Shark: Take The Ball Back To 1996 Specs

Greg Norman has been a consistent advocate for a golf ball that spins more. But unlike his recent shift away from shirtless Instagram posts, he has remained consistent on the distance matter.

And now he’s responding to Instagram posts on the hot button topic that became popular again as PGA Tour pros made a mockery of 7,600 yard Medinah.

This is the Shark we know has the game’s best interests at heart:

Tone Deaf Shirtless Shark Now Proudly Growing The Game In Saudi Arabia

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 5.34.43 PM.png

Greg Norman’s propensity to post shirtless photos on Instagram is well known, even when he’s nearly cut his arm off trimming hedges or after scintillating jabs like this one from Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch:

Bulletproof self-belief has been the hallmark of many a Masters champion, men with the ability to temper emotion and summon clarity, even in the midst of a thrilling, chaotic shootout. That character trait is why Jack Nicklaus owns six green jackets, why Woods has five, why Nick Faldo has three, and why Greg Norman is often naked on Instagram.

And based on the former Fox announcer’s most recent post, you know he was working with extra talented stylists and applicators of products when he thanks the team: “And thank you all for making my 2 weeks in Alaska not noticeable.

Soon after, Norman announced new efforts to grow his bank account under the grow the game moniker. Last we heard on this front he was consulting China’s Olympic team, rolling out revolutionary golf cart technology that included actual speakers for listening to music, but now, the gruesome, revolting and morally bankrupt “Kingdom” of Saudi Arabia:

Judging by the comments so far, even many of his remaining believers are curious if all those days in the hot sun have finally gone to his head.

Shark Logic: Worried "That Tiger Talk" Taking Away From The Youth He Is In Touch With

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 1.42.37 PM.png

High-tech Golf Cart Purveyor, former Fox golf analyst and Living Icon Of The Brand is making the rounds to promote something and as he’s prone to do, is reminding us of his eternal youth by expressing not one, but two mildly confusing thoughts.

Dan Kilbridge sums up the thoughts for Golfweek from this Yahoo podcast with Dan Roberts where Florida’s worst hedge sheerer admitted some admiration for Tiger’s miraculous 2018 comeback but expressed concern “that Tiger talk” is overshadowing the only people who matter, the children of tomorrow.

Greg Norman:

“I think he’s done an excellent job going from where he was a year ago,” Norman said. “Massive leap, quite honestly, in 12 months. God bless him. He did everything right, stepped up to the plate and won. It’s good for him, there’s no question, it’s good for the game of golf, no question. But I hope they don’t put all their eggs in one basket again and be all Tiger and forget about all this other wonderful, fantastic talent even coming out of Korea and Japan and South Africa and Australia. Unbelievable amount of talent bubbling up around the world, and I’d hate to see them get lost again in that Tiger talk.”

If they beat him, or prove as compelling, won’t that Tiger talk subside?

This was special:

Norman said his favorite players to watch include Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Jordan Spieth and Francesco Molinari.

“I see a really good base of great, young talent there today and a lot of those guys today (are) unintimidated by Tiger,” Norman said.

I’m going to put Norman down for not having reviewed the Tour Championship tape.

Norman’s thoughts on ratings seemed to contradict his above stated views.

“TV ratings are up because of what Tiger Woods does to every other player,” Norman said. “It’s not just about the one player, it’s about all the supporting cast who are equal if not better than him. He’s just pulling them along to make them more standout.”

So yes ratings are flat or up, a victory in the currrent sports market, because of Tiger even when he doesn’t play. By this logic, then Tiger is bringing more notoriety to the others and this is a negative how, exactly?

Video: Living Brand On Fox & Friends To Talk World Economy, ESPN's Body Issue

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 9.55.41 AM.png

It's always enlightening to get Greg Norman's finger-on-the-pulse take, especially when he's out front promoting his nude photo spread for ESPN's Body Issue. Since I know you're all anxiously awaiting the issue's arrival on your doorsteps, maybe this three minutes will make the wait less agonizing (embed code not working.)

The President of the United States was also quite pleased with the appearance and the Living Brand's physical appearance:

Instagram Wrap: Squirrel!, Hosung Choi's Swing That Almost Made The Open, Greg Norman's Body Issue Body Double Revealed?

Rory McIlroy trying to tee off in round 3 at the Travelers. Squirrel!

“Next on the tee …” 😂😂😂 #LiveUnderPar

A post shared by PGA TOUR (@pgatour) on

Hosung Choi made a nice run at one of two Open Qualifying Series spots available in the Korean Open before a Sunday flameout. This would have been fun to see at Carnoustie:

GolfBalled suggests Greg Norman had a body double for the ESPN body issue shoot. I'll let you be the judge:

Haven't We Seen All Of This Before? The Living Brand's Body Issue Shoot Surfaces And Greg Norman Has Never Looked Happier

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 8.32.29 PM.png

Honestly have you ever seen the Great White Shark--aka the Living Brand--happier?

Sam Weinman with behind the scenes shots from Eric Lutzens in advance of the ESPN The Magazine issue including the 62-year-old retired pro golfer. 

Eamon Lynch put this into historical context, reminding us that Old Tom Morris once posed for a similar shoot after his infamous morning swims in the North Sea.

Shark Files: "Attack Life Radio" Coming To SiriusXM

First guests Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson. Something tells me the how-much-do-you-bench talk will be flowing.

For Immediate Release:

Greg Norman to Host “Attack Life Radio,” New Golf & Business Focused Show on SiriusXM

Monthly show brings the “Great White Shark’s” zeal for living and entrepreneurial spirit to the airwaves

Norman, a World Golf Hall of Fame member and arguably the most successful athlete-turned-businessman in the world, makes SiriusXM debut June 11

Michael Jordan might argue with that. Or Arnold Palmer. Arguably.

 Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson, the past two U.S. Open winners, will be Norman’s guests on the premiere episode

NEW YORK – June 6, 2018 – SiriusXM announced today that it has signed World Golf Hall of Fame member Greg Norman as its newest host on the SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio channel.

The two-time British Open winner, whose aggressive style of play and bold approach to life and business captivated fans and earned him the nickname the “Great White Shark,” will host Attack Life Radio with Greg Norman.  The monthly, hour-long program will not only focus on golf, but feature Norman, who has lived an extraordinary and adventurous life and achieved enormous success in his entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors, discussing and sharing philosophies and advice for getting the most out of life.

Plus, advice on how to use a chainsaw without cutting off a limb. 

After years of being the one fielding questions, Norman is now assuming the role of interviewer and he will welcome to his show a diverse set of guests from the worlds of golf, politics and business.

Norman will make his SiriusXM debut on Monday, June 11 (2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT), the week of the U.S. Open, an event he finished in the top-ten in five times.  Norman’s guests on the premiere episode will include the past two U.S. Open Champions – Brooks Koepka (2017) and Dustin Johnson (2016), as well as Norman’s son, Greg Norman Jr.

Attack Life Radio can be heard by listeners nationwide on the SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio channel, which is available to subscribers on SiriusXM radios (Sirius channel 208, XM channel 92).  Those with streaming access can listen online, on-the-go with the SiriusXM mobile app and at home on a wide variety of connected devices, including smart TVs, Amazon Alexa devices, Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, Sonos speakers and more. Episodes of the show will also be available each month on SiriusXM On Demand.  

“I have been fortunate enough to meet many great and fascinating people throughout my life – from heads of state and presidents to world-class athletes and business moguls. This show will provide listeners with a 360-degree view of my life and give one-of-a-kind access to some of these incredible minds and personalities,” said Greg Norman. “This is a new endeavor for me and SiriusXM is the perfect partner to help me embark on this journey and share my life with the world.”

Sounds like the interviewer is planning to share a lot about his life. Hopefully there is time for questions of the guests!

Shark Talks Weakness Of Today's Players Inside 150, Why The Masters Can Make Players Use Anything They'd Like

We forget that when Greg Norman is not hawking golf carts and posting shirtless Instagram images, he can be a keen observer of the game.

In an interview with an unbylined Gant News writer filing for the CNN affiliate, Norman touches on Patrick Reed knowing so little about his clubs, LPGA players being more accurate with their drivers and many other topics.

But the two getting my attention involved what he sees as a big change in the prowess of today's players with a wedge approach (inside, gulp, 150 yards).

“If you look at today’s top players, their distance control inside 150 yards with a wedge is quite amazingly poor,” he said.

“These guys are 20ft short, 30ft left, 20ft long, their distance control is not consistent. It could just be the way they play — when it works, it works and when it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

“In our era, every time you’d put a pitching wedge in your hand, if you didn’t think you’d get the ball inside 10ft every time, or seven out of 10 times, you weren’t having any control over your golf game.”

I do see this in watching many of today's players compared to Norman's era and wonder what the exact cause is that makes Phil Mickelson and Zach Johnson such standouts in this distance.

On the topic of distance, Norman agrees with others that this is about sustainability and Augusta National could be the solution.

“I remember the eighth hole at Augusta was nearly impossible to reach in two and now these guys are hitting irons in there,” said Norman who finished second three times at The Masters, perhaps most notably in 1996 when he blew a six-shot lead and Nick Faldo took the green jacket.

“Augusta can’t lengthen itself anymore but the tech is going to allow these players to keep hitting it longer year after year.

“If they sent out an invitation to the players and said ‘you’re going to use a gutter percha ball and a hickory shafted golf club, go get them worked out, practice before you get there, the best player will still win that week.

“The best players have that ability to make that adjustment no matter what they’re using.”

Shark Instagram Files: The Living Brand's "Feeling Horny"

Verizon is paying him for years to come to upset the apple cart, shatter the cast iron with fancy golf cart speakers the caption, if you must.

Feeling horny today!!!

A post shared by Greg Norman (@shark_gregnorman) on Nov 21, 2017 at 9:44am PST

Shirtless Shark's Plan To Shatter The Governing Body "Cast Iron" Comes In The Form Of A Fancier Golf Cart

Greg Norman signed with Verizon through 2024 and has teased us repeatedly with suggestions of forthcoming plan to revolutionize the game. The development price tag has been put at $11 million.

When you read about the big announcement he finally made, remember this prediction from December last year:

“In the middle second quarter of next year, I’ll invite you guys down to my office,” he said. “We will tell you exactly how we’re going to break this cast iron that’s been wrapped around golf for so long. We’re going to shatter it. The institutions (USGA, R&A, PGA of America, PGA Tour) will eventually buy into it because they will have to buy into it. They won’t have a choice.”

Ok, so it was the four quarter.

And there was a press day attended as seen in this video showing the huge, huge launch of this game-changing announcement fancy golf cart that will play "your" walk up music, give you game highlights and tips from the guy who would not play golf with the media.

Max Adler at got that special call down to the office and was one of four publications to actually acknowledge the much ballyhood announcement.

As fortunes go, I had the unique opportunity of previewing Shark Experience with Greg Norman driving. Last week at the Breakers Hotel Ocean Course in Palm Beach—a fun little 6,200-yard gem built in 1896, though where not long ago Brooks Koepka worked folding sweaters—Norman took turns playing holes with various members of the media. Actually, Greg didn’t hit any shots—he’s played just five rounds since March, and the PNC Father/Son Challenge in December will be his first competitive event in years—but rode with me as I played.

Maybe he just loves the cart so much he can't take his eyes off of it?

Seriously though, the Shark's onto something: the future of golf is not playing, just driving around golf courses listening to music, watching highlights and getting tips if we ever wanted to play!

In this pitch to, Norman says it's TopGolf, only in your cart. I certainly can see how the music and opportunity to have a live sporting event on are great additions for those grown folks who like to take carts. Such amenities, depending on the cost, might even get people to play when they otherwise would have stayed home. But given the murky details on cost to golfers or courses, the entire thing feels like a half-baked rollout.

Looking at Google News, the big launch got a total of three listings. There were two additional items not picked up by Google on Golf Advisor and

Clicking on "View all" gets you this...

That said, there is more promotion to come and maybe the entire thing will lead to the PGA of America, USGA, PGA Tour, R&A and others closing up shop and turning the keys over to the Shirtless one.

Speaking of his propensity to disrobe, the Shark appeared in's offices to film what appears to be a Sportscenter-like promo. His Shirtlessness earned him a long Daily Mail roundup of his most bizarre Instagram posts as a result of today's posting from Time, Inc:

Had a little fun filming something at the @golf_com offices today...

A post shared by Greg Norman (@shark_gregnorman) on Nov 2, 2017 at 12:29pm PDT


Some of my favorite comments on the post:

mattw12  Was it a porno? Where’s your shirt!

dazblenk  For a bloke who has a whole clothing line, you seem a little light on in the shirt department lately

rad_build  Dude, seriously, we get it. We. Get. It.

tv.griffiths  Even Adam Scott in the background is turning around and thinking WTF?! 😂😉

fineartbylorikostur   Looks like a dad fart

Shark Announces "One-Time" Return To Golf, Comparisons To Hogan's Comeback To Never Begin

Nothing conjures up images of Ben Hogan's return following the accident like a big time, one-off comeback. Well, that is, until you hear it's the retired (who knew?) Greg Norman returning to the PNC Father-Son.

I'll let the goosebumps subside before we continue.

Note the matching Shark-branded workout shirts for the big video announcement that was cut with some slick 1986 music and production touches. Think Magnum PI meets Body by Jake:

Excited to make a one-time return to professional golf with my son @gregnormanjr - see you at the @pncfatherson

A post shared by Greg Norman (@shark_gregnorman) on Oct 9, 2017 at 5:28pm PDT


Where Are They Now Files, Birkdale '08 Edition: Padraig Harrington vs. Greg Norman (Viewer Discretion Advised)

The Shark tired to a final round 77 but gave us a thrill when contending for the 2008 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale.

As the championship prepares to return there nine years after that exciting week, this seems like a nice opportunity to catch up with winner Padraig Harrington and T3 finisher Greg Norman.

Padraig Harrington is tied for the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open lead. Yes, he's got an interesting swing and finish these days, but he's as lovable, driven and zany as ever. But he's found a place of contentment, something he addressed after the round (Nick Rodger's report for the Herald.)

Greg Norman vacations regularly, injures himself constantly and likes to keep his clothes off on Instagram.

Shark's Latest Instagram Post About "Covers" It All

Because this is a family website, I won't be embedding the Living Brand's latest Instagram post, but let's just say, it really, uh, covers, the state of the brand.

This doozy came after several weeks of fairly textbook brand-building posts for the living icon: Greg fixing a Range Rover flat tire flashing some bicep, Greg drinking booze, Greg congratulating maybe-buds George Clooney/Rande Gerber on the Casamigos sale, Greg in the gym, Greg fixing heavy equipment, etc...

More disturbing: the shot of Shark shooting this on his phone, but opting for a different angle from someone else. Quite a production for something that no proper horse owner would dare shoot or promote. That's your living brand!

Video: Memorial Tournament Honoree Ceremony

Always one of the classiest days in golf, Greg Norman is the 2017 tournament Honoree and Jerry Tarde received the Journalism Award. Dave Shedloski profiled Norman for Golf World.

Here is the full ceremony posted by Jack Nicklaus on Facebook, with Charlie Meacham's intro of Tarde at the 20:00 mark and Jack Nicklaus's intro of Norman at the 28:00 mark following a short speech by PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan.

There Are No Words, Files: Greg Norman Shows Us How To Do Stomach Crunches On Crutches!

I can't imagine how he keeps hurting himself when you see this, but Shirtless Shark is back and taking advantage of some sort of ankle/foot injury to us how to keep the abs firm even when relegated to crutches.

Either way, I spell an instructional piece on this as part of his partnership with Verizon!


Just had to improvise.

A post shared by Greg Norman (@shark_gregnorman) on May 21, 2017 at 2:18pm PDT


Shark On Golf Commentators: "They’re as boring to listen to as it is to watch boring golfers play."

Writing for the world-renowned, Greg Norman shares a litany of opinions on everything wrong with golf and its future.

The former Fox Sports analyst, who lasted just one year in the job and appears to be nursing yet another injury, took aim at CBS's broadcast of The Masters.

When I watched the Masters I turned the sound off the TV!

One thing I find far from appealing is the quality of some of the commentating on TV. They’re as boring to listen to as it is to watch boring golfers play. You get that constant monotone voice: everyone hits a great shot, nobody has an opinion, nobody wants to upset the applecart, and everyone’s got the greatest short game in the world.

When I was in the gym watching The Masters on TV last month I turned the sound off and listened to my favourite music and simply cranked up the volume.

Of course you were in the gym.

Nick Faldo retweeted the article and clearly felt bruised but not beaten by the jab. Helps to have three Green Jackets and the lead announce job!


Greg Norman Resurfaces To Defend Rory's Round With Trump, Talk More About Himself

Thanks to reader LC for this BBC interview with Greg Norman explaining why Rory McIlroy was right to accept President Donald Trump's invitation to play golf. Apparently this was a placeholder discussion as we await Norman's Q3 plans to revolutionize the game.

More mesmerizing is Norman recounting the story he's told many times about not wanting to golf with Bill Clinton, only to have President George Bush set him straight. Norman admits to that round changing his perspective of Clinton and even becoming friends with the former president.

Why that experience didn't stop Norman from suggesting more than once that President Barack Obama was playing a "hefty" amount of golf, is a mystery. Or worse, hinting Obama's supposedly flippant approach to keeping score was the sign of character issues. Or the Shark weighing in on any of this!

Here is Shark at Fox and Friends sharing his enthusiasm for President Trump's efforts to get the economy going. The Shark's excited about rollbacks in regulations he sees helping the golf course design industry, but still no announcement on his efforts to disrupt the game...until Q3 when they "go to market" with whatever the mystery product is.


Great White Shark Promises To Break Governing Body "Cast Iron" Fist In "Middle Second Quarter Of Next Year"

Hot off hosting another life-changing Shark Franklin Templeton Shootout, Greg Norman is fully engaged in his brand remake.

Saving the game from the governing bodies appears to be superhero Shark's latest mission. In association with Verizon. Mid-second quarter '17.

I realize that most of you have already signed up the Shirtless Shark for the funny farm after seeing him return to chainsaw work after nearly severing a limb chain-sawing brush.

But it's hard not to get excited about the looming brilliance that will be Shark's attempt to save the game (in a way that makes him more money).

Young writes:

By his own admission the Shark is planning to rock golf’s paradigm. He will do so, he says, in partnership with Verizon, the communications giant with whom he recently signed an eight-year deal. Verizon, incidentally, has never been associated with the golf industry on any level. That is until its hook up with Norman through 2024.

Young was at the launch of his newest design, the Greg Norman Signature Course at Vidanta Neuvo Vallarta, Mexico. During a fireside chat the Shirtless One started asking rhetorical questions about the state of the game.

“In the middle second quarter of next year, I’ll invite you guys down to my office,” he said. “We will tell you exactly how we’re going to break this cast iron that’s been wrapped around golf for so long. We’re going to shatter it. The institutions (USGA, R&A, PGA of America, PGA Tour) will eventually buy into it because they will have to buy into it. They won’t have a choice.”

Someone's been watching The Godfather too much! Horse owners among the governing bodies, check your barn locks.

But in case you didn't know how selfless the Shark can be, just think of the work he's doing to extend his brand into the next 200 years.

“If I died tomorrow what would happen to a lot of my businesses. Eventually they would die off,” he explained. “I never want that to happen because I want my brand to go on to perpetuity. So I started to think about a game plan about three years ago, in 2013, revolving around a 12-year game plan AND a 200-year game plan. You have to build a company for today but also for the future. Re-branding and repositioning is a big part of that.”

So are lots of vitamins! The awkward Fox Sports visit booth a year after being canned:

Young then writes:

Something head scratching? Norman gets little to no credit for his course design abilities. Rare, if ever, is his name mentioned with modern architects like Bill Coore/Ben Crenshaw, Gil Hanse, or Tom Doak. Design based on a least disturbance approach? Norman was engaged in this philosophy long before it became en vogue.

“I think I got slammed in the early part of my career for designing golf courses that were too hard,” he said.

Having at least one close due to difficulty before anyone even got to play it...will do that! Shame too, as the Bob Harrison years were impressive.

“But in my own defense, that was quite often the owner or developer that wanted that type of golf course. On at least a half-dozen occasions I’ve gone up to owners or developers, walked off the site and told them, ‘You build the golf course.’ Nobody every writes that of course. They just say Greg Norman builds too hard of golf courses.”

Well at least it's not bothering him.

“Opinions are like assholes: everyone’s got one. And I respect people’s opinions if they respect mine. What I despise are people, bloggers especially, who write articles about me who don’t even know me, never picked up a phone or even asked me a single question about my design philosophy. That blows me away,” he added.

There is a design philosophy beyond making money? Breaking news alert!

But back to that mid-second quarter, or third quarter at the latest...

“I can tell you this: by the third quarter of next year we’re going to market with a new product. You guys are going to say ‘Wow, nobody has ever thought about this,’” said Norman with a grin. “The partnership with Verizon goes beyond golf. They have never been involved with the game before and now they’re my partner going forward for the next eight years. It’s related to golf to some degree but totally related to some other places. These are the opportunities I have always seen within the company but I never had the right personnel or opportunity to do it.”

Can't wait.

Oy Vey Alert: Great White Shark Sensed Donald Trump Would Win, Tells Newsweek (!?) Readers All About His Wisdom

Maybe the testosterone boost of linking Australia's prime minister Malcolm Turnbull with president-elect Trump went to the Shark's head--no, wait, that luxury-yacht left port long ago.

So we'll just assume this matchmaker role, detailed by the Daily Telegraph, prompted non-American citizen and one-time Fox Sports analyst Greg Norman from wondering if he should write this excessively first-person Newsweek piece celebrating Donald Trump's victory.

(BTW, I'd hate to think who said no before some editor announced triumphantly, "I got The Shark!")

Anyway, strap yourself in for so much "I saw this coming" talk that perhaps Norman is prepping us for the day he hangs up his chainsaw and becomes greater Jupiter's leading psychic.

I personally had a sense of this and told Donald, when President Barack Obama was campaigning for Hillary Clinton 10 days before the election, that he was going to win. Obama’s messaging was wrong and just reinforced that those wanting change would get it with Clinton. In other words, the problem was not the problem—the attitude to the problem was the problem.

How fortunate we are to share a planet with people who hear their ghost writer read sentences like that and say, BOOM! That makes perfect sense!

Let the humblebragging continue...

I have spoken to Donald on numerous occasions since the election and I think he will surprise many with what he will do with the presidency, but not himself. He has a clear vision. I believe he will fill a cabinet with quality, experienced, doers that are like-minded yet strong enough to redirect him if they so believe.

Hey, Greg maybe you should nominate yourself in the next phone call?

But go on, woo us with more deep thoughts...

A Trump presidency obviously not only affects the United States, but the rest of the world.


Foreign policy will be a tricky one for Trump. I can only imagine that there are so many grandfathered agreements in place from previous administrations in the U.S. and abroad.

Easy there Greg, you count yourself a friend to the presidents who supported and enhanced many of thsoe agreements. I know those Bushes and Clintons are so last year to you, but they do still read.

Until he gets in there to understand those, from NATO to NAFTA to TPT to Middle East agreements to the Asia Pacific rim and many others, it is difficult to speculate.

I'm fairly certain those agreements are readable outside of the White House. Maybe Shark could read up on those grandfathered agreements and present a white paper that also includes how you'd fix Doonbeg. That's better than a cabinet post!