Deja Vu All Over Again Files: Rory 4-Putts Again, Same Hole

I was pretty sure Caroline karma got him Saturday at Cherry Hills in the BMW, but she was busy Sunday playing the US Open and couldn't channel any negativity, so this one is all the Golf Gods. Oh, and of course, the intensity of playoff pressure.

Luke Kerr-Dineen with the side-by-sides of the two four putts.

And Sunday's where he had to make a decent-sized putt just to secure the fourth jab.

Video: Rory's Up-And-Down At "Extremely Fun" Cherry Hills

It was a lively Thursday at Cherry Hills in part because of the huge galleries and as expected, the old Flynn design still brings out some artistry even if it has to be bathed in too much rough because the ball goes too far. A little firmness went a long way, Steve DiMeglio wrote in his game story.

Though as Gary Woodland pointed out, the firmness rewarded those who would drive it long and accurately, and Phil Mickelson called it extremely fun to play. Randall Mell with both of those reports. Oh and on Phil's return to Cherry Hills for the first time since his U.S. Amateur win, Doug Ferguson filed a fun story on an encounter Phil enjoyed this week.

The first was driveable as expected and Golf Central covered the antics.

And there was this stellar recovery from Rory:

Video: "Oh no not again!" Phil In The Hospitality Tent...Again!

This time, having a night to sleep on his overgauged shot Friday from the tent, Phil Mickelson gauged the bounce off the Barclay's carpeting better even though he had to carve it over the tent and, just have to watch. Unreal.

The video:

And since the tents are temporary, there will be no plaques. Just these painted remembrances, tweeted out by the Ridgewood CC Grounds account.

The first.

And the second:


The Cameron Tringale DQ Fleshed Out...

Interesting stuff in this reporting by Bob Harig on last week's DQ of Cameron Tringale a week after the PGA. Tringale changed his mind on a final round situation at the 11th hole where he whiffed a tap-in.

Harig quotes both Tringale and playing partner Matt Jones, who it turns out, saw the whiff and brought it up after the round. Tringale said there was no intent and the issue died. Until Tringale slept (or didn't) on the matter:

"I asked him what he had on No. 11 because we all saw what happened," Jones said after his round Thursday at Ridgewood. "Did you not make a stroke at that ball? He said there was no intent and once a player says there is no intent to make a stroke, I just left it at that and I signed the scorecard.

"When a player says there is no intent, you have to take his credibility and trust him. And he doesn't have any type of reputation to think otherwise or question him for that."

Jones said he was surprised when he learned Tringale had disqualified himself. "I thought it was over and done with as soon as he signed his card," Jones said.