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Writing And Videos

The placement of any tree, so close to the finish of a shot to the green that it may catch the ball and deflect it to a fortunate or unfortunate finish, cannot be condoned.




Butch “Upset” With Tiger For Finishing PGA Round

Former Tiger Woods instructor Butch Harmon said he was "upset for lack of a better word" with Tiger for continuing on at Valhalla Friday where woods missed the cut. Video accompanies the story where you can see Harmon's comment.

During his Sky Sports gig...

“I was surprised he played the back nine,” admitted Harmon, who formerly coached Woods. “He looked really sore on the front nine; he looked like he was in a lot of pain.

“I think Tiger wanted to show ‘I came here to play, I’m going to finish my round’. Quite frankly he swung at about 70 per cent on the back nine and hit a lot of good shots.

“I hope he goes home and gets healthy and comes back because the game is in a better place when Tiger Woods is at the top of the leaderboard.”

Dave Shedloski's reports includes a few stats and Tiger's explanation of his back issues.

He found nine fairways but only eight greens in regulation, which resulted in three bogeys and a double bogey against just two birdies. That’s one more birdie than he scored on Thursday.

“I couldn’t make a backswing,” Woods said. “I can’t get the club back. Coming through is fine [but] … it throws everything off. I can’t get anywhere near the positions that I’m accustomed to getting to.”

Jason Sobel’s report focuses on Tiger’s comments that the re-injury of last week’s issue happened before the round, which does call into question why Tiger didn't have his physio but the bone back in place, as he said happened when he came home. I watched Graeme McDowell receive treatment on the course yesterday, including an odd looking chiropractic move that seemed to help him.

Jeff Rude says Tiger just isn't Tiger anymore.

The back issues make it difficult to analyze the state of Woods’ game. Clearly he needs time to recover from the surgery and the “sacrum” issue.

“I need to get stronger,” he said. “I need to get my glutes strong again, my abs and my core back to where I used to have them. … You can’t develop strength the same time as you are playing a lot. I need to get back in the gym and get stronger.”

His swing is shorter because of the surgery and his timing has been off. His driving and putting aren’t as good as they once were. He has been a shell of himself in the four tournaments he has played since the operation.

I followed Woods on the front nine and some of the backswings were shockingly short, validating his view but also raising questions about why he did not get the treatment that fixed the issue and allowed him to make a recovery from his dramatic Sunday WD at Firestone.

Also, why he continued playing on a severely mounded, muddy, wet course where slipping was all too easy to do, just seemed excessively stubborn, even by Tiger standards. Yes, leaving early would have created a spectacle, but long term there was no need to finish. Then again, as Butch Harmon noted, he played pretty well on the back swinging 70%.

The post-round video:


PGA: Players Lament Missed Lift, Clean, Tee It Up Opportunity

Rex Hoggard on players complaining that the PGA of America decided to play the ball down despite the forecast. Naturally players did not agree.

From Hoggard's report.

Play was stopped for 45 minutes just after the first groups set out because the course had become unplayable, and although the rain let up throughout the day the course at Valhalla Golf Club remained soggy.

It was particularly hard for the early starters who had to deal with wet grips as well as mud balls.

“It was so wet to start that it was easy to go bogey, bogey, bogey and your tournament could be over,” Henrik Stenson said. “I was inside watching the early guys and felt for them. They potentially made one or two bogeys out there, and I’m not talking about the players.”

I had mixed feelings on this one. Valhalla was pretty soft after the rains and there was certainly some mud. But it's nice to see a little rub of the green come into play. And besides, it may be the places last defense against players armed with clubs and balls too good for its measely 7,400 yards.


Flash: Rory Attributes Great Play To Burying Himself In Game

Hard to believe being single and not jetting around the world to watch Caroline Wozniacki lose again in the first round of a tennis tournament was not a positive, but that's what Rory McIlroy says.

Derek Lawrenson reports:

‘I think what happened has been for the better in terms of my golf,’ he revealed.

‘I’ve put a bit more time into it and it has refocused me. I mean, what else do I have to do now?

'I go to the golf course, I go to the gym and it’s just my life at the minute.

'I worked pretty hard before but the past couple of months I’ve really just buried myself in my game. It obviously works pretty well, so I am going to keep doing it.’


On Bubba: “The poor soul has to hit golf balls for a living.”

If you watched's featured group coverage online or through apps, you know that Bubba Watson lost his puppy dog worse than ever Friday as rain dared to mess with his grip, his clubface (it's wet!) and his mind.

Alex Myers with a round-up of the social media reaction and also the tweeted photo of Bubba caddied teeing up a ball for his boss.

And Dave Kindred considers Bubba's advertised faith and how he behaved Friday.

A 35-year-old grown man from the panhandle of Florida could be making a decent living at long-haul trucking. Instead, this torture. Country clubs, chartered jets, chauffeured Mercedes, million-dollar paychecks. And, sometimes, if you can believe it, he has to do it in the rain. To protect himself from the rain, he once held an umbrella and asked his caddie, Ted Scott, to set his ball on a tee.

After a bad drive early in the round, Bubba said to Scott, and television's boom mikes sent it across America, "It don't matter what I do, man. It don't matter. It's f*cking horsesh*t."

Maybe Noah said something like that in about the 37th day of that storm, and maybe Job expressed himself colorfully after lightning killed his livestock. But some readers of the Bible took to Twitter immediately to say they could not find those words in either the New or the Old Testament. Those twitterers were moved to append hashtags such as: "#quityerbitchin," and "#helpbubbajebus."

Bubba took to Twitter after his round to apologize for his whining.

And the forever legendary shot of caddie Scott teeing up Lord Grantham's tee ball so that he could keep himself dry.


Rory By The Numbers Through 36-Holes At Valhalla

Courtesy of the PGA of America, through 36 holes at the 2014 PGA Championship, Rory McIlroy is now:

25-under par in his last 10 rounds in the PGA Championship
9-under par this week
3-under par in 2013 at Oak Hill Country Club
13-under par in winning 2012 at The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island
41-under par in his last 10 competitive rounds of 2014
9-under par this week
15-under par in winning the World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational  
17-under par in winning the Open Championship
27-under par in his 22 rounds in the PGA Championship, beginning in 2009
7 of McIlroy’s last 10 rounds in the PGA Championship are in the 60s
9 of McIlroy’s 22 rounds in the PGA Championship are in the 60s
McIlroy’s scoring average in his 22 PGA Championship rounds is 69.95.

Ewan Murray of the Guardian writing about Rory's second round on a long-hitter-favoring course, unless you're playing with Bubba.

It was to McIlroy’s credit that his play was again formidable in the company of Bubba Watson. The Masters champion has been in a curious mood all week but on day two his behaviour regressed into the realms of the unacceptable. Watson spent his round cursing, whining and tossing clubs in the air.

McIlroy is a fine example to children, which is one of his many attributes. Watson has not yet learned the relatively simple art of growing up; someone should have a quiet word.



Poulter V. British Airways Prompts Angry Mob!

Claire Duffin of the Telegraph reports Ian Poulter's disdain for British Airways and the backlash received from Twitter followers not feeling sorry for the plight of someone in the Poulter clan that didn't get their business class seat:

Duffin writes of Poulter's social media battle taking place before his PGA Championship second round where he is desperately in need of a strong finish to ensure a 2014 Ryder Cup appearance:

His comments provoked an angry reaction from some users of the social networking site.

Many accused him of being out of touch, highlighting the fact that his Twitter profile picture was of six sports cars parked outside his multi-million pound Florida home.

Joe Walker said on Twitter: “some single mums aren't lucky enough to have a nanny. Or fly business class [sic].”

Rav Garcha said: “Clearly not good from BA but welcome to the lives of the majority who can't afford a nanny! [sic]”

You can get a flavor of the feedback here, assuming you have nothing else to do tonight.

And Poulter Tweeted this photo of his caddie's attempt to inspire a long tee ball off the first.




Long Drive Louis Collects His Swell-Looking Money Clip

The coolest thing about restoring the PGA Long Drive contest is not the charitable component or the fun for fans, but the PGA's re-creation of the money clip prize that Jack Nicklaus still uses to store his cash.

Andrew Prezioso reports on Louis Oosthuizen winning the Long Drive.

Here are shots courtesy of the PGA showing the 2014 clip and Nicklaus' 1963. Pretty sweet replication job:


2014 PGA Championship Day Two This & That Thread

With an hour delay tee times listed at have been adjusted 50 minutes. Valhalla is wet and the air surprisingly cool this morning, with players playing the ball down today.  But not surprisingly, scoring continues to be good with the soft conditions and impeccable course conditioning making the place vulnerable.

In case you don't get enough of it the 221 times it's played today, tomorrow and Saturday, here is Omega's relentless (and only) ad that will be airing this week before it is shipped down to Guantanamo Bay to be used as a torture device.


Link to live feature group coverage until TNT comes on at 1 pm. ET.

Oh, and today's PGA post artwork is Lee Wybranski's poster for sale in the merchandise tent, a bourbon-label inspired gem featuring the par-4 13th.


Lucky Him! Tom Watson's Ryder Cup Dilemma(s)

Poor Paul McGinley, with nearly everyone on his team playing well and the next eight or so on the likely Captain's picks list peaking as the European Ryder Cup squad's August 31st points cut off approaches. You really feel for the man!

And then there is the mess Tom Watson faces as Dave Shedloski outlines in this Loop post. Note that no one making the U.S.A. team on points has won a PGA Tour event since Patrick Reed at the WGC Cadillac in March Matt Kuchar at Hilton Head in April. And Captain Watson, 64, beat possible picks Woods, Bradley and Snedeker in round one at Valhalla.

From Shedloski:

Here's a snapshot of the rest of the current U.S. team:
    •    Bubba Watson: Two wins, including the Masters, but missed the cut in last two majors.
    •    Jimmy Walker: FedExCup leader with three wins, but none since Pebble Beach and this will be his first Ryder Cup.
    •    Jim Furyk: Enjoying solid season, but still winless in 2014.
    •    Rickie Fowler: Only player with three top-5s in majors, but also no victories.
    •    Jordan Spieth: No sophomore slump, but also no trophies for 2013 Rookie of the Year.
    •    Patrick Reed: Cooled off considerably since his WGC-Cadillac triumph.
    •    Jason Dufner: PGA champion slipping because of neck injury that required cortisone shots last week at WGC-Bridgestone. His withdrawal after 10 holes at Valhalla is another unfortunate development.
    •    Zach Johnson: Except for runner-up at John Deere, has been quiet since he won year's first event, the

Captain Watson and assistant captain Steve Stricker were asked about the team after the Kuchar and Dufner WD's at Valhalla. Flies were big, metaphorically.

From an unbylined Sky report:

"We're falling like flies," Watson said. "We really are.

"There's time. What's going to happen between now and then is anybody's guess. I have to take the information I have, process it and see what comes out."

Watson named Steve Stricker as one of his assistant captains earlier this week, but that might have to change as he could yet be needed as a wildcard pick, with Watson so short of experience.

And Stricker is just as concerned about the injuries to have struck potential United States picks.
He added: "All these guys are dropping like flies on our team and it is a bit scary."


Video: Chamblee & Nobilo Hollerin' At Valhalla Over Tiger!

After Tiger continued his mediocre play at Valhalla, the real drama came following the PGA Championship opening 73 when his camp and detractors spun the day. (Bob Harig's report here on Tiger's round that left the four-time PGA Champion two back of 64-year-old Tom Watson, who played in the afternoon when there was actually a little breeze.)

Fitting that in the birthplace of Muhammad Ali, Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee and Frank Nobilo had it out on air over Trackman and the state of Tiger's shaft lean. It provided some of the most gripping Live From chatter in years! (Though we Issues Show guests are taking some credit for leaving behind some feisty vibes on the set less than 24 hours prior.)

John Strege transcribed some highlights from the sparring here. But if you want a more literary take on Tiger's swing, Matthew Rudy posted this earlier for's The Loop after talking to various instructors.

I just hope Brandel and Frank can recover from this row. And by the way, a hearty congratulations to Frank on officially receiving Team Tiger Marching And Chowder Society Status tonight! Tiger might even award you a clever nickname out of this, like Frankie or Nobsy!


Alternate No. 93 Steve Flesch Almost Gets A PGA Shot

Jason Sobel with the lowdown on Steve Flesch's crazy day that started behind a television desk talking about the PGA, was interrupted by a visit from Kerry Haigh to the set, and finished with him having almost gotten in as the 93rd alternate.

Sobel writes:

Robert Garrigus was the next alternate on the list, but he wasn’t on site at the course. Then Justin Hicks, but he wasn’t, either. Haigh checked, but nobody else was at Valhalla who could take a spot in the field should there be another withdrawal.

Until he got all the way down to No. 93.

It wasn’t an easy decision for Flesch. Just minutes removed from talking about the tournament on television, with remnants of makeup still caked to his face and – most importantly – his clubs at home an hour away, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to put himself in that position.

“The last thing I wanted to do was go out there with a rental set, drive it in the rough all day and shoot 85,” explained the Kentucky native. “But then I’m thinking, you never know. You go out there and scramble around, shoot even par, catch lightning in a bottle and then you can use your own stuff the rest of the week.”


USGA & Fox: Happy One Year Anniversary! 

A year ago cell phones buzzed away on a warm Rochester summer evening with what looked like a belated April Fools joke. After all, the USGA wouldn't announce a new 12-year television deal with Fox Sports as their good friends at the PGA of America were about to start the year's final major, would they? After all, it's major!

Not only was the deal announced on the PGA's eve, but the timing had to be defended as a necessary evil of, well, something. Oh, good organizational practice, said the USGA's Joe Goode, who oversaw the rollout and has since left the organization.

Even more stunning was Fox's role in golf, which was non-existent until August 7th, 2014. Yet the deal was touted for Fox's ability to deliver "fresh and innovative" coverage. Compounding the timing mistake was a claim of cluelessness that the new TV contract had to be announced immediately. The USGA later said the exclusivity Fox Sports brought meant the announcers would be more knowledgable than the past announcers because they could focus more on the USGA. That went over well.

A year removed, the $90-100 million annual package begins to look more palatable considering the rising costs of sports properties. The length of the deal remains the most confounding component, unless of course there is an out clause a few years in, as some suspect. Because as our late friend Frank Hannigan pointed out, there's a reason the Masters only has a year-to-year deal. It provides the ultimate leverage.

The deal was analyzed in two excellent stories by Golf Digest's Ron Sirak, first in an overall feature about how the deal went down and later on, now-former president Glen Nager's attempted coup that would have made the USGA even more corporate. Nager has since said he will not attend at any USGA events going forward nor will he partake in traditional past-president duties like stocking the Executive Committee with cronies.

Since the announcement, Fox Sports has rolled out a mixed bag of announcements. On the plus side, they named veteran producer Mark Loomis to helm their golf operation. Loomis spearheaded ABC's coverage during the Tirico-Faldo-Azinger years, some of the greatest days in network golf coverage. As expected from The Shark's not-so-subtle hints, Fox hired Greg Norman as lead analyst and gave the lead announcer role to Fox veteran Joe Buck, a single-digit handicapper. Norman has already vowed to be fair and balanced but also not to criticize golfers. The two debuted their early fresh and innovative approach at Pinehurst and sealed their new bond with an on-air fist-bump that contrasted jarringly with the classy goodbye from Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller of NBC.

Fox snared Holly Sonders away from Golf Channel and also recently nabbed contributors Brad Faxon and David Fay. No other talent announcements have been made.

So where does this leave us a year later? The timing and deal parameters outlined publicly remain sore points with the USGA's former partners, while the hiring of Loomis has calmed many fears of crashing robots and smashmouth golf coverage. The insane prices paid for sports properties has justified Fox's overpayment a year later, but will never allow the parties involved to forget how unnecessary it was for the USGA to upstage the PGA, insult their former partners and make such a bold move.


2014 PGA Championship Day One This & That Preview

Special thanks to the art department for the Louisville themed banner to kick off PGA Championship play.

There's a 40% chance the weather could get dicey this afternoon around 2 p.m. reports Nick Masuda, but so far so good at Valhalla where they're off and running in the PGA Championship.

Scores here.

Tee times here.

Hole locations here.

The live stream coverage started at 8:30 a.m. ET and will include the Tiger-Phil-Padraig feature group, with TNT coming on at 1 p.m.

I'll be live chatting at at 11 am here.

And thanks for the comments on site slowness, Squarespace tells me they are working on it! Apologies for any inconvenience.


Jack: Rory Can Win 15 Or 20 Majors

Appearing on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" Wednesday, Jack Nicklaus said he thinks Rory McIlroy can win 15 or 20 majors. He's raised the bar on his Rory praise in light of a win at The Open, and why not?

Bob Harig reports:

"I think Rory is an unbelievable talent," Nicklaus said. "I love his swing, I love his rhythm, I love his moxie. He's got a little swagger there, it's a little bit cocky but not offensive. I like that. I like the self-confidence in a young man. He's got an unbelievable amount of speed in his golf swing, he obviously hits the ball a heck of a long way. And he hits in there consistently and how he controls it.

"It depends on what he feels his priorities are, and that's his call. I think Rory has an opportunity to win 15 or 20 majors or whatever he wants to do if he wants to keep playing. But you just don't know what the guy's priorities are going to be in life 10 years from now."

The clip.


Roundup: Tiger's Whirlwind Practice Round

Dave Kindred captures the mood from a wild and wacky practice round day at Valhalla that let many of the tournament favorites fly under the radar while Tiger stole the show.

Kindred writes of the more specific back pain diagnosis Tiger gave:

He said the Sunday injury was a dislocation of the sacrum, the wedge-shaped bone at the base of the spine. Pinched nerves caused the pain. "Once it was put back in, I was fine," he said. He also said his physiologist is here and can "fix it" if the injury reoccurs.
The sacrum dislocation, he said, had nothing to do with the previous back injury. "It's not at the site of the surgery," he said. "It's a different pain than I had experienced."

With the question of Tiger's arrival answered, the planet Earth could resume its normal rotations with the more important questions to be answered in the next four days, or fewer, depending on both muscle spasms and Tiger's recent tendency to accumulate double bogeys rather than birdies.

Rex Hoggard shoots down the view of some (myself included) that Sunday's WD at Firestone deserved some skepticism.

Woods also explained that he was pain free heading into the first round, and that he’d only practiced slow-motion swings in his video bay back home in Florida before making the decision Tuesday afternoon to play this week.

Simply put, he’s playing because he can. Not because he’s 70th on the U.S. Ryder Cup points list with just four days remaining to make his move. Not because he’s 217th on the FedEx Cup points list with just two weeks to secure his spot in the playoffs.

“My range of motion was good,” he explained. “My firing sequence was back to normal. It’s all good.”

Some grassy knoll types have suggested that Woods was perhaps not as injured as he suggested on Sunday. But if that’s the case, he should add an Oscar to those 14 majors because what he exhibited on Sunday at the Bridgestone was legitimate pain.

Brian Wacker at on Sean Foley's take:

Dozens of various media outlets tracked Woods’ every move. Camera shutters clattered like fully automatic machine guns with every swing. A boom mic followed Woods onto each tee box.

Joining on the second hole was Woods’ coach Sean Foley, who trailed him the entire front nine before peeling off. He chatted regularly with Woods and at times slid in behind him to watch him swing.

Asked if he was concerned by anything he saw in Woods’ swing, which looked a touch shorter and seemed a little less aggressive into his left side, Foley said, “No.”

Jeff Rude writing for Golfweek assessed the day this way:

Woods looked all right during the nine holes, then chipped and putted while walking the back nine. He hit more than one ball off several tees on the front nine – some great, a couple more than a little off line – and spent considerable time on short game. The real answers, of course, will come Thursday, Friday and beyond.


Olympics Schedule Mess: 2016 PGA Moves To July

The July 25-31, 2016 PGA at Baltusrol is now official, clearing golf of one hurdle related to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

For Immediate Release:

The 98th PGA Championship at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey, will be held the week of July 25-31, 2016, as the PGA of America marks its centennial year by joining the golf world in preparing for the sport’s return to the Olympic Games.
The PGA Championship, one of golf’s four major championships, will be played in July for the first time since 1968. The Championship, with the exception of 1971, has been conducted in August every year beginning in 1969.
Baltusrol Golf Club, home of many of the most memorable U.S. major championships, was selected in 2008 as the site of the 98th PGA Championship. The Summer Olympics, scheduled for Aug. 5-21, will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The men and women golf competitors in the 2016 Summer Olympics will be determined by the Official World Golf Rankings as of July 11, 2016.
“The PGA of America is excited for what the year 2016 means for our Association and the game of golf. It promises to be a historic season on many levels,” said PGA of America President Ted Bishop. “We celebrate our centennial; our PGA Championship is being hosted on one of the greatest courses in America and the Olympic Games cap the summer by welcoming back golf as an official sport. We believe that moving up the PGA Championship date that year is a win-win for our viewing audience, our spectators as well as for what is likely to be once again the strongest field in golf.”


Dustin Johnson Shoots 61 During Golf Absence To Find Himself

Tim Rosaforte reports that Dustin Johnson, taking a leave of absence to reassess his life and according to to avoid a suspension, fired a 61 en route to step of his life reassessment.

From Rosaforte's report:

According to sources, the 30-year-old Johnson has been spending the past few weeks with fiancee Paulina Gretzky at the high-end Gozzer Ranch Golf and Lake Club near Couer d'Alene, Idaho, where Paulina's father, hockey legend Wayne, had his first Gretzky Hockey School. The well-circulated photo of Johnson caddying for Paulina was during the club's Ladies Member-Guest. Johnson has been playing every day as well, shooting a 61 on the Tom Fazio-design that sources say was close to being a 59.



Tiger: Pain Free, Meds Free, Just Needs Good Sequencing

I just copy and paste and let you decide.

Here's Tiger Woods, following nine-holes at Valhalla Wednesday. He tees off with Phil Mickelson and Padraig Harrington at 8:35 off the 10th tee Thursday. Live Streaming begins, magically, at 8:30 a.m. ET. TNT coverage begins at 1 p.m. ET.

From the start of the transcript, the relevant stuff about his health.

Q.  (Inaudible)?

            TIGER WOODS:  Probably yesterday afternoon.  My range of motion was good.  I started my firing sequence was back to normal the sequencing was good.  If my sequencing is good then it's all good.

            Q.  How does it feel to be back?

            TIGER WOODS:  It feels great to be back here.  The fans are enthusiastic.  They're loud.  They're into.  It's a totally different golf course than what I played in 2000.  These greens are all different.  I have my book from 2000; it's useless.  There's some new things that we have to learn out there.  Joey has been here on the ground.  He's got a pretty good handle on it.  We'll run through some more of it as we go.

            Q.  (Inaudible)?

            TIGER WOODS:  It's not ‑‑ as I said, it's not the site of the surgery.  This is something totally different.  As I said when I landed, it jarred it and jarred it lose, made it come out.  As I was explaining to you guys last week, I haven't been able to do my agility stuff because I'm still building back up, still playing.  I can't do both at the same time.  So when the season is over, in the off season, getting back to my agility work, my explosiveness, my power, all that stuff, back up to where I used to be.

            Q.  (Inaudible)?

            TIGER WOODS:  Yes.  Make every putt.

            Q.  (Inaudible)?

            TIGER WOODS:  Say again.

            Q.  (Inaudible)?

            TIGER WOODS:  Pain meds, no.  I'm not in any pain.  That is the good part.

            Q.  (Inaudible)?

            TIGER WOODS:  Say again.

            Q.  (Inaudible)?

            TIGER WOODS:  I did ‑‑ I hit it in my hitting bag.  So I was doing some video work, trying to make sure that my swing was where I wanted it and some of the things that I didn't like about it was going on last week.  And I was able to basically make slow motion swings, make sure the ‑‑ what I was feeling and what was actually happening were matching up.

            Q.  (Inaudible)?

            TIGER WOODS:  Say again.

            Q.  (Inaudible)?

            TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I did.  I felt pretty good about how I played and the shots I hit.  I need to get more feel for how this golf course is playing.  I'm not used to seeing the chipping areas like this.  We didn't have that in 2000.  It was just deep blue grass.  That's a bit of a different look and different options.

            We're experimenting with some different clubs, shots.  Trajectories, Strick and I were talking about how the bounce is actually pretty true.  There's some different options which we weren't used to in 2000.

            Q.  And you're pain‑free?

            TIGER WOODS:  Pain‑free, yes, except for the headache of talking to you guys.

Analysis from scribes to come...


Steve Stricker Gets Keys To A Ryder Cup Cart

Tom Watson added his first Vice-Captain not on the AARP's mailing list, naming Steve Stricker a Team USA Vice Captain for the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles.

Stricker has displayed solid driving skills in recent commercials for Avis, but driving a sedan and four-seat golf cart are two very different things. Only time will tell...

Ryan Lavner reports.


Video: See Tiger Changes His Shoes In The Parking Lot!

The arrival was surreal, even cutting short Golf Channel's coverage of Tom Watson's press conference, something I know Tiger would be upset about (if he knew).

But as I outlined in this Loop item of the 8 strangest things about Tiger making it to Valhalla in time to possibly play the PGA, the man appeared unscathed from Sunday's back spasms. Miracles do happen.

The Golf Channel video of the arrival...

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