Instead of the usual boring pre-tournament release, the always efficient and helpful folks at Brener-Zwikel sent this list out to generate interest in this week's Grand Slam of Golf.

Favorite Course, U.S.?
Tiger Woods: Augusta National
Michael Campbell: Pinehurst No. 2
Phil Mickelson: Whisper Rock
Vijay Singh: Augusta National

Favorite Golf Hole, U.S.?
Tiger Woods: Cypress Point, Hole 16
Michael Campbell: Pinehurst, Hole 17
Phil Mickelson: Augusta National, Hole 12
Vijay Singh: Pebble Beach, Hole 18

Favorite Course Outside U.S.?
Tiger Woods: St. Andrews, Old Course
Michael Campbell: Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand
Phil Mickelson: St. Andrews, Old Course
Vijay Singh: Ballybunion Golf Links

Favorite Golf Hole Outside U.S.?

Tiger Woods: St. Andrews, Hole 18
Michael Campbell: Kauri Cliffs, Hole 4 "Cambo's Hole"
Phil Mickelson: Lahinch, Hole 5
Vijay Singh: St. Andrews, Hole 17

Favorite Golf Course Architect?
Tiger Woods: A.W. Tillinghast & Donald Ross
Michael Campbell: Tom Fazio
Phil Mickelson: Donald Ross
Vijay Singh: Alister MacKenzie

Best Shot of Your Career?
Tiger Woods: PGA Championship, Hazeltine, 18th hole, second shot from fairway bunker
Michael Campbell: My bunker shot at the 17th hole at St. Andrews, 3rd round, 1995 Open
Phil Mickelson: Putt on 18 at Augusta, 2004
Vijay Singh: Final round of 2000 Masters, Hole 15

One Mulligan You'd Like to Take?

Tiger Woods: No mulligans in golf
Michael Campbell: My 2nd shot at the 5th hole at St. Andrews, final round of 1995 Open
Phil Mickelson: Tee shot on 17 at 2004 U.S. Open
Vijay Singh: Final round of 2002 Masters, Hole 15 third shot

Favorite Club in Your Bag?

Tiger Woods: All 14
Michael Campbell: Callaway FT3 driver
Phil Mickelson: Putter
Vijay Singh: Putter

Oldest Club in Your Bag?

Tiger Woods: Putter, 6 years
Michael Campbell: Putter
Phil Mickelson: Putter
Vijay Singh: Cleveland 3-wood

Best Golf Book You Have Read, Not Written By You?

Tiger Woods: "Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf" by Ben Hogan
Michael Campbell: "Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf" by Ben Hogan
Phil Mickelson: "Who's Your Caddy" by Rick Reilly (A Good Laugh)
Vijay Singh: "The Natural" by Sam Snead

Last Time You Bought a Golf Ball?
Tiger Woods: In college
Michael Campbell: When I was 12 years old
Phil Mickelson: No idea
Vijay Singh: 2003

All-Time Favorite Movie?

Tiger Woods: "Caddyshack"
Michael Campbell: "Star Wars"
Phil Mickelson: "Usual Suspects"
Vijay Singh: "Forrest Gump"

 Favorite TV Show?

 Tiger Woods: ESPN Sports Center
 Michael Campbell: "Friends"
 Phil Mickelson: "The Practice"
 Vijay Singh: "CSI"

 Who would be in your dream foursome?

 Tiger Woods: Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones
 Michael Campbell: Gene Simmons, Michael Jordan, Nicole Kidman
 Phil Mickelson: Amanda Mickelson, Sophia Mickelson, Evan Mickelson
 Vijay Singh: Qass Singh, Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen

Favorite Male Athlete?
Tiger Woods: Michael Jordan
Michael Campbell: Lance Armstrong
Phil Mickelson: Too many favorites!
Vijay Singh: Lance Armstrong

Favorite Female Athlete?
Tiger Woods: Mia Hamm
Michael Campbell: Sarah Ulmer
Phil Mickelson: Too many favorites!
Vijay Singh: Serena Williams

 Favorite Sports Team?
 Tiger Woods: Lakers, Raiders, Yankees, Dodgers
 Michael Campbell: NZ All Blacks-Rugby
 Phil Mickelson: San Diego Chargers
 Vijay Singh: New York Yankees

Favorite Sporting Event, Non-Golf?
Tiger Woods: Baseball World Series
Michael Campbell: Olympic Games
Phil Mickelson: NFL Football
Vijay Singh: World Cup of Soccer

Who Would You Buy a Ticket to Watch?
Tiger Woods: Ali vs. Frazier (1, 2 & 3)
Michael Campbell: U2 in Concert
Phil Mickelson: San Diego Chargers
Vijay Singh: Pink Floyd in Concert

Favorite Musician or Group?
Tiger Woods: Van Halen, Prince, Janet Jackson, Madonna
Michael Campbell: Kiss
Phil Mickelson: REM
Vijay Singh: Pink Floyd