Take A Few Minutes To Watch Kevin Hall's Press Conference

Hopefully you've become acquainted with the basics of his story, but if you haven't I give a Golfweek.com overview of Sifford exemptee Kevin Hall's Genesis Open debut and press conference. The deaf-since-2 pro golfer's personality was on full display in his pre-tournament press conference. It had to be one of my top 5 favorite press conferences ever. What an inspiration.

Jason Sobel on Hall's infectious ways:

"We enjoy watching Kevin compete," his mother said. "We enjoy watching him overcome the hearing loss. We enjoy watching him not let that be a handicap. He was taught to just use that as a positive and use it the best you can. He's never allowed deafness to stop him."

She calls her son's sense of humor "second to none," and if his laughter that penetrated the interview room throughout his answers didn't prove it, then some of his stories should.

Carve out a few minutes to watch Kevin Hall's press conference posted by PGATour.com.

And nice work by PGATour.com to dig up Kevin's 2005 profile that earned an Emmy: