Yes, It's Early To Be Talking About Olympic's 2032 Ryder Cup

The half-zips were put in storage and in an apparent not to San Francisco circa 1988, the sweatervests were out in full force as the PGA of America announced its new partnership with Olympic Club.

Ron Kroichick with all of the gory details from Wednesday's rollout, attended by O-Club member Barry Bonds, who dressed like he was attending a press conference to announce the awarding of a PGA and a Ryder Cup.

Of course, there was the question of why anyone needs to know this given that the 2032 Ryder Cup is fifteen years away, addressed by Kroichick:

San Francisco also makes perfect sense as a Ryder Cup host, given the city’s international flavor. It will be an event featuring players from throughout the U.S. and Europe, unfolding in an area known for its diversity of cultures.

The only catch: We must wait 15 years.

This uncommon lag time prompted more than a few snickers since the news filtered out last week. Several readers wondered whether they still would be alive in ’32. One colleague suggested Stephen Curry as U.S. captain. Someone wondered if Charlie Woods (Tiger’s son) would anchor the American team, smacking 500-yard drives with next-generation equipment.

All reasonable scenarios.

The Bonds photo opp: