Gary Player: No Candy Bars, Even For Baboons!

John Clarke of the New York Times prepares us for the now-annual gathering of pro golfers and wildlife as the European Tour's Nedbank Challenge returns to South Africa.

Last year play was stopped at Gary Player Country Club twice for mongoose invasions, including a stolen ball for Victor Dubuisson.

Naturally, Mr. Player's advice is to not poison the animals.

Does Player have any advice for golfers navigating wildlife at his only namesake course? “Quite frankly, I wouldn’t give a candy bar to any living thing, not even a baboon, for the damage it does. Sugar is poison,” said the famously fit 82-year-old.

“The animals on the golf course are generally nonthreatening,” Player said. “But you can be lucky to perhaps be on one of the holes bordering the game reserve and see some rhino, giraffes or even a herd of elephants.”