Norman Praises Greg Norman For Chainsaw Incident Handling

Tim Rosaforte tracked down Greg Norman to talk about how he almost cut his hand off while chainsawing some sea-grape tree limbs only to be saved by the shrewd actions of Greg Norman.

From Rosaforte's report:

Looking back, Norman said he had a premonition that afternoon "something bad was going to happen," and he was right. When one of the branches broke, Norman's left wrist fell down on the blade of his chain saw. Fortunately, Norman had instinctively taken his finger off the chainsaw trigger, otherwise, doctors told him, he could have lost his hand outright.  But even then, the damage was significant.

In pain but not panicking, Norman acted quickly: He had his wife, Kiki, meet him in the backyard with a towel and a tourniquet, then called his son Greg to have him take him to the hospital, and lastly he called Jupiter Medical Center to tell them he was on his way.

Greg Norman...hero! Norman also credited Norman to the AP's Doug Ferguson with not running the chainsaw at full strength, otherwise Norman would have lost his hand.

“Thank God the blade wasn’t running full speed or it would have taken my hand off,” Norman said. “I handled everything as calmly as I could. There is no major damage. There is nerve damage, but no muscular damage. They fixed me up and here I am.”

As for why a man worth hundreds of millions is doing his own uh, hedge trimming, Norman offered this on his good friend Norman:

"I'm a do it myself kind of guy," he said. "I enjoy doing it. It's in my DNA. I'm out on the ranch, driving bulldozers and graders, chain sawing 100-foot pine trees. I like it. I grew up that way."

Norman posted a photo on Instagram sporting a large, purple foam pad to protect the maimed limb. I'm a little disappointed he didn't brand the rather unwieldy protection with a logo from one of his business ventures.