Why Nick Price Is Joining The USGA Executive Committee

Tim Rosaforte at Golf World talks to USGA Executive Director Mike Davis and former World No. 1 Nick Price about the latter's decision to accept an invitation to the Executive Committee.

Davis discusses Price's ability to bridge a gap between the USGA and today's professionals, including on the distance issue.

Asked point blank if part of his mission was going after the ball, Price said that was a “TBD.”

“I have my thoughts, and I know what I think, but I don’t know what they think,” Price said. “I’m looking forward to working with the tech guys, and I have spent a little time with them. All I’m saying, this is an opportunity for us as professional golfers to do something with the USGA that’s unique.”

Does unique mean bifurcation of the rules between the pros and the everyday game or, simply as Woods said, rolling the ball back? Either way, having a well-respected Hall of Famer helping deliver the message will make it an easier sell.