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  • Tommy's Honor: The Story of Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris, Golf's Founding Father and Son
    Tommy's Honor: The Story of Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris, Golf's Founding Father and Son
    by Kevin Cook
  • His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir (Anchor Sports)
    His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir (Anchor Sports)
    by Dan Jenkins
  • The Captain Myth: The Ryder Cup and Sport's Great Leadership Delusion
    The Captain Myth: The Ryder Cup and Sport's Great Leadership Delusion
    by Richard Gillis
  • The Ryder Cup: Golf's Grandest Event – A Complete History
    The Ryder Cup: Golf's Grandest Event – A Complete History
    by Martin Davis
  • A Life Well Played: My Stories
    A Life Well Played: My Stories
    by Arnold Palmer

Frequently the natives resent the invasion of the golf pioneer . . . Once an irate farmer emptied a thirty-three at myself and the engineer at a range of only five hundred yards, and he made us take cover too. He was a renter, and knew that we were there for no good. As he took no interest whatever in the Royal and Ancient.




Danny Willett Teams With His Caddie To Win Dunhill Pro-Am!

No offense to Tyrrell Hatton, who picked up his first European Tour title in the Alfred Dunhill Championship at St. Andrews. But the even better story involved Masters winner Danny Willett teaming with his caddie Jonathan Smart to win the pro-am title. Taking his looper (and presumably paying his way) probably won't win him too many American fans following last Monday mornings' Tweeting barrage, but it's a start.

The full press release since I couldn't find a story on Willett giving his man the week off to play the pro-am. And followed by a Tweet and European Tour Instagram photo:

ST ANDREWS, October 9, 2016 - Jonathan Smart admitted his hands were shaking as he stood over the four foot putt that was to earn him and Masters champion Danny Willett the US$50,000 first prize in the Alfred Dunhill Links Team Championship at St Andrews.
Willett, who usually has Smart as his caddie in every other week of the golfing year, raised his arms in triumph when the putt dropped and then hugged him, saying later: “Jon rose to the occasion and carried me all week. I invited him to have a taste of what it’s like on my side of things and he’s won his first event. He played some great golf.”

Smart, a six-handicapper from Sheffield’s Hallamshire Golf Club, holed the decisive putt on the Old Course’s 9th green for a birdie three and said: “That’s the best golf I’ve ever played today and Danny is over the moon for me. But I won’t be getting any percentage of the winnings – he’s already done more than enough for me this week by giving me this treat of playing in such a great event as his amateur partner. It’s been an unbelievable experience.”
Willett and Smart started the final day on 26-under-par and shot a 12-under-par round of 60 to clinch the title by one stroke from Polish professional Adrian Meronk and his Swedish amateur partner John Eliasch.

Meronk and Eliasch had started out with a three-shot lead over Willett and Smart but were gradually hauled in by the English pair, who sported matching beige trousers with maroon tops. Playing together in a four-ball, the two teams were tied on 37-under-par when they teed off at their final hole, the 9th. Smart’s birdie blow then decided a titanic struggle.

“It was a real matchplay situation for 18 holes,” added Smart. “Those guys kept coming at us. It has been an amazing week for me and I cannot believe that we’ve won. But I’ve definitely experienced a little of the nerves that Danny has to cope with in every tournament. Now I’ll appreciate what he’s got to go through a little bit more. It’s been a real insight and so enjoyable.
“On that last hole my hands were shaking when I was trying to line the ball up.  When you're telling someone what to do, it's a lot simpler than having to do it yourself. It has all been just very surreal.  I could not believe how nervous I was coming down those last few holes.  And to win an event with Dan, here, has just been unreal.”

Willett, who missed the cut in the individual tournament, added: “It's been great fun.  I've obviously not played great golf myself.  I showed a few bits every now and again but luckily that's what this format is for us as a team, dovetailing well, which we did.”
Cricket legend Sir Ian Botham, playing with English professional David Horsey, and Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan, who played with individual winner Tyrrell Hatton, were among the three teams who shared fourth place in the team competition.


SMW's Final 2015-16 Network Golf Ratings Recap

Paulsen at Sports Media Watch analyzes network ratings for the 2015-16 PGA Tour--the first completely Tiger-less season since 1997--and concludes that of 64 telecasts, 40 posted a decline.

Paulsen threw out rainouts and two events where no comparable numbers were available.

The summer stretch, highlighted by lower numbers at the U.S. Open and FedExCup, were the biggest drag on ratings declines that mirror other sports dips, including the NFL:

That includes declines for six of eight major telecasts and seven of eight FedEx Cup windows.
Most of the declines took place during the summer. From the U.S. Open in mid-June through the BMW Championship in mid-September, 22 of 24 telecasts declined in one or both measures.

The season ended on a better note, as the final round of The Tour Championship held steady in ratings and eked out a 5% increase in viewership. Ryder Cup ratings also increased, though largely because the most recent edition took place in Europe and aired primarily in the early morning hours.


As Luck Wouldn't Have It: Curtis Takes AAC, No Masters Berth 

A place in the Open Qualifying is a nice perk but it's the Masters berth bringing Asia and Australia's best amateurs to the Asia-Pacific Amateur.

And with U.S. Amateur champion Curtis Luck having already secured a spot in August, his comeback win in the eighth (!) edition over compatriot Brett Coletta means there will be no spot awarded this year.

Luck's victory comes on top of a World Amateur Team Championship victory and the amateur, making for one of the finest seasons in time and quite possibly the greatest ever by an amateur golfer sporting a manbun.

The full game story and images from Incheon, Korea.


Tiger In Napa: Pairing With Phil, Thursday Afternoon Start

Ron Kroichick reports that Tiger's return to the PGA Tour will likely be Thursday afternoon in Napa and he will have a date with fellow Ryder Cup Task Forcer Phil Mickelson.

Kroichick writes:

The PGA Tour doesn’t release pairings until Tuesday of tournament week, but a source told The Chronicle that Woods and Mickelson will play in the same group Thursday and Friday at Silverado Resort. Mickelson lobbied for the pairing, publicly saying he wanted to play with Woods.

“I’m hoping we can get paired together,” Mickelson told Sept. 7. “That would be really fun. I would love it.”


Erik Compton Thinking About Packing It In

Just two years removed from a T-2 finish in the U.S. Open, two-time heart transplant recipient Erik Compton lost out on a chance to regain his card with this week's Tour finals cancellation.

Dave Shedloski talked to Compton for, and the 36-year-old is pondering a goodbye to playing pro golf. This quote was particularly heartbreaking:

“I’m not going to learn anything out here at my age. The only thing I’m going to learn is how to be away from the family with a short life span. I’ve been through the ringer enough, and I can’t seem to find a way to get out of it.”


Committed: Tiger Is Officially, Finally, Really, Actually Returning!

The PGA Tour scooped, which still hasn't reported the news.

But who cares! Tiger is back. Sure he waited until the day the eye of a category 3 Hurricane was heading toward PGA Tour headquarters, but again, who cares!

It's been a long time, as Bob Harig notes at

When Woods tees off in the first round on Thursday, it will have been 417 days between official tournament rounds. Woods, who was ranked No. 1 in the world for a record 683 weeks, is now 767th. He was 257th following the Wyndham.

The return will hopefully be treated as what it should be: one baby step in a comeback that will take some time given how long Woods has been away from the spotlight and golf courses.

But it's Tiger. Nothing will be dull about next week.


Why Is Tiger Taking So Long To Commit To The Safeway?

Who knows!

To recap: he committed September 7th to playing next week's PGA Tour 2016-17 kickoff event and has until 5 pm ET Friday to actaully pencil himself in via the tour's online entry system* email or phone according to a player who saw this post and says the tour system was shut down Wednesday until further notice due to Hurricane Matthew.

For reasons unclear, Tiger has yet to commit. Perhaps it's as simple as his endless affection for the Friday news dump, deriving pleasure at the thought of writers constantly refreshing his website in hopes of getting to report whatever the writers at say.

Or, as Joel Beall notes, the reason for the no-commit can only mean one of three things. Two of the reasons do not have him teeing it up in Napa.

Though it all begs the question: why drag something out as simple as a commitment to an event you've verbally committed to? Only TW knows.


National Trust Lists Lions Muny For Historic Preservation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation says Muny is a civil rights landmark, aiding the "Save Muny" fight to preserve Austin's Lions Municipal. The course faces redevelopment by the University of Texas, which owns the land and leases it back to the city of Austin.

Ralph Haurwitz of the Austin American Statesman reports the positive news.

The National Trust, a private, nonprofit organization based in Washington, also included El Paso’s Chihuahuita and El Segundo Barrio Neighborhoods on its annual list of 11 sites. The core of that city’s cultural identity is threatened with demolition of homes and small businesses, the group said.

Lions Municipal, also known as Muny, is considered one of the earliest municipal golf courses in the former Confederate states to be desegregated, if not the first. At the recommendation of the Texas Historical Commission, the National Park Service added Muny to the National Register of Historic Places in July.


Greg Norman Shares His Hurricane Matthew Checklist

In this time we are all thinking about our friends in Florida bracing for Hurricane Matthew. 

Greg Norman has taken time away from (hopefully) moving his chainsaws to safety, all so he could share a few helpful pointers.



ShackHouse 22: Ryder Cup Wrap

With so much going on on in golf we have plenty to kick around (our guest for this week had a tight schedule and we wanted to have a longer chat with him).

So it's just House and myself with Ryder Cup, Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and Arnold Palmer on our minds.

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Tommy's Honour Coming To U.S. Theaters In March 2017

Look out Tin Cup! We may only get thirty chances to see you next year! How will Cheech get by without those residuals!?

Anyway, I can't wait to see the film adaptation of one of my favorite books. You can see clips of it here and read this Q&A with author Kevin Cook from earlier this year.

For Immediate Release:


Deal includes unique partnership with NBC Sports to promote “Tommy’s Honour” from theatrical release through its debut on Golf Channel

September 20, 2016 – Roadside Attractions has acquired from Gutta Percha Productions the U.S. rights to TOMMY’S HONOUR, the critically-acclaimed drama that was the Gala Opening Night film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The film is about the real-life founders of the modern game of golf and is directed by Jason Connery (THE PHILLY KID, 51, THE DEVIL’S TOMB). Pamela Marin and Kevin Cook wrote the screenplay, an adaptation from Cook's acclaimed book of the same name, which won the United States Golf Association's Book of the Year award in 2007. Keith Bank of KB Partners (HEAVEN IS A PLAYGROUND), who negotiated the deal, serves as producer along with Bob Last of Holdings Ecosse (L’ILLUSIONISTE, SUNSET SONG), Jim Kreutzer of Wind Chill Media Group (JUST WRITE, LAST GREAT RIDE) and Tim Moore of Top Dawg Productions (SULLY, AMERICAN SNIPER, GRAN TORINO, INVICTUS).  Tony award winner Kenneth Whitney executive produces with Keith Bank. The film will be released theatrically on March 24, 2017.

Roadside’s deal covers theatrical, DVD, VOD and pay rights with Golf Channel securing basic cable rights..Beginning with the theatrical release, there will be strong synergies between Roadside, Golf Channel and NBC Sports Group to maximize exposure during televised golf tournaments, via its digital reach with sports fans and other key promotional opportunities.  International Sales are being handled by Timeless Films.

TOMMY’S HONOUR is an intimate and powerfully moving story of the fractured relationship between Scotland’s Golf Royalty -- Tom and Tommy Morris, the dynamic father-son team who ushered in the modern game of golf.  

Matching his father’s success by winning his first of four Opens  at the age of 17, Tommy’s (Jack Lowden, DUNKIRK, '71, DENIAL ) flamboyance and fame outshine Tom’s (BAFTA nominee Peter Mullan) stellar playing record and respect as founder of the first Open Championship and local caddie master, greenskeeper and club and ball maker. Set against the early days of the sport and stunning landscape of Scotland, the story speaks to the universal themes that still exist today -- familial disharmony, class struggle and complicated love stories. Tom’s jealousy of his son’s success taints their personal relationship but together their professional relationship is front-page news.  Against Tom’s wishes, Tommy rebels against both the aristocracy led by R & A chief Alexander Boothby (Sam Neill, JURASSIC PARK, THE PIANO) and against his parent’s wishes in his compelling yet tragic relationship with Meg Drinnen (Ophelia Lovibond, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, MAN UP).

"We're very excited to release this emotional and beautiful film set in the sport's original home of Scotland.  We expect it will appeal to both the smart film crowd and golf aficionados alike," said Howard Cohen, Co-President of Roadside Attractions.


Wraparound Blues: Matthew Ends Tour Finals

With next year's PGA Tour schedule starting next week and hurricane Matthew looking ominously like a slow-moving disaster, there is no hope of finishing off the Tour playoffs.

While all of our thoughts are with those bracing for the storm, it's also hard not to hear of finals this week and a new season starting next week and thinking, whose idea was that? And how did anyone tout wrapround golf as a good idea? The lack of foresight is appalling.

Anyway, Ryan Herrington at with the details.

The decision was disappointing, according to Tour president Bill Calfee, but essentially was made for the tour when local authorities announced an evacuation of the Atlantic Beach Wednesday morning as the Category 4 storm continues toward Florida’s east coast.

“It is unfortunate that we’ve had to cancel our season-ending event; however, our first priority is the safety of our players, fans, volunteers and staff,” Calfee said. “With Hurricane Matthew on the horizon, it is critical that we make sure everyone involved with the Tour Championship has ample time to evacuate the Northeast Florida area and return home.”


Reminder And TV Times: Asia Pacific Amateur

The Jack Nicklaus Golf Club in Incheon, South Korea, returns to the spotlight after hosting the 2015 Presidents Cup.

With a Masters spot on the line, here is the field.

Here is a preview.

Here are the ESPN TV Times:


Cart Driving In His Veins! Tiger Named Presidents Cup Assistant

He just so enjoyed getting fitted for an IFB and having Notah Begay drive him around Hazeltine. He definitely had to love saving Captain Davis Love from a potentially embarrassing Saturday afternoon benching of Patrick Reed and Jordan Spieth.

And now he'll be tootling around Liberty National for next year's lightly anticipated Presidents Cup.

Bob Harig with the report and explanation on

"Tiger certainly could play his way onto the U.S. team, and if that happens, replacing him as a captain's assistant will be a great problem for me to have," Stricker said. "But if he doesn't, I'm honored he accepted this role for the first time in his impressive Presidents Cup career. Tiger has been a great teammate and friend over the years, and I know the U.S. guys will benefit from the experience and camaraderie that only Tiger can bring."

Not explained is why someone just about to return to golf is committing to retirement activities like Cup cart driving?


Gannett Acquires Golfweek...

After a long run, the Crains have sold Golfweek to Gannett, publishers of USA Today, For The Win! and multiple media properties across the United States.

While the sale is seen as a distress sale by some, the news still caught the industry off guard. Golfweek was seeing positive signs on the business side, particularly with its website, while maintaining its editorial consistency under publisher Alex Miceli.

The press release says Gannett is efforting attempting to be "a leader in the golf vertical" with its "more than 5 million unique monthly avid golf fans." Dave Morgan, a veteran of the journalism industry having formerly been at the LA Times and Yahoo, will take over as publisher. Gerry Ahern has been named Editor in Chief.

From their press release:

“Golfweek gives us amazing depth and expertise to bring to our strong golf audience across the USA TODAY NETWORK,” says Dave Morgan, president of the USA TODAY Sports Media Group, who will also serve as publisher of Golfweek. “We are thrilled to add such a trusted and respected brand as Golfweek to the USA TODAY family and are confident that this will provide tremendous new opportunities for Golfweek and our partners.”

“I have been fortunate to work alongside the talented team at Golfweek over the last 25 years. Their dedication to producing engaging golf content and experiences for Golfweek’s avid golfer audience will be a valuable asset to Gannett,” says Rance Crain, Golfweek’s chairman who will continue on as a special advisor to USA TODAY Sports Media Group.”

Morgan said Golfweek will continue to focus on being an authoritative voice in professional, college and amateur golf, in addition to growing its events and custom publishing businesses. Golfweek’s headquarters will remain in Orlando, Florida with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and McLean, Virginia (where Gannett is headquartered).

There have been multiple layoffs on the sales and production side.

Two veterans of the editorial side have been bought out as well.


Sports TV Ratings Decline And Golf

A few of you were alarmed that the Ryder Cup ratings dropped this year given how exciting the golf was. I see it as a positive that the number only dropped a bit with Tiger not playing and some having cut their cable cords.

But the decline was actually in line with ratings drops across all sports and in particular, the NFL, something John Ourand, Austin Karp & Daniel Kaplan of SBD considered in a story headlined, "time to panic over declining viewership?"

Golf got this mention, one of the few positive ones.

Publicly, media executives are not panicked. They say it’s too early to identify any long-lasting trends, especially considering that some properties, like the NBA and college football, have seen increases. ABC, for example, produced the highest-rated NBA Finals since 1998, and NBC’s portion of the PGA Tour schedule posted a 9 percent viewership increase this season.

“All these sports go through cycles,” said Artie Bulgrin, ESPN’s senior vice president of global research and analytics. “It’s impossible to suggest that there’s anything going wrong here, particularly in light of the fact that we are in a really odd year in terms of the protracted presidential race, which has captured the attention of Americans going back a year now. Plus, it’s an Olympic year, which clearly had an impact during the summer.”

The ratings discussion could impact whether the PGA Tour opts out of its existing NBC/CBS deal to renegotiate terms or revamp schedules.


Review And Roundup: Arnold Palmer Memorial Service

Let's get the predictable headline out of the way: it was a tribute fitting for a king. In this case, The King. 

A nice blend of speakers mostly adhered to family wishes to keep things light, and those who didn't (unintentionally) offered those feeling emotional a few moments to collect themselves before another speaker would have you laughing or crying.

Emcee Charlie Mechum offered comfort, class and humor and gentle ground rules. Lorenzo Reyes of the USA Today explained his this account:

The service spanned two hours and 19 minutes, and allowed guest speakers to share their memories and describe how Palmer impacted their lives and the game of golf.

“I’d like to suggest that the tone and the mood for this service is best exemplified by the image of him striding up the fairway with that iconic smile, hitching up his pants, and giving it a thumbs up,” former LPGA commissioner and close Palmer friend Charlie Mechem said. “That’s what I want you to think about all day today.”

While every speaker brought something special to the proceedings, though Jack Nicklaus, grandson Sam Saunders, Jim Nantz and aviation pal Russ Meyers stood out for capturing the best things about Arnold Palmer, while Vince Gil's memories and rendition of Carole King's You've Got A Friend had attendees like Tom Watson singing along.

Doug Ferguson notes for AP in a short story on the service,

The service at Saint Vincent College in Palmer’s hometown was filled with just as much laughter and warmth from stories of the most significant player in the modern game. The basilica at the college was packed with golf’s biggest names from around the world.

Jaime Diaz was present and wrapped up the service in this story.

The scene before his memorial service at the bucolic campus, only two miles from where Palmer learned to play golf at Latrobe C.C., also contained contrasts. The nearly 1,000 who would enter the lovely basilica were somber as they shuffled in, but also carried a palpable energy. It was the power of memory.

Fulfilling the simplest metric for a life well-lived, Palmer, who died on Sept. 25 at age 87, filled up a church. Actually, another 5,000 watched the service via closed circuit at other locations on the campus, making Palmer’s gathering even larger than the 3,000 that attended Payne Stewart’s service at the First Baptist Church of Orlando in 1999. But it was all the stories and moments and images contained in the collective remembrances of Palmer that had trouble fitting under the basilica’s ornately-arched 50-foot ceilings.

Bill Brink of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette live-blogged the service and captured many of the great lines delivered.

Sam Saunders’ touching tribute and final phone call just an hour before his grandfather passed:

Jim Nantz, who knew Palmer well, understandably struggled with his emotions in ways we've never seen, but battled through to tell some epic stories in grand fashion. All 17 minutes of his eulogy:

And here is Jack Nicklaus, who apologized for reading from a script, but as you'll see he did so for practical reasons.


Jesper: Tiger's Comeback "Might Be Spectacular"

Sam Weinman reports that the November Golf Digest My Shot will feature Jesper Parnevik, who tells Guy Yocom that he's been seeing Tiger at Medalist and all systems are go.

The key quote:

"I see Tiger at the Medalist. We talk and have played nine holes together," Parnevik tells Golf Digest senior writer Guy Yocom. "By the way, he's been hitting a lot of balls, and he's hitting it great. He's pounding it a mile and flushing everything. On the range, at least, his trajectory and ball flight are like the Tiger we knew 15 years ago. Comebacks are never a sure thing, but something tells me his might be spectacular."

This is great news on many levels, as Parnevik's relationship with Tiger was strained after Woods' divorce from Elin Nordegren and that someone has actually played a round with him!


Random Lessons From The 2016 Ryder Cup

--Match play is more interesting than stroke play. Particulary when we have so few matches and can focus on the dynamics of a match. Couple that with a team component and the Ryder Cup continues to be golf's most engaging, thrilling and fascinating event. Which is why most folks running the game wants to give us more stroke play.

--This was another reminder that team match play must be contested in Tokyo 2020. As nice as the Olympic golf turned out, Rio's individual stroke play's dramatic ending paled in comparison to the Ryder Cup.

--Experience does not necessarily matter. Darren Clarke's two experience picks were 1-6. Thomas Pieters, selected only because he forced the Captain's hand, was 4-1. Rookies on a squad that won 11 points were 7-9-1. American rookies Ryan Moore and Brooks Koepka earned five points for USA.

--The PGA of America badly oversold the event, just as it did at Medinah. Throw in no cut-off for alcohol sales, leading to angry fans who couldn't see the already limited action. This led to terrible treatment of our guests and an embarrassing international narrative that required a (way too late) admonishment which helped matters Sunday.

--No one should Tweet after 11 p.m. and a few consoling beverages. Especially when you've had a week like he had.

--Course setup is not easy. But 18 center-cut holes? Strange.

--Hazeltine's membership sacrificed their club and hosted to perfection. Every member encountered could not have been nicer or more welcoming. The members hit shots off of mats in August and closed the course on Labor Day so that Chris Tritabaugh could present conditions so good, no match would ever be impacted by faulty turf.


Handicapping The Next Ryder Cup Captain's Race

Sadly for admirers of petty politicking and backstabbing the races look to have 1/5 favorites. Bust we mustn't give up hope.

According to Golfweek's Alistair Tait, the oddsmakers will install Thomas Bjorn as the overwhelming favorite.

A separate committee consisting of the three immediate past captains, a player from the tournament committee and the European Tour chief executive now decides who leads Europe’s Ryder Cup charge. That committee will lean heavily toward Bjorn.

Clarke, Paul McGinley and Jose Maria Olazabal are the committee’s three immediate past captains. Bjorn, 45, served as a vice captain under all three. He’s also played on three winning teams (1997, 2002 and 2014), compiling a 3-4-2 record.

I'll pause for a moment to let the goosebumps subside.

As we know, the Europeans have had their share of captaincy drama and sought to stabilize the system. But a resounding 17-11 loss might just handicap Bjorn.

Andrew Coltart makes a case for Ian Poulter, who will be 42 in 2018, to bring his unique blend of Ryder Cup passion and success to the proceedings. Poulter became a 2016 driver vice captain after a season-ending injury and successfully got through the week at Hazeltine without running over a spectator. 

Poulter is 80-1, perhaps because Derek Lawrenson quotes him in a Daily Mail wrap of the Cup's performers as saying he's eager to get back to his playing career. The rest:

On the U.S. side, Kevin Van Valkenburg at considers how Jim Furyk struck all of the right notes and it became clear that the next U.S.A. captain in Paris 2018 was at Hazeltine. Task force honcho Phil Mickelson was already plotting strategy for the captain, according to Love.

In the post-match celebration, Love said while the win obviously meant a great deal to him, one of the things he was most proud of this year was developing (with Woods and Mickelson and other titans of American golf) an approach the U.S. can use going forward, for years to come.

"We started this process well over a year and a half ago," Love said. "And we're sitting there on the 18th green watching the last few matches come in, and Phil is already explaining what's going to happen in Paris."

Only the task force knows who will get to spend a lot of time in Paris, but in ESPN's four-ball, Bob Harig mentions this.

Harig: If you go by how the task force laid out the plan for the future, it will be Furyk. He was a Presidents Cup assistant last year as well as an assistant at the Ryder Cup. You can expect him to be an assistant for Stricker at the Presidents Cup next year. Furyk has played on numerous U.S. teams. It sets him up to get the gig in France.

Task Force, we are living in your world. Just let us know who you annoint the next captain.

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