"The real news, or at least the most surprising, was the promise that the French delegation made to build 100 six and nine-hole courses in France by the time of the Ryder Cup."

Just now reading up about France's bid to win the Ryder Cup and while we know they wrote the biggest check, Lorne Rubenstein looks at a related 6-hole course development plan that figures to be an ambitious attempt to grow the game there.

The vow to bring golf to the masses, particularly new golfers and kids, is part of any European country’s bid for the Ryder Cup these days. It has to be.

“They will be close to the cities and less time-consuming,” Pascal Grizot, the chairman of the French bid, said. “I think they will be the real legacy of 2018.”

The courses will be, if they get built. The promise is a big one, and came with the announcement that every one of the 400,000 members of the French Golf Federation had committed three Euros, or a total of $1,656,000, to the French bid. One report indicated the funds will also be used for the development of the courses.