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The Villages Sets New Record...

...for the most awful ads ever to appear repeatedly on a PGA Tour broadcast?

No, but while those dreadful spots that have been airing regularly and giving the Tour's VP of 18-34 year olds a headache, they were not the source of the record.

22263452.jpgNo, Erin Cox at has the details. Warning, we're talking Guiness stuff here...

THE VILLAGES -- Leave it to Florida's retirees to shatter world records.

Official word came Friday that The Villages set the only Guinness World Record held by a retirement community. The September charity event nearly tripled the efforts of the previous group of retirees to orchestrate The World's Largest Golf Cart parade.

The 3,321 carts winding through the paths of The Villages in the fall is a meager showing for the 57,000 retirees who travel mainly by golf cart in the sprawling community. But parade mastermind Chuck Berkey, 77, thought nearly tripling the record of 1,138 was excessive on the first try.

"Someday, if somebody challenges us, we can bring out the big guns then," said the parade's mastermind, Chuck Berkey, 77. The 12-by-16-inch certificate arrived in Berkey's mailbox Friday afternoon.

"When I got that in the mail, I almost fell over," he said.

Berkey has been checking the box for the certificate every day. Guinness officials had said it would come months ago. But even without the paperwork, Villages residents considered themselves unbeatable.

"When it comes to retirement communities, we are the undisputed champions," said Doug Tharp, president of The Villages Homeowners' Association.

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Finally, someone brings up those awful Villages spots. I thought it may be limited to CBS but they popped up on NBC this past weekend. You would think that with all the money they have spent buying air time they could have sunk a little more into creative. I have seen better production qualilty on spots for tire shops on local cable. The Tour and the networks could have screened the spots and said sorry boys, but you need to do a little better than that. Can you imagine CBS trying to slip those past Hootie and Co.?
03.7.2006 | Unregistered CommenterNRH

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