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  • Lines of Charm: Brilliant And Irreverent Quotes, Notes, And Anecdotes from Golf's Golden Age Architects
    Lines of Charm: Brilliant And Irreverent Quotes, Notes, And Anecdotes from Golf's Golden Age Architects
  • The Future of Golf: How Golf Lost Its Way and How to Get It Back
    The Future of Golf: How Golf Lost Its Way and How to Get It Back
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  • Grounds for Golf: The History and Fundamentals of Golf Course Design
    Grounds for Golf: The History and Fundamentals of Golf Course Design
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  • The Art of Golf Design
    The Art of Golf Design
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    Alister MacKenzie's Cypress Point Club
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  • The Golden Age of Golf Design
    The Golden Age of Golf Design
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  • The Good Doctor Returns: A Novel
    The Good Doctor Returns: A Novel
    by Geoff Shackelford
  • Masters of the Links: Essays on the Art of Golf and Course Design
    Masters of the Links: Essays on the Art of Golf and Course Design
  • The Captain: George C. Thomas Jr. and His Golf Architecture
    The Captain: George C. Thomas Jr. and His Golf Architecture
    by Geoff Shackelford
Current Reading
  • The Golf Book: Twenty Years of the Players, Shots, and Moments That Changed the Game
    The Golf Book: Twenty Years of the Players, Shots, and Moments That Changed the Game
    by Chris Millard
  • The Forbidden Game: Golf and the Chinese Dream
    The Forbidden Game: Golf and the Chinese Dream
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  • The Early Days of Pinehurst
    The Early Days of Pinehurst
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    Arnie, Seve, and a Fleck of Golf History: Heroes, Underdogs, Courses, and Championships
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    The Magnificent Masters: Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, Tom Weiskopf, and the 1975 Cliffhanger at Augusta
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  • His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir
    His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir
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  • Golf Architecture in America: Its Strategy and Construction
    Golf Architecture in America: Its Strategy and Construction
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  • The Course Beautiful : A Collection of Original Articles and Photographs on Golf Course Design
    The Course Beautiful : A Collection of Original Articles and Photographs on Golf Course Design
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  • Reminiscences Of The Links
    Reminiscences Of The Links
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    Gleanings from the Wayside
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    Planet Golf USA: The Definitive Reference to Great Golf Courses in America
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  • Planet Golf: The Definitive Reference to Great Golf Courses Outside the United States of America
    Planet Golf: The Definitive Reference to Great Golf Courses Outside the United States of America
    by Darius Oliver
Writing And Videos

Hazards should not be built solely with the idea of penalizing bad play, but with the object of encouraging thoughtful golf and of rewarding the player who possesses the ability to play a variety of strokes with each club. WILLIAM LANGFORD




Bishop The Blogger Is Back: "First Day of the Rest of My Life"

John Strege summarizes former PGA of America president Ted Bishop's first blog post since losing his job over a Tweet and Facebook posting.

And in the ultimate kumbaya moment, Bishop says he's received strong support from former USGA President and anchored-putter rival Glen Nager, who walked away from all future USGA activities after attempting to change how that organization approaches its affairs.

Bishop credits a former adversary, former USGA president Glen Nager, who “helped me turn the corner and start the rest of my life,” he wrote. Nager advised him to “look forward,” “to “appreciate my wonderful family,” and “to enjoy going to work every day at my golf course.”

Nager further told him, “those who are fearful of mistakes don’t take the opportunity to make change. You should be proud of what you accomplished and the lives that you impacted. You have a forum in your writing and I encourage you to stay public and use it for the betterment of everyone who enjoys golf.”

Bishop's full post is here.

Meanwhile one time Bishop backer and PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua’s Twitter account appears to have succumbed to unnatural causes around October 24th, 2014.


The Open Unveils New "Brand Identity" Which Is A Nice Way Of Saying They Finally Dumped That Awful Logo

Sam Weinman gives the new Open Championship logo a thumb's up in reporting on the R&A's unveiling of a new "brand identity" and I'd go a step further and say the move goes form a genuinely hellaciously awful logo to something that, with a simple font change, finally captures the aura of The Open (and that you wouldn't be embarrassed to wear on a cap).

The R&A's release on the new logo. The rationale:

Designed to capture all the defining attributes of The Open and to communicate the Championship's unique heritage to golf fans the world over, the new brand identity was delivered by two London agencies, teamup and Designwerk, who have created brand identities for some of the world's leading sporting properties.

It took two agencies to figure out a better font? Oh well, whatever it takes as long as we aren't paying for it.

Peter Dawson, Chief Executive of The R&A, said, “We know that fans of The Open share a tremendously strong connection with the Championship.  The new branding celebrates the values long associated with The Open, the inspiration provided by great champions, the authentic and unrelenting challenge of links golf and the openness of our unique championship.

“The Open has enjoyed great success for more than 150 years and strengthening its brand will help to ensure its appeal continues to grow over the decades ahead.  We believe the new branding will reflect an enhanced experience for the millions of golf fans who support The Open.”

Strengthening the brand=new and improved font. What a world.

There's some other particularly juicy jargon in the release about brand equity, the brand story, brand expression...oh screw it, you don't believe me do you?

Fred Popp, Chief Executive of teamup, said, “The Open has tremendous brand equity and is one of the world’s most cherished sporting events.  Through its steadfast commitment to identifying the Champion Golfer of the Year, The Open is a celebration of golf in its purest form.

“As The Open’s lead brand agency, our work included the development of the brand story, definition of the brand expression and the resulting logo that delivers on the Championship’s rich history and heritage, fit for audiences in the digital age.  teamup is thrilled to have played a part in helping The Open further strengthen its ambition and unshakable commitment to the sport and fans of golf everywhere.”

Just a babbling brook of...

Anyway, The Open is sporting a new and much improved font. We're in!

The old one, lest you forget...

If you have three minutes of your life you'd like to never have back, there's also a brand identity launching video.


Four From Golf Land On SI's Top 100 Twitter List

Sports Illustrated's "compiled a list of people and organizations to follow for news, information and entertainment from the sports world."

Four from golf made the Twitter 100: Christina Kim, Ashley Mayo, Rory McIlroy and Bubba Watson.

You can see the full list here.


Guinness Record Set With Nearly 21-Foot-Long Driver Shaft

Kudos to Michael Furrh for having the spare time to put together a 20' 6" shaft to drive a ball all of 63 yards at a ball speed of 79 m.p.h., but it was good enough for Guinness to set a new World Record. The shot, hit at Rolling Hills Golf Club, sets the new benchmark for longest shot struck with the "world's longest usable golf club."

Here is video of the record setting shot (eat your heart out Rocky Thompson!):

Furrh posted the launch monitor readings from the shot on Instagram:


Race To Dubai's Magnitude Measured In Sergio's Scheduling

The meaninglessness of golf's various "playoff" chases could not have been better summed up by Sergio Garcia's decision to play the PGA Tour event in Malaysia last week instead of the European Tour's Race To Dubai's opening BMW-sponsored event in Shanghai.

The sub-headline of Derek Lawrenson's Daily Mail item called it a "rare duff shot by Garcia," which in itself should provide warm chuckles all around. Sergio is a walking daily duff shot.

Lawrenson writes:

Garcia has a golden chance to close the gap on Rory McIlroy, the man leading the Race to Dubai, who has been detained in Ireland by his lawyers.

So what does Garcia do? The Spaniard decides to play in the PGA Tour event in Malaysia instead.
Yes, I’m sure the appearance money was good. But did he not stop for a minute to think what sort of message this sends out?

How are the rest of us supposed to get interested in the Final Series concept if the No 2 can’t be bothered to show up?

Like the rest of us when the FedExCup rolls around? With apathy for cup chases saddled by dull formats?


DVR Alert: World Long Drive Championship's Live Final Is Back! 

One of my favorite events to attend and witness in 2013: the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. And while the venue has moved to a more forgiving landing area at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, the same intrigue returns: golf's best athletes in a live, winner-take-all final.

For all we hear about today's better athletes being the reason PGA Tour driving distances are up, these are the real athletes of golf whose strength, flexibility and timing have actual meaning. Watching them on a live, match-play stage should be great fun to watch starting at 10 pm ET on Golf Channel.

The finalists according to Golf Channel's release:

The longest eight golfers on Earth competing will be:

    •    Daniel Beckman, 30, Fresno, California
    •    Jeff Crittenden, 43, Greensboro, North Carolina
    •    Jeff Flagg, 29, Pelham, Alabama
    •    Matt Hanger, 30, Anaheim, California
    •    Joe Miller, 29, London, England
    •    Connor Powers, 30, Naperville, Illinois
    •    Jamie Sadlowski , 26, St. Paul, Alberta, Canada
    •    Adam Smith, 24, Tomball, Texas

Miller won the world title in 2010 and was undefeated in 2014 on the Long Drivers European Tour, where he has captured 12 titles. He finished as the runner-up at the 2013 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship to Tim Burke, who hit a world-record drive of 427 yards to win the title. Burke failed to qualify for a return trip to Las Vegas. Sadlowski, who famously broke two simulators during appearances on Golf Channel, is a two-time world champion and is making his eighth-straight appearance in the final – the longest active streak.

The head-to-head format will provide some dramatic pairings from the beginning of the show, including former World Champions Joe Miller and Jamie Sadlowski going up against each other in what could be one of the most exciting matches of the night. Players are allowed six shots in each match, played three at a time. The highest-seeded player gets to choose to hit first or second.

Match 1: Matt Hanger vs. Jeff Crittenden
Match 2: Joe Miller vs. Jamie Sadlowski
Match 3: Jeff Flagg vs. Daniel Beckman
Match 4: Adam Smith vs. Connor Powers

In October 2012, Long Drivers of America announced a new, three-year broadcast partnership with Golf Channel, which moved the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship to air live on the network after 17 years on ESPN. This annual world championship of long driving has taken place each year since 1975 and attracts competitors from all over the world. Participation in competitions has nearly tripled and prize money has increased five-fold.

A short preview:


Couples Says Captain Watson “Didn’t Cradle His Boys Enough”

Golf World's Tim Rosaforte reports too many fun Fred Couples quotes to copy and paste here, but the obvious standout is the assertion that Tom Watson just was more fighter than lover as a leader, and that didn't work.

Couples also suggests he's heard from most or all of the team and they want him as Captain in 2016, but as Couples notes, “You know, I’m not a PGA of America guy.”


Another Week Talking About PGA Tour's No Comment Policy?

The PGA Tour's policy of not commenting on fines, suspensions or drug policy matters may be scrutinized this week due to a combination of strange circumstances.

There is the story of Xin-Jun Zhang, the PGA Tour China leading money winner in position for one of five Tour cards thanks to the PGA Tour's new relationship with the China Golf Association. Zhang was eligible for this week's WGC-HSBC Champions until the China Golf Association suspended him for at least two incidents of scorecard errors, though that may have been just the tip of the iceberg. The PGA Tour declined to comment on Zhang's case.

And then there is Dustin Johnson, defending champion at the WGC-HSBC who will not be present as he searches for deep hidden meaning in Jack Nicklaus's work at Sherwood Country Club ( editor Eamon Lynch Tweeted that Johnson twice shot 61 there last week). Johnson is in the midst of a leave of absence from the game (since July) with no return date specified.'s Will Gray noted the awkwardness likely in Shanghai.

When Johnson announced his leave of absence, which was followed by a report of a drug suspension that both he and the Tour subsequently denied, this week’s lack of a title defense was forecast as an understandably high point of awkwardness.

Johnson’s return to action remains unknown, though there appears to be a chance that fiancée Paulina Gretzky will give birth to their first child before he tees it up again in competition. At least there’s one silver lining for him during his sabbatical: thanks to the quirks of the OWGR, Johnson has moved up from 17th to 15th while his clubs have been collecting dust.

Johnson's name has also been in the news as acquired the lawsuit filed by Johnson against an attorney who was on the board of Johnson's foundation.

The civil suit alleges that Hardwick used $1 million of the supposedly ill-gotten gains to pay providers of private jet services, used approximately $645,000 to cover losses in failed property investments and sent approximately $4 million to various casinos via wire transfers.

Hardwick also allegedly misappropriated funds from the firm and LandCastle to “fund a portion of his $3 million purchase of a luxury condominium unit in The Residences at The St. Regis Atlanta in February 2013.”

Johnson’s lawsuit alleges that before the allegations were made public, Hardwick approached Johnson about a “really good investment.” Hardwick allegedly advised Johnson that if he loaned the firm $3 million, the firm would pay him back $4 million in equal monthly installments over a 30-month term, beginning on Sept. 6 and secured by a promissory note.

Stephanie Wei links to the full text of the civil suit and notes a few other lowlights.

But back to the original premise: the no comment policy.

A thin case could be made for not commenting on the substance abuse or drug policy violations of the PGA Tour before golf became an Olympic sport. But in the case of Zhang, the incidents involve on course behavior related to the playing of events. Some are already coming forward on Twitter suggesting other incidents and with a Tour card on the line, it's not unreasonable to wonder if affected players will want scores, finishes and money earned reconsidered.

This all should be an interesting week in Shanghai if any journalists were able to get there to ask questions. If so, it's probably not what sponsor HSBC wants to be the event's focus, but by hiding why these players are not present, focus shifts to them instead to those who have shown up to play. Yet another reason the policy stinks.


Dottie Endorses Suzy's Opponent In PGA Secretary Race

After the entire Ted Bishop episode related to his presidency, actual attention has turned to the PGA officers race, headed for a vote at the PGA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis later this month. Candidates are vying for positions to have the opportunity of being the next possible officer ousted under ridiculous circumstances.

So it was with minor interest that I noted PGA of America Board of Director Dottie Pepper's endorsement of Russ Libby for Secretary over presumed favorite Suzy Whaley, who has practically been annoited the presidency down the road.

Dottie's Twitter endorsement:



What I didn't realize in all of this was the seriousness of the campaign. Candidates have websites and videos of debates (with fancy podiums!) featuring canned answers! Who knew?

Russ Libby's website is here and Suzy Whaley's site is here. The latter features videos from debates around the country like this one in L.A.


Leading PGA Tour China Money Winner Xin-Jun Zhang Given Six Months For Signing Incorrect Scorecards

Thanks to reader Michael for spotting the story, which, very loosely translated using crude online methods, says that 2014 PGA Tour China leading money winner Xin-Jun Zhang has been suspended six months by the China Golf Association for signing incorrect scorecards. (The top five order-of-merit leaders from the newly formed PGA Tour China earn Tour cards as part of the China Golf/PGA Tour partnership announced a year ago this weekend by Tim Finchem. The tour has four more events on the 2014 schedule.)

"Translated" from the story Reader CW shares an English version:

Zhang was disqualified for signing for the wrong score when carding at the Lanhai Open in Shanghai in June before getting his second ­penalty for a similar incident at the Cadillac Championship in Beijing in September.

The ban, from September 15 to March 14, rules Zhang out of several year-end championships such as the WGC-HSBC Champions and PGA Tour China's Tour Championship.

But a win and three runner-up finishes in the Tour have earned him the top spot in the Order of Merit with 650,600 yuan ($106,048), about 140,000 yuan clear of second-placed David McKenzie of Australia.

Zhang was eligible for the BMW Masters but is not entered.

Maybe someone can help us based on this notice from the China Golf Association:

The PGA Tour, contacted by this website, declined to comment on Zhang, whose bio can be seen here.

While the PGA Tour historically does not comment on player fines, suspensions or drug policy violations, Zhang's suspension by the PGA Tour's partner in China raises the bar on the no-commenting policy after the publication of the CGA's letter. I doubt the irony needs to be pointed out, but in this case, China's golf association is more transparent than America's PGA Tour.


Justin Timberlake Sells His Memphis-Area Golf Course

The Commercial Appeal's Zack McMillin reports that the singer-actor-entrepreneur has sold Mirimichi Golf Course, the environmentally-friendly layout JT purchased in 2009 and renovated at a cost of $16 million.

The new buyer is Memphis businessman Fred Edmaiston, who takes over immediately.

At the time of the announced purchase and renovation, Timberlake said “I think this is probably the coolest thing I've ever been a part of in my life.”


State Of The Game Podcast 48: Catching Up

It's been a busy few weeks in golf since the Ryder Cup and in the interest of kindness to our quality guest in Dan Washburn who talked about the wild and wacky world of China golf, we have followed up with an episode touching on a big of everything: Ted Bishop, the Ryder Cup, Tom Watson, Royal Melbourne, The Asia Pacific Amateur, Billy Payne, today's amazing athletes who use their fitness to hit the ball longer than their peers did and a few other topics.

MP3 listeners/downloaders can go here, iTunes listeners here and you can always listen below:


Video: Lee Westwood's Hybrid Ace At The CIMB

I'm pleased to say I watched this one live...that's right, I had the CIMB Classic on...

On the 11th hole, and a proper reaction from Westwood:


PGA President Letter To Members Insists Ted Had To Go

Incoming PGA of America President Derek Sprague has written to a membership that may be questioning the punishment given to outgoing President Ted Bishop. It took seven paragraphs to get to the point of the letter...

Some of you have asked if the decision to prevent Ted's ongoing Board service is too severe. The Honorary President and Past President roles carry governing authority and voting power in our Association. Given Ted's unfortunate lack of judgment on a matter as important as diversity and inclusion, the Board felt strongly that he should not have voting powers that could shape the future of the PGA of America.

Troubling is the suggestion that his judgement was poor and can't be trusted going forward, yet the PGA of America will move forward with multiple initiatives started under Ted's tenure. Under the premise that the leader was flawed, then they should reconsider the merits of partnerships with Donald Trump, Ryder Cup task force Task Force), all venues selected during Bishop's tenure, all grow-the-game initiatives started, especally the Drive, Chip and Putt partnership and of course, the new buddy relationship with the PGA Tour

Will this happen? Of course not.

The full letter:


Video: Hole Two Putts At Once

T.J. Auclair was searching for some fun putt videos and got this from Australian Matt Field who practices putting with two balls to ensure a square face at impact.

And sometimes Field makes perfect contact.

"Brookwater has a heavily sloped practice green so I thought 'why not?' The putt was about six feet, but I hit it about 20 feet past, up the hill and back in the hole. It took me about 10 attempts."
And when the two balls finally dropped into the cup?

"The people on the club balcony thought I was a bit weird when I high-fived myself!" Field said.

The video:


Gary Player: Give Me 1 Hour Tiger, I'll Give You The Majors!

Hat tip to Will Gray for spotting and transcribing key lines from Gary Player’s interview with Yahoo’s Graham Bensinger.

The all-time great talks about Tiger's instructors having not been the problem in recent years (Hank Haney and those other guys) and how Player could bottle up about 40-50 years of experience and get Tiger over the top as the greatest player ever (based on majors...which Player thinks he would have by now if not for too many swing changes).

The standout quote though:

"I would love to sit down with him for one hour and give him a piece of my knowledge," Player said. "Then I think he could win majors."


Couples In Air Quotes: "Task Force" Not Needed

Zach Buchanan reports from Desert Mountain and the Charles Schwab Cup Championship on Fred Couples' thoughts about the plight of Team USA Ryder Cup golf and the PGA of America's task force Task Force "Task Force".

You'll be shocked...shocked! learn that he thinks the analysis is getting carried away.

"I don't think anyone should panic. I don't think we need a 'task force,'" Couples said, employing air quotes. "I don't think we need the PGA of America straining about this. What I really think they need is to get players that have been on a lot of these teams to get a feel for what kind of captain they need."

Buchanan also quotes former captains Lehman and Montogomerie talking about the state of the Ryder Cups.


Book Excerpt: How The Pro V1 Revolutionized Golf

I think I just checked off Chairman Payne on my Christmas shopping list!

Even though the Augusta National chairman suggests improved conditioning is the best explanation for today's pros hitting it longer on average than they did a little over a decade or so ago, Mark McClusky's new book excerpt posted at suggests otherwise. He looks at the Titleist ProV1's impact on golf and namely, the six yard increase in 2001 driving distance.

From Faster, Higher, Strong: How Sports Science Is Creating A New Generation of Super-Athletes And What We Can Learn From Them, you forget how quickly players made the switch:

The first week the new Pro V1 model ball was available for tournament play, in October 2000, forty-seven players switched from their previous ball. That sort of wholesale equipment change was unprecedented in the history of golf. How fast was the transition across the sport? At the 2000 Masters, fifty-nine of the ninety- five players used a wound golf ball. One year later, only four players used one. By the end of 2001, not a single tournament champion on any of the world’s major professional tours had won using a wound ball; the rout was so comprehensive that Titleist stopped making them at all.

Video: HSBC's "It's Anyone's Game"

Generally I don't feel the need to highlight commercials unless an agency inexplicably cuts one painful, grating and dated looking spot and then runs it so that every golf fan on the planet has seen it 400 times and has heard the haunting lyrics in their worst nightmares.

But on the positive side, HSBC has rolled out a new ad suggesting golf is anyone's game and the world's game. Let's suspend your views on whether this is true or not and just admire the craftsmanship of the spot. The ad:


"My members didn't even know there was a PGA president until Ted Bishop came along because the others always toed the company line."

Newsday's Mark Herrmann took the temperature of Long Island golf pros and they echoed the views of the PGA of America members I've heard from: PGA of America outgoing president's Ted Bishop's "removal" was not only excessive, but cause to question the organization's leadership.

Herrmann writes:

Said Bobby Heins of Old Oaks in Westchester and one of the section's most experienced head pros: "This seemed like everybody got in a room and there was no outside voice saying, 'Slow down.' My members didn't even know there was a PGA president until Ted Bishop came along because the others always toed the company line."

Over at's The Loop, I noted the peculiar double standard in Bishop's ouster considering that Ian Poulter referred to a "girlie shaft" in a March Tweet, among is many Twitter mishaps. The inconsistency of responses could have something to do with Bishop's position as a volunteer leader of the PGA (4,371 Twitter followers) vs. Poulter, a mere professional golfer that children and Ferrari addicts around the globe look up to (1.77 million Twitter followers).  Some might conclude from this that Bishop's removal was anything but a victory for rooting out sexism in golf and a mere power play that is hard to view as a "watershed" moment for women's rights.

Golf Digest's Stina Sternberg had the weekend to contemplate the Bishop ouster and the former Golf For Women editor put the Bishop crime into perspective as far as real issues for women in golf:

I'm offended that I can't play in most of my own club's tournaments because the women's events take place on Thursdays while the men's events are played on the weekends, as if women don't work just as hard as men do during the week. I'm outraged that the women's locker rooms at most clubs are a fraction of the size of the men's locker rooms and rarely come close to having the same amenities. I resent that my girlfriends and I are never allowed to play through a group of slower-playing men, or tee off before a group of guys, simply because of our gender.

Meanwhile Suzy Whaley, a candidate for PGA secretary on this year's ballot who might have been sensing the internal backlash toward the PGA of America board's vote, is backing off of her initial suggestion that Bishop's comments on Twitter and Facebook "were definitely sexist.”

Jim McCabe reports:

Three days later, Whaley was not backing down from her support of the board’s decision to impeach Bishop. But given the roller-coaster weekend, she wanted to make it clear that she respected so much about Bishop. “I worked with him for three years; he has two daughters; he has a great family; he’s worked hard to make golf ‘inclusive,’ “ Whaley said Monday. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Ted is not sexist.”

“I think (women in the PGA) are trying to balance and understand,” she said. “They know Ted as a PGA member and what he has done, how he’s brought initiatives to make golf inclusive. They know him as a person, and they know he’s not sexist.”

But he must be vanquished from the PGA planet for supposedly sexist comments? It's a wild and wacky world we live in.

Meanwhile Bishop wrote a long apology letter to the PGA section leaders and also to remind them of the last two years in progress for the organization. obtained the letter where after many apologies, Bishop issued a warning to his fellow members:

On Friday when I asked the PGA officers why I was being removed I was told it was because of three factors. There was a negative media reaction, potential sponsorship ramifications and many negative remarks from PGA members.

When the PGA sent out message points on Monday regarding my impeachment, it said I was removed because my comments made on social media violated the PGA of America Code of Ethics. This is powerful and for someone who served six years on the PGA Board of Control it clearly sets an eye-opening precedent. I want to emphasize to all of you the severe importance in the use of your social media platforms. Do not be cavalier with your words and succumb to a Code of Ethics violation.

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