Even Jack Doesn't Know What To Think About Tiger At This Point

Golfweek's Jeff Babineau quotes Jack Nicklaus discussing the state of Tiger Woods following the recent WD's and Genesis Open no-show due to back spasms.

This probably about sums up how most feel

Nicklaus doesn’t live very far from him, but he really doesn’t have much of a handle on what his happening with Woods and his health these days.

“That is the biggest puzzle to me that I know,” Nicklaus said Sunday at the Honda Classic. “I just don’t know where he is and where his mind is. I don’t know.

Jack: Tiger Struggling, But He Doesn't Know What With

I'm not sure the bigger reveal, that Jack Nicklaus senses Tiger is struggling with is rehab/return, or that Jack knows this from an occasional text.

Joell Beall with the report on Nicklaus' latest remarks.

"He's struggling. I don't understand what he is struggling with," said the Golden Bear. "But I know he is struggling and he would be playing if he could play."

And Then Jack Said To Caitlyn...

Opening his revamp of Sherwood Country Club, Jack Nicklaus came face to face with club member Caitlyn Jenner. Just recently Jenner posted a photo of her new Women's Locker Room locker, and Thursday she conversed with Mr. Nicklaus about the course's reopening.

Seems like a thought bubble for Mr. Nicklaus is called for, assuming you can maintain the family values theme of this website.


Jack At 76: Hitting The Sweet Spot

Jaime Diaz reflects on the state of birthday boy Jack Nicklaus.

Thirty years (!) after his last major and far removed from hiccups in his business career, Diaz admires the combination of business empire and aging gracefully that is the Golden Bear.

In light of Tiger's recent decline and the reduction of career longevity for today's pros, I found this particularly profound:

The magic, multi-tiered word at the heart of Nicklaus’ feats has always been “management” -- of the golf course, of his psyche, of his life. Through his prime and beyond, he was criticized for not playing enough tournaments. His devotion to family was the main reason, but he also trusted an intuitive sense for marshaling his energy. No one else has won major championships over a 24-year span.

Video: Jack Talking (Sincerely) About Today's Youth Movement

I'm always uncomfortable when Jack Nicklaus gets asked to talk about today's young players. Not because he's incapable of taking a question, but because it seems oddly disrespectful that someone who has won 18 majors championships is being asked to be excited about players who've won a handful of tour events or maybe a major.

Yet in announcing a Memorial Tournament sponsorship extension and huge purse increase, Nicklaus talked with Golf Central about a variety of topics, including the current crop of exciting young talent. Not only was there an obvious comfort level for him in answering the question, but it was fascinating to hear him essentially say the current wave is just a lot nicer, more accessible and more kind.

Go to the 9:23 mark to hear the comments and stay for the ensuing discussion from Savaricus, Rosaforte and Isenhour.

Jack Still Thinks Tiger Has "Good Chance" Of Breaking Majors Record Because Saying Otherwise Would Cause A Migraine

Paul Gittings of CNN talks to Jack Nicklaus after Tiger issued his fairly grim assessment at the Hero World Challenge and the 18-time major winner wisely holds the line on his past view.

Because to say otherwise would have spokesman Scott Tolley carrying Costco-sized bottles of Aspirin.

Woods, who is 40 at the end of December, gave a decidedly downbeat assessment of his future Tuesday, saying he had "nothing to look forward to." However, Nicklaus told CNN that his fellow American could still challenge in golf's top tournaments, including the four majors held each year -- of which he has won 14 since 1997.

"He has always been a very focused young man with a great work ethic, and is tremendously talented. To count him out of that (the majors record) would be foolish, he certainly has a very good chance of doing that," the 75-year-old said.

Nicklaus: "I think I underachieved all my life"

Jack Nicklaus held court today at The Memorial, launching the 40th edition of the tournament he founded by honoring Nick Faldo and journalism lifetime achievement honorree Doc Giffin. Before that ceremony, however, the Golden Bear took questions from the media.

Doug Ferguson kicks off his AP notes column with Nicklaus' view that he was a constant underachiever and how that shaped his approach to the game.

"I think that if you feel you're overachieving, or getting more out of what you should get, then you stop working," Nicklaus said. "I always feel like I'm never getting what I should be getting out of what I'm doing. So you've got to work harder to make sure you do that. I always wanted to climb a mountain. I always wanted to get better. ... So I just tried not to believe anything about what I would read or what I would hear or what I even thought.

"I still don't think I achieved what I could have achieved in my career."