jordan Spieth

The leaderboard.'s Live blog

All of the live coverage is in operation.

Featured Groups are off and running.

Amen Corner should be a go around 12:30 ET.

Golf Channel's Live From is on until CBS starts coverage at 2 pm.

Remember, CBS has the half-hour special on Phil at 12:30 pm ET, followed by Jim Nantz Remembers on Arnold Palmer from 1-2.

Also, Amen Corner Live commences when play reaches the 11th hole, while other coverage like Featured Group and 15/16, Masters On The Range.


And in case you need a mood setter, here's a nice new drone compilation posted of the back nine second nine.





Video: Spieth Off The Pine Straw At 13: "What Would Arnie Do?"

One of the best moments in recent Augusta National 13th hole history happened Saturday at The Masters when microphones picked up Jordan Spieth's conversation with caddie Michael Greller.

The outstanding Amen Corner Live broadcast feed let us hear all of the conversation and announcer Grant Boone perfectly incorporated the moment into his call. Somewhat inexplicably, the dialogue and shot did not appear to make the CBS broadcast and therefore, highlights shows like Sportscenter and Live From.

Kevin Casey at with some of the tweets and reaction to what is just a beautiful and saucey tribute!

Bill Fields at on the round and Jordan's explanation of why he said it.

“I think Mike was taken aback,” Spieth said. “He was very much pressing for a lay-up there, and laying up was the smart shot. I couldn't see the green, given where the tree was located. The actual shot wasn’t blocked. It was just about committing to what you can see and what you actually know is there.”

Here it is:


Instant Poll: Who will win the 2017 Masters

So, so many possibilities. I just filed my five dream scenarios for I hope you enjoy.

But in the meantime, your votes and deepest thoughts please!

Who will win the 2017 Masters? free polls


2017 Masters Round Three This And That

The leaderboard.'s Live blog

All of the live coverage is in operation.

Featured Groups are off and running.

Amen Corner should be a go around 12:30 ET.

Golf Channel's Live From is on until CBS starts coverage at 3 pm.

Your round three locations.


DVR Alert: Arnold Palmer's Final Television Interview Sunday

The final round of The Masters starts Sunday at 2 pm ET, but the warm-up shows should be incorporated into your viewing schedule.

Jim Nantz Remembers has become a staple of the pre-final round Masters viewing and this year's is extra special given that it turned out to be Arnold Palmer's last television interview.

Nantz told writers on CBS's conference call of how the option was placed before his friend Mr. Palmer to do a chat following the 2016 Masters honorary starters shots. After that special moment with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, Mr. Palmer gave Nantz the thumb's up that he was up for it, CBS raced to set up Butler Cabin and Nantz relayed how, when the lights went on, The King provided over 20 minutes of great stories and memories.

The full press release description for Sunday's show airing from 1-2 pm ET on CBS:

Arnold Palmer.  JIM NANTZ REMEMBERS AUGUSTA: ARNOLD PALMER – HIS LAST VISIT TO THE MASTERS relives Palmer’s years at Augusta National, beginning with his first victory in 1958 through his emotional final walk to the 18th green in 2004.   The one-hour special includes segments narrated by the other two members of the “Big Three” – Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, along with a segment narrated by the player most often compared to Palmer’s go-for-broke style of play, Phil Mickelson

Prior to that at 12:30 pm ET Sunday, Bill Macatee sits down witih Phil Mickelson to detail his Masters wins and I've heard throgh the grapevine that it's a fascinating chat for any Masters fan.

The full press release description:

THE MASTERS: PHIL! is an inside look at the remarkable career of Phil Mickelson, framed by his three memorable victories at the Masters.  From his first swings as a toddler at his family’s San Diego home to his unforgettable trio of Masters victories, Mickelson has enjoyed a career spanning three decades to become one of the game’s most beloved champions cementing his place among golf’s greats.


DVR Alert And Q&A: "Jack" Producer Israel DeHerrera

Producer Israel DeHerrera, who also served as the lead producer for the critically acclaimed, three-part Arnie film in 2014, led the ambitious team behind "Jack", debuting Sunday night after Live From The Masters.

DeHerrera's Golf Films has worked on numerous projects, including ’86, a chronicle of Nicklaus’ final major championship win at the 1986 Masters.

DeHerrera helps give us some insight into the three-part film that concludes with Monday and Tuesday night airings on Golf Channel.

GS: Give us the timing of how long this documentary has taken from beginning to end?

ID: We first approached Jack at the Memorial Tournament in 2015 about a four part series. The first installment being 86, which premiered on Golf Channel in April 2016, followed by the current three part series.

Golf Films began production right away on 86, and during that process collected content for the larger Jack series. Intense pre-production for the three-part series began in  April 2016,  and post production began in December 2016.


GS: What are some of your favorite finds and pieces of footage we’ll see?

ID: There’s some cool footage of Jack attending Jackie and Steve’s high school football game in the early 80’s. He demanded an early tee-time at the World Series at Firestone on Friday so he could fly home for the big game. We found the footage of him at that actual game from an NBC News affiliate. Additionally, we have a lot of home movies and there is some compelling footage of him and his sister as kids with their mom and dad. Great stuff of Jack playing baseball, football and basketball, and footage of him in his dad’s old drug store on the Ohio State campus. But by far, my favorite piece of video was of Jack in Butler Cabin being interviewed during the CBS broadcast by Clifford Roberts after his win in 1972. Roberts says to Jack, “and in connection with that new wine cellar you are building, I am going to send you an entire case of Château Lafite, 1952.” And Jack’s response, (laughing),  “Hello! Look out!“

GS: You tracked down someone who attended every major won by Jack, what was that process like and what was the thinking behind that for the film?

ID: We wanted to make sure we were bringing as much authenticity to the film and taking viewers back in time to feel like they were there for all of these greats moments in Jack’s career. We tried to do that by tracking down an individual who was in attendance at each of his 18 major victories. We also tracked down memorabilia and artifacts from those major victories to help bring these stories to life.


GS: There have been rumblings you’ve gone to other GOAT’s to discuss Jack? Who did you get and how did that work out?

Who better to weigh in on the debate of the greatest athlete of all-time than individuals who can actually relate to that stature? From the burden of holding that title and from getting inside the mind of what makes someone stand above the rest, we were fortunate enough to have an elite collection of GOATs weigh in on Jack and his legacy in golf and sports overall, including Roger Federer, Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice, Pete Rose, Bill Belichick, Kelly Slater, Richard Petty, and Annika Sorenstam.


GS: Jack Nicklaus told the story of the gift you got him as a thank you, give us an idea how you tracked down the artifacts? 

ID: This was a big commitment of Mr. Nicklaus’ time, and I just wanted him to know how much I appreciated him letting Golf Films tell his story. What do you get the man who has everything? Jack and I got to talking about baseball one day and I asked him if he was an Indians or Reds fan. He said Indians, and in fact the first game he had ever attended was a Yankees-Indians game with his dad at Yankee Stadium in 1948.

In that game Bob Feller and Satchell Paige had pitched, and Joe DiMaggio hit a grand slam. I had actually produced a documentary before on Bob Feller and knew that 1948 team very well (World Series champs).

I started doing some research and was able to find the box-score from the game online (of course Jack remembered it all perfectly). I contacted Jimmy Roberts who has a friend, Jeff Idelson, who works for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Jeff put me in touch with someone who collects ticket stubs from every meaningful baseball game that has ever been played. And sure enough he had a stub from that game (he refused payment and said, “Knowing this is going to Jack Nicklaus is payment enough”). I then was able to find a program from that weekend’s game online after weeks of digging. I ordered up original copies of the New York Times from the day before the game and the day after and placed everything in a shadow box with pictures of Jack and his dad plus a picture from that ball game.


A sampling from the film:


2017 Masters Round Two Wrap-Up

There are multiple marquee pairings Saturday at Augusta National but it's hard to top these three in a row: Spieth-Mickelson, Rose-Scott, Rahm-Couples.

In the final pairing is Sergio Garcia, playing with Charley Hoffman who share the lead with Thomas Pieters and Rickie Fowler at -4. Steve DiMeglio's USA Today lede notes that Sergio is possibly the biggest story given his track record here and 2012 comments.

John Huggan on what a tortured history at Augusta it has been for the Spaniard.

Rickie Fowler opens the weekend as the betting favorite.

Just like that Jordan Spieth is only four back, notes Jeff Babineau of Golfweek.

Babineau also covers what was a joyless day for the players in relentlessly stressful conditions. The weekend should be much kinder.’s Alan Bastable followed Phil Mickelson’s round and reports.

The amazing Fred Couples is just three back and more incredibly, back at Augusta after sitting out in 2017. Beth Ann Nichols on his resurgence at 57.

Billy Walters won’t be wearing a green jacket in this lifetime, among other first world problems he’s experiencing today. A.J. Perez reports for USA Today.’s Michael Collins shares his full chat with a player who is not named and they talk about what it was like out there the first two days.

Thomas Pieters may have had the most impressive hole of the day, eagling 13 from the pine straw.

And there was Branden Grace’s hole out, one of the few roars on another tough day for players to attack the course.



Stewart Hagestad Becomes First U.S. Mid-Amateur Champion Invitee To Make Masters Cut

While the great Jay Sigel made a cut in 1988, never has a U.S. Mid-Amateur invitee made the Masters cut since the invitation began in 1989. Until 2017 when Stewart Hagestad, a 25-year-old from Newport Beach who did so comfortably with a 36-hole total of 147.

Brentley Romine at on Hagestad's unforgettable finish, which was shown on the main ESPN broadcast (video below).

After clipping a pine tree with his drive at the par-4 18th, Hagestad cut a 3-iron from the second cut and landed it on the front part of the green. As the ball took a big bounce some 20 feet past the hole, the gallery seemed unfazed by the performance. But when the ball started coming back down the slope and toward the hole, the patrons’ cheers heightened, culminating in a loud cry when Hagestad’s ball just missed the cup.

Hagestad tees off Saturday at 12:40 pm ET with Brian Stourd, who he played the first two rounds with alonside 1987 Masters Champion, Larry Mize.




2017 Masters First Round Ratings Down 12 Percent

Pete Dougherty reports that ESPN's first round telecast of The Masters drew a 1.5 rating, down 12% from a 1.7 in 2016.

The causes could be chalked up to any number things, from ESPN's drop in subscriber homes, to streaming syphoning off viewers, to the loss of Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods from the field.

Also worth nothing was ESPN's second round telecast ending and not including any postgame show or tournament highlights from Tom Rinaldi and Andy North at ESPN's dedicated set.

Instead the network followed with a 30-minute SC6, a personality-driven Sportscenter spinoff which focused not on the Masters, but instead, on LaVar Ball's controversial remarks.


2017 Masters Round Two This And That

The leaderboard.'s Live blog

All of the live coverage is in operation. Amen Corner was stellar on day one, including lots of tracer and graphic elements not found on the main broadcast.

The temperature is cooler but the sun is out, with the forecasted winds and gusts very much a factor. Once again, the bombers may have their distance advantage muted by the direction of wind. Both the 1st and 15th are playing tough. Here's Bill Fields at on the difficulty of number one.

Your round two locations



The traditional and online broadcast windows are listed here at


ShackHouse Masters Pop-Up Pod: First Round Wrap And Odyssey Putter Giveaway

It was a wild first day in Augusta National and Joe House and I did a quick breakdown of the Dustin Johnson WD, Charley Hoffman's great play, the extreme weather and hope that we can at least have an honest national discussion about hardwood floors.

The link is here on Soundcloud.

You can subscribe on iTunes.

Here is The Ringer's show page.

Today's special pop-up edition of The Ringer's ShackHouse has a very, very special giveaway from Odyssey: the O-Works One-Wide Putter complete with the Microhinge insert and the awesome commemorative Arnold Palmer headcover you’re seeing the Callaway Pros with this week at Augusta.
Get over to the Callaway Community and sign up, enter a comment in the giveaway thread with the year Arnie won his third green jacket.

A winner will be named Monday following the Masters!


Round One: Demanding Day At Augusta For All But One, But It Could Have Been Much Worse

As Beth Ann Nichols lays out at, Charley Hoffman's seemingly effortless 65 on an all-effort day was just a matter of continuing his comfort level with Augusta National.

But I make the case for that the real winners were people we don't know: the weather forecasters, course setup committee and maintenance team that presented the course in a way that could not spill over the top and into absurdity.

Adam Scott says things reached a "borderline" point, writes Ryan Lavner for

While I noted how many people saw all of this coming and adjusted, Rex Hoggard writes at how everything else went very much not to script.

Chip Patterson and Kyle Porter at with a nice breakdown of all the players and important infographics.

Speaking of players, the odds now have Rory McIlroy as the favorite. has some fascinating numbers on the key players.

Jordan Spieth's back nine implosion is covered by Jeff Babineau, who took in all of Spieth's round.

Brentley Romine looks at the very solid start by U.S. Mid-Amateur Champion Stewart Hagestad. I walked most of his back nine while paired with Larry Mize 74) and both held it together well in tough conditions. Hagestad has a chance to be the first Mid-Am winner to make the Masters cut.

Gerry Ahern at with the Best Shot, Best Hole and Best Quote of the day.

G.C. Digital with a good wrap up of the best quotes from the day.


DJ WD: "He had a chance to do what Tiger Woods did here 20 years ago and, you know, Secretariat the field."

We'll gauge the energy from patrons tomorrow since the on-site  information blackout caused by the cell phone ban here forbids many from learning that Dustin Johnson withdrew from The Masters with a back injury, but I'm guessing reality will set in Friday.

Ian O'Connor at did a super job summing up an opportunity lost with Johnson's freak injury, with all of the details and all of the frustration we all share in not finding out if he could have dominated the field again this week.

Really, the only surprising development here is that Johnson didn't slip on a banana peel discarded by his brother and caddie, Austin, another easy target on tour. The Johnsons have long been cast in golf circles as the opposite of rocket scientists, whatever that is, and they've never seemed to take great offense to the labels.

But this is no laughing matter for the sport, for Augusta National, and for anyone who cares about great athletes trying to do great things.


2017 Masters Round One This And That

The leaderboard.'s blog

All of the live coverage is in operation. Amen Corner is, of course, the best.

After falling down stairs wearing socks on hardwood floors, pre-tournament favorite Dustin Johnson is now 8-1 even though he is said to be "trending in the right direction."

Your round one hole locations

Your traditional and online broadcast windows are listed here at

Golf Channel will have Morning Drive warming you up starting at 6 am ET (watch for me to brighten your morning at 6:20 am ET). And Live From coverage all day leading up to the telecast, followed by the wrap show at night with Brandel, Frank, Rich and David.

For DirecTV/AT&T subscribers there will be TWO 4K UHD channels in 2017, including Channel 105 featuring Amen Corner and Channel 106 featuring Hole 15 (Fire Thorn) and Hole 16 (Red Bud).

DirecTV/AT&T offers viewers “The Masters Experience,” including a four screen mosaic in HD, enhanced tournament coverage, an interactive leaderboard, scorecard and player bios. The four-screen mosaic will showcase ESPN and CBS Network coverage, two featured groups, Amen Corner and Holes 15/16.

If you have an Apple TV, do remember that you can enjoy Amen Corner Live, 15/16 coverage, Featured Groups and Masters On The Range (with lots of new bells and whistles). Just download the Masters app for Apple TV, and of course for our mobile or tablet devices to have coverage on the go.

Check out the Phil Mickelson Trackman data and tracer technology for Masters On The Range:


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