John Daly: "I think I may get in trouble for saying this, but..."

From an unbylined wire story:

John Daly was in the group at 69 along with Lee Westwood, Retief Goosen, Y.E. Yang and Robert Karlsson.

"With a small field like we have here, and I think I may get in trouble for saying this, but I'm kind of glad it's not sanctioned by the European or PGA Tour," Daly said. "It shows that China is doing something on their own. They're saying, 'Hey, we may not need the PGA Tour or European Tour, no disrespect."

When did China become IMG? Or IMG become China?

John Daly Sheds Light On Tiger's Marriage...Really

Even better the four-time husband offers some brilliant PR advice on The Zone, 790 in Georgia reports the Guyism blog.

Mayhem: Once you put that ring on your finger, you don’t get that opportunity anymore…

John: Well, you should if your wife is good to you and makes loves to you when you want to be made love to….my exes, they didn’t want to have sex anymore. And when that happens, if you’re not going to give it to me, I’m going to get it from somewhere else. Is that adultery? Maybe so. But from what I understand, when you’re married, they’re supposed to give it to you.

Mayhem: Can Tiger Woods go up to a podium or a microphone, and say, here’s the deal, I’m not getting it anymore and quite honestly I’ve had enough?

John: Exactly, that’s what I did

And look how well that's worked out for you!

Mayhem: Could he have gotten away with that with his public persona?

John: I think so

You can listen to the wisdom here.

Early reviews are in and Long John has outdone himself!

Gary D'Amato writes:

John Daly has inserted his foot in his mouth on plenty of occasions throughout his PGA Tour career, but the two-time major champion outdid himself in an interview on 790 The Zone in Atlanta.

Steve Elling writes:

Let's see, this classy little NC-17-rated radio conversation ought to add to Daly's tour-topping fine total, huh?

Stunner: Daly's Fourth Wife Gets A Book Published By Supposedly High-Minded Outfit

It's good to see the literary lions at Simon and Schuster--who once brought us books like Harvey Penick's Little Red Book--are going for quality these days, inking John Daly's fourth wife Sherrie (the prison one) to a book deal. Can't you just see the editor who inked this deal slamming down his phone and declaring to no one in particular, "I got Sherrie Daly!"

The vital tome, with a title blatantly ripped off from Dave Hill's classic, is apparently about to hit stores and hopefully this series of highlights captured by Garry Smits is all you will choose to read:

1. She said there were two versions of her ex-husband: John Daly, who she admitted could be "sweet" to her, and "JD," the hard-drinking, emotionally and physically abusive side who would call her the most vulgar of names.

I know, it's hard to keep reading when you learn something like that about one of your heroes, but we must soldier on...

2. Daly's reaction to things that displeased him often resulted in public urination. She described one incident where Daly came home and was displeased with the color of paint she had ordered for their kitchen. In front of his wife and his mother, Daly urinated on the walls.

That's going to be a tough image to get out of my head.

4. She was with Daly during his famous casino session in which he spent almost all of a million-dollar prize for finishing second to Tiger Woods in a World Golf Championship event within one hour, that same night. When she told Daly that every $500 pull on a slot machine could have paid her bills for an entire month before she married him, he replied, "don't interrupt me while I'm gambling."

You have to side with him on that one. After all, when you're trying to get back on the winning side of a cerebral competition like slots, you need 100% focus.

“I have quit plenty of times but never have I faked an injury and the guys here know it."

Thanks to John Strege for an always-fun Monday roundup and in particular, highlighting this Andrew Both item on John Daly's epic defense of his WDitis:

“All I know is I’ve never ever faked an injury on this tour,” the two-time major winner told Reuters after shooting a two-under-par 68 at the Wyndham Championship on Thursday that left him seven strokes off the pace.

“I have quit plenty of times but never have I faked an injury and the guys here know it … when you’re hurt, you’re hurt. I wasn’t playing great at the PGA but I still had 11 holes left (in the second round).”

Yes, they know you're a quitter alright!

"Are athletes now going to use social media as a form of retaliation?"

Garry Smits files an SI My Shot this week about the John Daly cell phone posting saga.

At first I was mostly amused and then a bit annoyed when the call count surpassed my usual golf score. But my main concern was the precedent. Are athletes now going to use social media as a form of retaliation? Daly posted my office cell number — in reality, no big deal. But many athletes have reporters' home numbers. Will that be the next line crossed? I would not have wanted my daughter to hear some of what her father heard. I can take it, but my child or my wife shouldn't have to.

Hopes Dim For Daly Suspension After Golf Writers Request PGA Tour To Intervene

The Commish and Drones 1-6 were reportedly in an intense meeting discussing the length of John Daly's next suspension after his posting of writer Garry Smits' phone number on Twitter when a low level VP interrupted with the GWAA's letter requesting a suspension.

GWAA president Vartan Kupelian told PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem in a letter on Wednesday that Daly should be suspended given the vindictive nature of his actions, adding Smits was reporting on a matter that was public record. The golf writers organization also wants the PGA Tour to make public any suspension since the Tour’s policy is not to disclose player discipline.

Sources say the meeting was immediately adjourned, the whiteboards scrubbed clean of Daly's name and by the dinner hour, several VP's were reportedly mentioning a possible award for Daly. Just kidding.

"Frankly, it's the tour that should be admonishing Daly in public, since he dragged his laundry into the public square on Twitter."

Steve Elling files an extensive look at John Daly's attempt to harrass Florida Times-Union's Garry Smits via Twitter and notes the absurdity of Daly going public with this but the tour still insisting it's a private matter, even though the entire Daly file has gone public!
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