Patrick Reed Opens Up On USA's "Buddy System" And Says He Wanted To Light Up The Press Conference Like Phil In '14

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The New York Times’ Karen Crouse interviewed Patrick Reed about an hour after the final 2018 Ryder Cup press conference and heard the Masters champ complain about his pairing breakup with Jordan Spieth along with other strong views on the USA team management side.

Furyk said the decision to split Spieth and Reed had been his call. As Reed silently seethed, the news conference ended. In a telephone interview less than an hour later, Reed expressed his frustrations with how the pairings were handled.

Now we have something this Ryder Cup lacked. A good old fashioned cat fight!

Reed described the decision-making process as “a buddy system” that ignores the input of all but a few select players.

“The issue’s obviously with Jordan not wanting to play with me,” Reed said, adding, “I don’t have any issue with Jordan. When it comes right down to it, I don’t care if I like the person I’m paired with or if the person likes me as long as it works and it sets up the team for success. He and I know how to make each other better. We know how to get the job done.”

While that was apparent at the last few matches, the Thomas-Spieth replacement far outperformed (3-1) and lifted the American team when the Reed-Woods duo went 0-2.

“For somebody as successful in the Ryder Cup as I am, I don’t think it’s smart to sit me twice,” Reed said.

That trademark humility strikes again!

He’s apparently forgotten the tee shot hit into the 7th hole chalets already.

And this about the press conference…

When Reed and Spieth were asked about their split-up in the interview room, “I was looking at him like I was about to light the room up like Phil in ’14,” Reed said.

Woulda made the flight home fun!