Another Nail In The WGHOF Coffin: World Golf Head Admits It's A Popularity Contest

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Not only must the golf world at large continue to ignore the World Golf Hall of Fame as they have so well in recent years—down to inductees passing on there ceremony when they are in the same zip code—but now there may need to be questions about the legitimacy of the entire World Golf Foundation after its CEO admitted on the record that he Hall is a popularity contest for the selection committee.

In an unbylined Reuters piece, Steve Mona said eligibility is not strictly based on playing record, as it shouldn’t be—Captaincy’s, course designs, influence as a media member and other influencer intangibles should help push some over the finish line.

But then there is this face-in-the-palms admission from someone paid lavishly to not to say stupid things.

“The Fame element is part of it. Some people were just more popular than others when they were on tour.” 

Still not sure where that leaves us with Monty. But there you have it. A popularity contest. On the record. It’s cronyism gone public.

There is also this quote and dreadful choice of words by historian Bill Mallon.

“I think both Weiskopf and Lema are two marginal candidates, although both are two of my favorite players,” Mallon told Reuters. 

“Of the two, I think Weiskopf has a better resume for inclusion but that is certainly only because of the plane crash (that killed Lema). Not sure how the voters would figure that in.” 

Guess we have to start with the popularity question and then go backwards from there. What a sham.

Hey wait, John Daly is one of the most popular golfers of the modern era and has two majors to his name. How’s he looking for the Hall? Oh right, it’s a popularity contest amongst a small group of voting individuals.