Bubba Targets 15 Wins And The Hall Of Fame, But Uh...

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 8.08.15 PM.png

…it’s a popularity contest now.

And while I know Bubba doesn’t read golf media coverage that would have told him a player’s likability to Hall committees is a prime piece of the puzzle, he might want to reconsider his desire to get to 15 wins in hopes of making his career HOF worthy.

Bubba, from Doug Ferguson’s AP golf notes column:

''Am I Hall of Fame worthy? I'm going to be dead honest with you - it would be the most joyous occasion in my life when it came to the game of golf,'' Watson said. ''I can't tell you if that's in or not. But my new goal is three more, see if I can get to 15.''

Given that he could not get picked for a 2016 Ryder Cup team he would have made on points had there been no Captain’s picks, Bubba may not pass the Hall’s new popularity criteria.

Either way, I’m just happy one of the few players who can shape the ball both ways is going to keep playing and reminding us what we are missing on a more consistent basis.

Titleist Distance Questionairre: Who Knew Filling Out A Survey Could Be So Fun(ny)?

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It appears our favorite ballmakers in Fairhaven are gearing up for a fight as the PGA Tour driving distances have jumped more in the last two years than in the previous dozen or so.

With the governing bodies surveying golfers on distance, the folks at Titleist are fearful of losing market share are asking their beloved fans, customers and others to fill out at wonderfully misleading survey on distance.

For starters, they suggest the governing bodies of golf have suggested a distance rollback percentage of 15-25%. They have not. This comically dishonest chart is inecessary to see just what lengths they’ll go to in order to scare golfers filling in answers to questions:

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 7.56.51 PM.png

Despite the sheer fictional nature of the chart, the apparently embarrassment of making stuff up did not stop Titleist from posting the hilariously misleading chart atop pages essentially reminding the survey-taker of the dastardly deeds looming from the USGA and R&A:

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 7.43.22 PM.png

So besides the sight of the fake rollback numbers, the notion of listing them above questions probably would not pass muster at most legitimate polling organizations. But as we know, this isn’t really about getting honest answers from core golfers.

Rory's Back On The European Tour He Never Left, It Seems...

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The Forecaddie says Keith Pelley got on European Tour 1—or British Airways—and pitched Rory McIlroy on making sure to play four non-major/non-WGC events to retain his membership. With it, presuming Rory follows through, is the right to some day Captain a Ryder Cup team. Had he let his membership expire, no cart in Rory’s future and even more unnecessary drama than he’d already created.

It’s almost cinematic imaging Pelley—in somber black frames—pleading with Rory in his childhood home to find two events he hasn’t committed to!

Tiger On His 2018 And The Game Changing Dramatically

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 7.43.12 PM.png

Evan Priest scores a year-end Golf.com exclusive with Tiger and this answer got me wondering if any other all-time great player experienced more dramatic equipment advances during the course of his or her career? I don’t think so.

Well, it depends. In that era, 280 was a long drive. Now it’s, “Hey, can you carry it 320 in the air?” The game has evolved and, I was telling some [people in Melbourne], when I came down here to play the Presidents Cup in 1998, some of the guys were transitioning out of persimmon. The game has changed dramatically since then.

Video: Players Starting To Ponder The Impact Of Golf's New Rules

Interesting to see we are finally getting some reactions to the upcoming new Rules of Golf as they near a January 1 debut.

Not shockingly, a few (Steve Stricker) are wondering about players getting to massage their lines and what that’ll do to speed of play (the play it as it lies debates will come eventually).

From Golf Central:

The Forth Worth Light And Shopper Is Alive And Well, Files

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 7.22.26 PM.png

Fans of Dan Jenkins beloved Fort Worth Light And Shopper days will love this one right out of Jim Tom Pinch’s most forgettable copy desk horror stories.

From Michael Bamberger’s enjoyable weekly roundup of seven things in golf this week, go to #4.

The photo below, taken in connection to George Bush’s funeral last week, appeared in the Fort Stockton (Texas) Pioneer with this caption: “Left to right: Paul Marschand, Ben Crenshaw, Tim Finchem, Freddie Couples, Blaine McCallister, Brad Faxon, Jim Nantz, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Albert Pujols, Chris Everett, Mike Kryzyzewski, Hale Irwin, Peyton Manning, Tony Larussa, Next guy is PGA Pro from Mass. Where the President was a member and Pam Shriver.”

As they say in tennis when the ball goes rolling one court over, “Little help, please.”

Thankfully, Bamberger does the copy desk work for them.

ESPN's Most Dominant: Brooks Koepka Still Feeling Snubbed And He Certainly Has A Point

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There have been some odd media-related slights of 2018’s two-time major winner and Floridian Cup champ, Brooks Koepka, including at the U.S. Open, PGA Championship and Tour Championship.

The winner of two majors and three of the last seven has rightfully been a bit peeved. The latest snub came with publication of ESPN The Magazine’s list of Most Dominant Athletes of 2018 not including Koepka, he simply posted the list on Twitter:

With Ariya Jutanagarn winning one major to Koepka’s two, he’s understandably annoyed at the lack of respect given to his year.

Underrated in his season is how late he started due to a wrist injury. While “dominant” isn’t the first word that comes to mind, his play given the inactivity the first four months of the year suggests it could have been even better.

Best Trick Shots Of 2018 And One Fun Entry After The Deadline!

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 9.23.29 PM.png

On Monday’s Morning Drive, we covered just five of my favorites after a painful vetting that left some amazing creativity on the cutting room floor. So we whittled the best down with a theme of harder-than-it-looks! Or in the case of winner Joshua Kelley’s, crazier than it looks.

Well done all you tricksters!

And a fun late entry after Academy chimed in!

CCR Votes Down USGA Event...

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Country Club of Rochester, longtime supporter of women’s golf, put an invitation to host the 2020 U.S. Senior Women’s Open before its membership

Sal Maiorana of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that the vote was close. Nonetheless it has to be a blow for hopes of landing future U.S. Senior Women’s Open venues where a vote is involved.

One member who voted to bring the tournament to CCR, wrote in an email to the Democrat and Chronicle, “a minority of small-minded, selfish and elitist members have ensured this opportunity to have a women’s tournament in 2020 (wouldn't happen). It is a loss for our club and the City of Rochester.”

Club president Jeff Mapstone penned a letter to the membership on Thursday, and in it, he said, “We understand that there are mixed emotions throughout the club. We do respect that there are many differences of opinion among our 540 members.”

Not clear is just how much hosting would cost the club financially. Amateur events generally can run up to $1 million in expense to the host.

Preview: Exonerated Valentino Dixon Sees His First Golf Course After 27 Years In Prison

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Golf Channel Films is debuting a swiftly but beautifully compiled documentary on the release of Valentino Dixon after 27 years in prison. Dixon, a non-golfer who’d never seen a course, painted famous and imaginary golf holes while passing the time until a group of Georgetown undergrads, Golf Digest’s Max Adler and Golf Channel’s team (including Jimmy Roberts) exposed his story.

The film includes Dixon’s first-ever visit to Pebble Beach, a frequent subject of paintings.

The summary for the film’s Tuesday, December 11 debut at 8 pm ET:

For 27 years, Valentino Dixon had been serving a 33 1/3 years to life sentence in prison for a murder he claims he did not commit. This past September, Dixon was released from prison following a series of events that began with a sketch depicting one of golf’s most iconic holes. Golf Channel’s latest Golf Films project, 27 Years: The Exoneration of Valentino Dixon unravels how Dixon’s drawing ultimately led to newly-discovered evidence pointing toward his innocence, and follows Dixon as he visits picturesque Pebble Beach, the first golf course he’d ever seen in person.

Here is Adler’s recent story on Dixon’s release and the original Digest story.

The preview:

Banner Time For Fairway Mowers, Strengthened Cores! PGA Tour Distance Average Up 6.1 Yards Over Two Years

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 3.04.41 PM.png

GolfDigest.com’s Mike Johnson reports on the rather astounding jump in 2018’s PGA Tour Driving Distance average (4 yards) on top of 2017’s healthy jump (2.1) yards.

The governing bodies have relentlessly pointed to a flatlining since the old Statement of Principles days, but maybe the nation’s superintendents and physios worked behind the scenes to push distances forward the last two years. (Sarcasm emoji goes here.)

As you may recall the distance number was at an amazing 294.7 through June’s Travelers Championship, meaning the average spiked nicely in just the final two months or so of the season when things warmed up and the nation’s maintenance mechanics conspired to sharpen mower blades. Because, you know the game is played on the ground so much these days!

And as noted here on the eve of the Tour Championship, things were looking rather historic as far as increases go which Johnson affirms.

He reports last year’s 2.1 yard increase prompted the Distance Insights study and he included this curious description of the survey.

Though some who have participated feel the questions have been biased toward a negative impression of distance, there’s no denying at the elite level that the game’s best have gotten longer. Fourteen players averaged 310 yards or more this past PGA Tour season and 60 topped 300 yards compared to 7 and 40, respectively, the year before.

I haven’t heard of any negative bias from those who participated in the survey. Maybe there needed to be a few warm-up questions where people get to share their most intimate, fondest recollections of gaining distance off the tee? Or of the manufacturers? Or of their Trackman relationships?

Lake Merced Making Modifications For Steph Curry's PGA Tour Event

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 8.20.04 PM.png

Ron Kroichick reports that it’ll be a busy year at Lake Merced Golf Club, hosting by the LPGA and the debut event of Steph Curry’s PGA Tour stop in September.

Either before the LPGA or in between, Rees Jones will work more of his magic in taking what once looked like a pretty stellar design and injecting his unique gift for extreme blandness to get the range and course to PGA Tour modern-athlete standards. Still, as Lake Merced displayed last year, it should make for a player-friendly stop.

Too bad there was no mention of putting back some of the lost MacKenzie…


Dr. Alister MacKenzie "Shall Not Grow Old"


Maybe you’ve heard: acclaimed director Peter Jackson and his team of digital wizards have created a stunning new form of digitization that takes old films and brings them to life in ways we’ve never imagined: colorization, optimization and incredible sound.

Well, golf architecture aficionado Martin Bonnar watched the film during its recent BBC premiere and spotted someone who looks very much like Dr. Alister MacKenzie. Given that the doctor wrote of his many encounters with battle matters as a military physician and the timing fitting with what we know if his life’s work, there is a very high likelihood that the architect of Cypress Point and Augusta National makes a cameo in this groundbreaking film.

Here’s our discussion on Morning Drive today, with some keen technical analysis from Charlie Rymer.

The documentary trailer is below. The film is only in U.S. theaters two days: December 17 and 27th before presumably another form of release.

Go see Dr. MacKenzie and many other brave soldiers who shall not grow old!

Amazing: LPGA Purses Top $70 Million in 2019 With 33 Starts And New Formats, Too

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 9.01.56 PM.png

It wasn’t that long ago the Brand Lady was steering the LPGA Tour into the ground with her marketing obsession over substance.

With that in mind, congratulations to Commissioner Mike Whan, his team and the players for another incredible milestone announced today: $70 million in 2019 LPGA Tour purses.

As Beth Ann Nichols writes for Golfweek, the tour is also introducing some exciting new formats, including a team event and a co-sanction of the groundbreaking Victoria Open in Australia. That’s the event where men and women play separate events at the same time for the same purse.

From Nichols’ report, after reporting on the tour’s new tournament of champions even in Orlando:

Also new to the LPGA, the groundbreaking Vic Open on Feb. 7-10, the only professional event in the world where men and women compete concurrently on the same course for equal prize money.

The year’s Vic Open, held at 13th Beach Golf Links in Barwon Heads, Australia, will be sanctioned by the European Tour and ISPS Handa PGA Tour of Australasia (men’s) and the LPGA and ALPG (women’s).

And finally, this summer’s Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational will be the first official team event in tour history. With a pair of sister acts winning on the LPGA in 2018, it’s sure to offer plenty of compelling teams and storylines.

Follow Up On PGA Tour College Program: Champions Question As Another Young Player Turns Pro (Prematurely?)

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 9.32.46 PM.png

As the inevitable (and certainly understandable) cries of “that’s what Q-School was for” tumble in, the PGA Tour’s exploratory look into a system that feeds college players to their various tours is being met with expected criticism. As someone who loved Q-School (and wrote many blog posts in favor of saving it), the criticisms are legitimate from the geezers who remember the old system (Brentley Romine reports for GolfChannel.com).

That said, the ship on a proper calendar year schedule has sailed until fall sponsors realize they are badly overpaying for very small audiences.

In the meantime, college players, who make up the majority of polished, long-term PGA Tour players that fans get to know and watch grow old because they arrive on tour a complete player, are turning pro earlier than ever.

Check out Romine’s latest exclusive for GolfChannel.com on Alabama losing senior Davis Riley a semester short of getting a degree and finishing off a storied career for the Crimson Tide. Of all the players I saw at the U.S. Amateur, Riley was the most polished and complete. Maybe he didn’t have the extreme upside of eventual winner Viktor Hovland or runner-up Devon Bling, but his prospects are certainly strong. And yet, the only reason he’s turning pro can only be chalked up to the current schedule and system that has agents convincing him sponsor’s invites await, setting up Davis to maybe make enough money in 7 starts to earn a card.

This is a longshot players are repeatedly convinced to take by agents and families, with very few succeeding. Which is why any system that encourages players to finish out their careers makes more sense than what we have now.

Could The PGA Tour Be Onto Something Brilliant With College-To-Tour Concept?

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 9.12.15 PM.png

Nice work here by Golfweek’s Brentley Romine to reveal some details of a PGA Tour plan to get in the business of connecting college golf with the various tours.

The plan is clearly in the early stages. And the PGA Tour’s acknowledgement quote (below) suggests they are looking for feedback on an ambitious plan to reward season-long college play with spots on various PGA Tours. We don’t know which tours or how many spots. But given the damage the wraparound season has done to men’s golf, along with the recent oddity of top college women playing LPGA Q-School mid-season, it’s refreshing to see a pro tour taking a proactive approach to the silly rush to turn pro.

Anything designed to encourage players to stay in school and develop their games and character should be celebrated. We’ve already seen too many young players fail because of immaturity, with more on the way in a sport that may be getting younger, but not that young!

The potential program, as outlined by Romine, could slow down the rush to turn pro for some and make aspiring players in college stick around longer.

“The PGA Tour has been working to develop a new program that will identify, prepare and transition top collegiate golfers to professional golf,” according to a Tour statement sent to Golfweek. “This program will be designed to reward season-long collegiate play with varying levels of playing access to tours operated under the PGA Tour umbrella, while upholding the principles and virtues of collegiate athletics.”

In other words, the best college golfers would be guaranteed status on one of several tours, ranging from PGA Tour China to the PGA Tour.

One Tour official with direct knowledge of the project called it “unprecedented.”

It certainly would be and if successful, the program could even impact the disastrous current system in the NBA.

We discussed today on Morning Drive.

Golf Represents Well At President George H.W. Bush's Memorial

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 8.56.10 PM.png

It speaks to President George H.W. Bush and late wife Barbara’s charm that such a varied cast of sports greats turned out for his memorial, including some golfers not known for turning up at such events.

Nice photo here from Jack Nicklaus featuring mostly golfers and some other sports world greats who befriended the 41st president.

PGA Of America To Frisco, "To deliver innovative and differentiated experiences for our nearly 29,000 PGA Golf Professionals"

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 7.31.16 PM.png

You know it’s a questionable deal when the jargon is flowing concerning the question PGA of America members are asking: how does a headquarters move to Frisco, Texas make them a better members organization?

As evidenced by the tacky NASCAR rollout of logos (above), this is certainly a real estate deal that will benefit PGA of America members who get jobs at the new facility. Beyond that, there really is no obvious benefit for PGA members.

As for Championships, the unbuilt courses have been given two PGA’s, including the 2027 edition announced for Aronimink (which presumably moves up to the open 2026 date while Quail Hollow is likely to get the 2025 date).

So in just over four years from now, the Senior PGA will open the Frisco facility. Chop, chop!

Here are the tournaments committed to after the Frisco City Council approved this massive real estate cash-in job.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 7.45.14 PM.png

For Immediate Release and let the b-speak begin:

PGA of America relocating headquarters to Frisco as part of innovative public-private partnership

Deal also links Omni Hotels & Resorts, Stillwater Capital, City of Frisco, FISD and Hunt Realty

Frisco, Texas (Dec. 4, 2018) -  The PGA of America is moving its headquarters from Palm Beach County, Florida to Frisco, Texas, the ‘2018 Best Place to Live in America,’* where it will anchor a 600-acre, mixed-use development with an initial investment worth more than half a billion dollars.

Today’s announcement follows votes by the Frisco City Council, its Economic and Community Development Corporations and the Frisco Independent School District (FISD) board of trustees. The PGA of America will initially employ at least 100 people at the Frisco-based headquarters.

Palm Beach staff, Merry Christmas.

Under this agreement, two PGA Championships, two KPMG Women’s PGA Championships and potentially a Ryder Cup will be held in Frisco. 


This groundbreaking agreement is estimated to have an economic impact of more than $2.5 billion over the next 20 years based on a city commissioned tourism feasibility study.** The study considered the economics of golf course activities, including tournaments, plus the additional impact from the new conference center.  

West Palm Beach or Frisco for a conference? Hmmm…

The PGA of America is teaming with Omni Stillwater Woods (OSW), a joint venture led by Omni Hotels & Resorts with Stillwater Capital  and Woods Capital; the City of Frisco, as well as its Economic and Community Development Corporations; and the Frisco Independent School District.                 

“Our move to Frisco will be transcendent for the PGA of America,” said Seth Waugh, CEO, PGA of America.  “Everything great starts with a dream. This is the beginning of a bold, new journey as we bring together world-class partners in a world-class location – to deliver innovative and differentiated experiences for our nearly 29,000 PGA Golf Professionals, golfers of all abilities and our staff.” 

Differentiated experiences. That’s some authentic, frontier malarkey.

Two championship golf courses, a short course, and practice areas totaling 45 holes; a clubhouse; Class AA office space; a 500-room Omni resort and 127,000-square-foot conference center; a technologically advanced retail village; parks and open space plus several miles of trails, will complement this unique, signature development.  

Signature. Now I’m on board. Townhouses probably on the rim too. At least we haven’t been subjected to a grow-the-game mention yet.

The PGA’s Northern Texas Section will also move to PGA Frisco, where state of the art connectivity will provide opportunities to pilot promising new growth-of-the-game programming for all 41 Sections of the PGA of America.  

Ok there you go. Growing the game.

A welcoming gateway at Frisco’s northern border, the upscale development will be located at Rockhill Parkway and Legacy Drive, approximately one-third of a mile south of U.S. 380.  The 600 acres are primarily situated within 2,500 acres being master planned by Hunt Realty Investments.  The development will be open to the public, as well as golfers.

I don’t even know what that means. Go on…

The entire project will have an initial, estimated public-private investment totaling more than $520 million.  The PGA of America will invest $30 million to build its 100,000-square-foot global headquarters and education facility.  OSW will invest $455 million to purchase the land, construct the hotel, conference center, retail space, parking facilities, and golf courses.  The golf courses, clubhouse, practice areas and associated public facilities will be owned by the city.  More than 300 FISD high school golfers will practice at the facility on a weekly basis.  

Finally, something that has some real meaning to the sport!

The agreement calls for the City of Frisco and its development corporations (each funded by a half-cent of Frisco’s sales tax) and FISD to contribute no more than $35 million toward development of the public facilities (City of Frisco, $13.3 million; Frisco Economic Development Corp. (FEDC), $2.5 million; Frisco Community Development Corp. (FCDC), $13.3 million; and FISD, $5.8 million)

The City of Frisco will also provide performance incentives, which include a portion of hotel occupancy, mixed beverage, sales and property taxes generated by the hotel and associated retail on the site for a 20-year-period.  These performance incentives are estimated to total between $52 million and $74 million.  Additionally, the State of Texas will contribute all the hotel and sales tax, along with a portion  of mixed beverage tax collected on the project for 10 years.  The state grant total, provided through Chapter 351 incentives, is valued at more than $62.5 million over 10 years.

FEDC is also investing $14.3 million over a 15-year period for the PGA of America’s headquarters relocation, job creation and PGA tournament incentives.  

The initial 25-year agreement calls for the land and conference center to be publicly owned by the City of Frisco and operated by OSW, which will pay $100,000 a year in rent to the city.  That lease will  increase two percent after the fifth year of the development agreement.  OSW is responsible for all maintenance and capital expenses while retaining revenues.  Omni Hotels & Resorts will own and operate the resort.   

“For years, the PGA of America has served its membership all across the nation where they engage their local communities, and help to raise over $4 billion annually,” said Governor Greg Abbott. 

Sure they do!

“The decision to relocate their headquarters to Texas because of our business-friendly climate is a welcome one.  I thank the PGA of America for the new jobs and investment that they will bring to the City of Frisco, wish them continued success, and welcome them to the Lone Star State, the home of champions.” 

“Today is both historic and transformational for the City of Frisco,” said Mayor Jeff Cheney.  “Not only will this signature development change the future of Frisco’s northern landscape, it will transform the sport, growing a new generation of pros, fans and golf enthusiasts. 

No it won’t.

“As Sports City, USA, we’re thrilled to partner with another world-class brand like the PGA of America.  We’re also honored Omni is, once again, committing such a huge investment in our community, recognizing the potential to grow entertainment, tourism and economic development in one of the fastest-growing cities in America.”  

Translation, they’re building yet another hole down the street from the one they already built.

“Partnering with the PGA of America and City of Frisco to build a brand new, luxurious golf resort in north Texas is an unprecedented move in the strategic growth of our company,” said Blake Rowling, president of TRT Holdings, Inc., parent company of Omni Hotels & Resorts.  “Omni is known for its elevated service and amenities, including golf, and this resort, alongside the headquarters of the PGA of America, promises to be a first-class development that will attract thousands of people per year.” 

“This is a tremendous opportunity for all of North Texas,” said Robert Elliott, co-founder, Stillwater Capital.  “Stillwater Capital is proud to play a part in conceiving and delivering a grand vision for this unique development.”          

“This is yet another example of the public entities in Frisco coming together with private partners to provide unprecedented experiences for young people,” said John Classe, Frisco ISD School Board President.  “The opportunities available to students in Frisco ISD are simply unmatched in Texas and across  the nation.  We’re excited about what this partnership means, not just for our students, but the community.” 

“As co-developers of Fields, Hunt Realty and Karahan Companies, along with our investors, are committed to creating a world-class, mixed-use planned community with the 2,500-acre Fields development, and we are proud to have facilitated the land sale for the new premier Omni Hotel, PGA of America headquarters and championship golf,” said Chris Kleinert, President of Hunt Realty Investments. “We are thrilled to play a part in this transformational project in Frisco, and we welcome the PGA and its employees to Fields.”

The golf courses are expected to open in summer 2022. 

They better!

The hotel, convention center, and other facilities are expected to open within six months of that date. 

Sure they will!

The development will host the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship in 2023.  

*Money Magazine named the City of Frisco the “2018 Best Place to Live in America”.

**Economic impact study for the proposed hotel and convention center. Hotel & Leisure Advisors, October 2017 study. 

And in case the first quotes weren’t enough….


SETH WAUGH, CEO – PGA of America

“We welcome the opportunity to develop friendships and partnerships with the community and its residents, as well as across North Texas and throughout the state.  We are grateful to the City of Frisco, the State of Texas and Omni Stillwater Woods for embracing our vision of creating a transformational headquarters that, together with our world-class partners, helps us advance our mission of serving our Members and growing the game,” said Seth Waugh, CEO, PGA of America.   

RON PATTERSON, president, Frisco Economic Development Corporation

“Having another corporate presence, especially one with such a nationally and internationally recognized brand like the PGA of America, continues to enhance Frisco’s reputation as one of the most sought-after sports and business environments in the United States,” said Ron Patterson, president, Frisco Economic Development Corporation.  “The PGA will bring more jobs, as well as numerous PGA tournaments, to Frisco.  Additionally, the PGA becomes the eighth professional sports organization to be headquartered in the city.”

MIKE BARBER, vice chairman, Frisco Community Development Corporation

“We’re investing in this project because we recognize the value of bringing championship tournaments to Frisco, as well as providing our own residents the opportunity to play at a prestigious venue,” said Mike Barber, vice chairman, Frisco Community Development Corporation.  

CRAIG MOEN, chairman, Frisco Economic Development Corporation 

“This new partnership between Frisco and the PGA of America will bring new national and international sports and business focus to the city,” said Craig Moen, chairman, Frisco Economic Development Corporation.  “As a result, we expect to see additional corporations looking to relocate their national and regional headquarters to consider Frisco.  This is an exciting opportunity as we continue to position Frisco as one of the most dynamic cities for corporate relocation in the nation.” 

PETER STREBEL, president of Omni Hotels & Resorts

“We have been committed to investing in leading business and leisure destinations for a long time, but more specifically over the course of the last five years since acquiring six powerhouse resorts,” said Peter Strebel, president of Omni Hotels & Resorts.  “This new, luxury destination, in partnership with the PGA of America, will complement our already impressive portfolio of resorts and feature world-class golf, spa, retail and food and beverage amenities.” 

ROBERT ELLIOTT, co-founder, Stillwater Capital

“Texans are known for thinking big, and we understood early the potential for a mixed-use project anchored by the relocation of the PGA of America, and their commitment to bring major championships to this world-class golf destination,” said Robert Elliott, co-founder, Stillwater Capital. 

DR. MIKE WALDRIP, superintendent of schools, FISD 

“This partnership adds another level of exciting opportunities and experiences for our students,” said Dr. Mike Waldrip, superintendent of schools, FISD.  “The facility will be home to Frisco ISD golf and provide a number of unique learning opportunities for students in fields such as landscape architecture, hotel and restaurant management, and sports broadcasting.  The development around the golf courses will also add millions of dollars to our tax base, helping to keep the tax rate low.” 

Video: Bubba Spoofed!

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 8.41.32 PM.png

The more eccentric the swing and player, the tougher they are to mimic.

And the more original the move, the greater the task for a satirist to take those bizarre attributes and one-of-a-kind quirks and still inject a funny spin.

Which makes Jack Barlett’s work the most impressive golf swing satire since Peter Jacobsen’s work. Bubba Watson is his latest target:

PGA Tour Sends Web.com Tour Championship Out Of Headquarters' Hometown For Next Decade

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.54.44 PM.png

Say what you want about the PGA Tour’s pursuit of every penny imaginable but deserting their own community for a few more bucks?

Impressive devotion to maximum activation!

Garry Smits with news of the Web.com Tour Championship, played in the Ponte Vedra/Jax Beach area for the last five years at TPC Sawgrass Valley and Atlantic Beach CC getting shipped off to Victoria National over the next decade.

Budding golfers and their families will want to read all of the Smits story, but this was also a nice buried lede to help us prepare for yet another name change potentially coming.

Another factor in the move was the future of Web.com as the tour’s umbrella sponsor. Web.com, a Jacksonville-based firm that specializes in internet services for small businesses, was sold earlier this year for $2 billion to Sirius Capital, an equity firm. The sale closed in October.

The current sponsorship deal with Web.com runs through 2021. The tournament was a good fit in the same area as the headquarters of the umbrella sponsor but there have been no signs as yet that Sirius Capital wants to continue the relationship beyond the current terms.