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PGA Tour and Friends Boycotting Golfweek?

Steve Elling reports on his blog that Golfweek may face a boycott from PGA Tour related advertising, starting with the World Golf Hall of Fame:

Jack Peter, an official with the PGA Tour whose duties include running the World Golf Village in nearby St. Augustine, said tour officials on Thursday told Golfweek representatives that advertising might be withdrawn because of the tour's discomfort over the noose issue.

Peter said approximately $50,000 in ads for the World Golf Village might be canceled, creating the possibility that other advertisers could follow suit. He described the Thursday meeting with Golfweek representatives, which had been scheduled long before the cover-image controversy erupted this week, as "awkward."

"We have an (advertising ) agreement in place, but the contract has not been signed," Peter said. "I don't know that I am comfortable going forward with it."

Didn't Callaway put a huge dent in Golfweek budgets by pulling ads after ERC related commentary?

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Reader Comments (2)

This is hilarious, Lóòk who's calling the kettle black, the PGA TOUR® who not that long ago had their very own "Caucasian Only" rule!!

The Timothy, you might want to sit down and let your jets cool, your hardly the moral authority in this dog fight. Siding with a racial slur (especially considering ownership involved of Golf Channel) is only going to make the Tour appear that nothing has changed since those Caucasian Only days, think about it!
01.17.2008 | Unregistered CommenterAnonmyous
PGATour and friends?

Would those friends include Jack Vickers, Ralph Schrader, Joe Hardy and Westchester C.C.?

Or did these so called "PGATour Partners" get caught up in the same NOOSE?
01.18.2008 | Unregistered CommenterDBH

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