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"The time she is going to spend with her child and her family, I don't ever see her ever wanting to come back to the game of golf in that capacity."

A couple of highlights from Tiger's press conference to promote the AT&T National at Congressional.

On Torrey Pines No. 14 possibly moving up as a drivable par-4:

Q. As far as Torrey Pines goes, one of the finishing holes and one of the longer par 4s was a drivable par 4?

TIGER WOODS: I heard the same thing. On 14?

Q. Wonder what your thoughts were on the USGA kind of taking that strategy? Thinking you like the short drivable par 4s. (Indiscernible).

TIGER WOODS: I thought that was very strange as well because they lengthened 14 quite a bit the last three designs. It's been -- generally I've played (indiscernible). It's been a 3-wood and a 7-iron to a 9-iron. But I should have it drivable. Never would have foreseen the USGA doing that.

But then again, that hole, if you landed the ball on the green, you know it will be a little back. I don't know if they made -- if they will keep that as a hazard or whether that's just the unplayable-wise or whatever it may be. I don't know what they are going to do with that.

When I get there -- obviously when you get there, you check it out in the practice rounds and figure out a game plan.

Q. (Indiscernible).
TIGER WOODS: Very surprising. Very surprising. I am glad they took one of our par 5s away, so I guess I don't feel guilty.

And does Tiger know something about Annika that we don't?

Q. What was your reaction when you heard Annika, that she would retire at the end of the season? And have you spoken with her since then? And, if so, what have you spoken about?

TIGER WOODS: I knew that was going to happen. She's done it all. She's been through it all. For men and women, it is two totally different things. Who knows, she might come back or not. I doubt it. I don't see Annika ever doing anything half-ass. The time she is going to spend with her child and her family, I don't ever see her ever wanting to come back to the game of golf in that capacity. What it takes to do that, I don't foresee her doing it. We talked quite a bit after that.

I just -- I'm very happy for her. She sounds happy, very at peace with what she's done and what she's said.

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Reader Comments (8)

Speaking of Tiger, from a Michael Arkush column--"You’ve heard nothing compared to the amount of adoration he (Tiger) would receive if, after missing two months due to knee surgery, he were to somehow capture next month’s U.S. Open at Torrey Pines."

Was Arkush not on the planet in 1997? The adoration is going to be bigger than that? C'mon. Really????
So if Tiger wins the Open, just about EVERYONE is going to want to play golf like in '97?
05.27.2008 | Unregistered CommenterFiddlesticks
Sure hope most of Tiger shows up at Torrey Pines.

We could be in for the Tiger-Phil big one.
05.27.2008 | Unregistered CommenterTuna
So is Tiger implying Annika is already pregnant?? I admit the thought crossed my mind--would help explain the timing of her retirement....
What if TW was the father?
05.28.2008 | Unregistered CommenterArdmoreAri
Annika is not pregnant


She won't be playing Dubai at the end of 2008.

What isn't pointed out is Annika said at her press conference her last competitive event of 08 would be in Dubai.

If Annika was pregnant at the time of her press conference(say she found out that morning), she would be 34 plus weeks pregnant at the time the Dubai tournament ends(Dec 13). Do any of us recall a LPGA golfer playing at that late a stage of her pregnancy?

Don't think so

05.28.2008 | Unregistered CommenterBill Jempty
Ah, good point, Bill. But imagine if she was, say, in her 30th week--and successfully defended her title! What's the record for winner-with-the-furthest-advanced pregnancy in women's golf?
Probably it's just that either Tiger or the transcriber wasn't on top of the difference between "going to spend" and "going to be spending"--the more obvious but less fun reading....
Transcriber got it right--see for yourself!

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