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Now That's A T-Shirt!

Captured by reader Jay in a U.S. airport (click on it to enlarge):

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Reader Comments (42)

07.27.2010 | Unregistered Commenterbrian
Poor slug is probably railing against socialism while he cashes his unemployment check or his disability check.
07.27.2010 | Unregistered CommenterJerryG
Love it, I posted this on Twitter during the Open, many golf people retweeted, Awesome
07.27.2010 | Unregistered Commentermunk24
I kinda hope that he only screws fat ugly and stupid people. That way they can all go and live in Texas.
07.27.2010 | Unregistered Commentervwgolfer
Yeah thataboy vwgolfer--screw Texas!
07.27.2010 | Unregistered CommenterT Money
Everyone assumes he tilts to the right. Maybe he's way over on the left?
07.28.2010 | Unregistered Commenterjohn
maybe he is just correct.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered Commenterreality
2 trillion yearly federal spending overruns.

Federal government debt now at 13 trillion (88% GDP burden), 70.7 trillion if you add Social Security / Medicare.

I think he's either a math professor or economist on vacation.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterOld Hornet
here ya go, you can buy them here
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterJay Townsend
Looks like Obama has another American in his target. Here comes a drone!
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterKelly Blake Moran
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterDel the Funk
is that guy eating the whole country?
07.28.2010 | Unregistered Commenterjimbob
When you've got someone like that criticizing your performance, you're doing something right. He's lucky it ain't marshal law like it was under Bush / Cheney, he'd wake up in the Guantanamo resort for non-patriots or their other favorite - extraordinary rendition to God knows where.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterPress Agent
"...someone like that..."

Could you expound on that? Or should I say, will you?
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterDel the Funk
Click on it to enlarge? Thank you very little, that guy is one overstuffed, angry human being. Having said that, even as a Democrat, you gotta admit it's a funny t shirt. Let's not lose our sense of humor. There were plenty of nutty t shirts when Shrub was wrecking our country, so it's fair game.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered Commentertlavin
BTW, in terms of the man's potential destination, I did notice, upon closer inspection, that the Southwest flight is headed to Midland Texas. I'll just leave it at that!
07.28.2010 | Unregistered Commentertlavin
Hilarious t-shirt!

vwgolfer, T Money and tlavin:

Why don't you indicate your state? I'm sure there are no "overstuffed, angry human beings" or "fat ugly and stupid people" wherever you live. Must be nice to walk through society looking down upon those not to your standards or residing in your state.


Austin, TX
07.28.2010 | Unregistered Commenterbc

Why do you have to post such low-brow stuff?

The US needs fewer haters, and more lovers.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterGarland
At one time Midland had the highest per capita income in the United States. Having grown up in Odessa and knowing the people there it is amazing someone in Chicago or elsewhere can be assured that they are superior to the great people of West Texas. Where's Kinky Friedman when you need him!
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterKelly Blake Moran
He's right, Obama being a Democrat believes in screwing everybody equally while with Republicans, they just screw the middle class and the poor.

Or to paraphrase the famous aphorism, " A liberal will give a starving man a fish, while the conservative will charge him for it after calling him a lazy, no good dead beat."
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterThe Q
That's right Q, and to paraphrase Kinky, "They don't make Jews like Jesus anymore", hell he fed a whole bunch of poor people with just a few fish and loaves of bread.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterKelly Blake Moran
I had never imagined the political leanings on this site were so varied. Let's all tell our friends that we belong to a politically correct diverse blog.

07.28.2010 | Unregistered Commenterjb
Now, now, children! If BHO screws the pooch at the Presidency, it will be apparent to all by election time--and vice versa.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterSmitty
Since I'm the resident socialist of ShackLand, I'll just keep my mouth shut. For the most part (No, I won't...heh). Except to say that I do wish the President would grow a pair. And that Press Agent got it right, along with a few other comrades. Not to say that PA is a comrade btw. At least this wingnut or his t-shirt vendor knows how to spell*. They are improving.

@bc: None of the Austin-ites I know admits that Austin is a part of Texas, not since Jim Hightower left the Agriculture Department and after Molly Ivins died. But I don't know you or Ben Crenshaw or Tom Kite.


Michelle neutered Barack many moons ago. If it weren't for Sasha and Malia, I would swear he became an eunuch during his childhood in Indonesia. Not to mention, have you seen his jump shot? It has WNBA written all over it.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterBrad S
Ghost - I'm shocked, horrified, disappointed.
Brad S - good one on the jump shot.
To all - just got this by email - let the fun begin, and we'll see how many on this blog can have fun with their tongue in their cheek (and I have no idea who John J. Wall is:


Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, Marxists and Obama supporters, et al:

We have stuck together since the late 1950's for the sake of the kids, but the whole of this latest election process has made me realize that I want a divorce. I know we tolerated each other for many years for the sake of future generations, but sadly, this relationship has clearly run its course.

Our two ideological sides of America cannot and will not ever agree on what is right for us all, so let's just end it on friendly terms. We can smile and chalk it up to irreconcilable differences and go our own way.

Here is a model separation agreement:
Our two groups can equitably divide up the country by landmass each taking a similar portion. That will be the difficult part, but I am sure our two sides can come to a friendly agreement. After that, it should be relatively easy! Our respective representatives can effortlessly divide other assets since both sides have such distinct and disparate tastes.

We don't like redistributive taxes so you can keep them. You are welcome to the liberal judges and the ACLU. Since you hate guns and war, we'll take our firearms, the cops, the NRA and the military. We'll take the nasty, smelly oil industry and you can go with wind, solar and biodiesel. You can keep Oprah, Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnell. You are, however, responsible for finding a bio-diesel vehicle big enough to move all three of them.

We'll keep capitalism, greedy corporations, pharmaceutical companies, Wal-Mart and Wall Street. You can have your beloved lifelong welfare dwellers, food stamps, homeless, homeboys, hippies, druggies and illegal aliens. We'll keep the hot Alaskan hockey moms, greedy CEO's and rednecks. We'll keep the Bibles and give you NBC and Hollywood .

You can make nice with Iran and Palestine and we'll retain the right to invade and hammer places that threaten us. You can have the peaceniks and war protesters. When our allies or our way of life are under assault, we'll help provide them security.

We'll keep our Judeo-Christian values. You are welcome to Scientology, Humanism, political correctness and Shirley McClain. You can also have the U.N. but we will no longer be paying the bill.

We'll keep the SUV's, pickup trucks and oversized luxury cars. You can take every Subaru station wagon you can find.

You can give everyone healthcare if you can find any practicing doctors. We'll continue to believe healthcare is a luxury and not a right. We'll keep "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "The National Anthem." I'm sure you'll be happy to substitute "Imagine", "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing", "Kum Ba Ya" or "We Are the World".

We'll practice trickle down economics and you can continue to give trickle up poverty your best shot.

Since it often so offends you, we'll keep our history, our name and our flag.

John J. Wall
Law Student and an American

P. S. Also, please take Ted Turner, Sean Penn, Martin Sheen, Barbara Streisand, & Jane Fonda with you.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered Commenterjb
Obama's unqualified. He should leave with the BP CEO.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterWalter

Don't be so hard on KLG, in my heart I know he's a decent man. He claims to be the resident socialist but that's not true, it's his dry humor way of getting you to rise to the bait. But he is a liberal and that doesn't make him a bad person, just a little confused about the difference between good intentions and results.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterOld Hornet
"vwgolfer, T Money and tlavin:

Why don't you indicate your state? I'm sure there are no "overstuffed, angry human beings" or "fat ugly and stupid people" wherever you live. Must be nice to walk through society looking down upon those not to your standards or residing in your state.


Austin, TX "

Hey bc--I must have forgotten to /s to turn my sarcasm off. I was making fun of the usual Texas bashing, OK? I'll be more obvious in the future.

I'm in St. Louis BTW with lots of relations in OK, TX and LA
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterT Money
Well said Old Hornet! And Q, I though the line went , " A liberal will steal his neighbor's fish to feed a starving man , while the conservative will finance for him a fishing pole and be repaid from the proceeds of his bountiful catch."
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterBrad S
A little analysis and thought experiment:

Between 1928 and 2008 the White House was held by each party for just about 40 years. Let's say that at the beginning of Hoover's term you invested $10,000 in a Standard & Poor's Index Fund and chose to take the money out and put it under a mattress when the other Party was in the WH. Under the GOP, party of most Golfers and probably most Shackelfordians, your money would be worth a little over $11,733 in late 2008. Ugh. OK, I'll be fair. We can delete Hoover's term; it never happened. In which case your nest egg would be worth a bit over $51,000. Not bad, is it? A 5.1-fold increase over 36 years while simply letting the money work for you.

Now, let's see what the other half would have (that would be me): $300,671. Really! A 30-fold increase. Of course, I am aware that this would be a bit less today, unless my 401-K statements are wrong. Alas, they aren't. Still, that is a pretty amazing difference, isn't it? And btw, before you get all excited looking for excuses, remember that the GOP was in power for the eight years before Hoover, just as before the current President, who is reaping something of a whirlwind, too. Lest we forget, The Clenis left Shrub with something like a $230,000,000,000 surplus. Shrub was a bit more rude to Obama, while presiding over eight years of virtually no net job growth. But, to be fair, we did kick Saddam Hussein's ass, so to speak.

And no, I'm not making this up, and I don't think Tommy McCall is, either.,000&st=cse

Thanks for the kind word, Hornet!

And bc, lighten up (Gentle Ben, is that really you? If it is, you should know that arguments from authority, especially from golf authorities, get riddled with metaphorical bullets pretty fast around here). You are in a serious snark zone where we talk about something much more than a simple matter of life and death: GOLF! In all its glory and ridiculosity. I coined that word, btw.

Now, who's gonna win the Greenbrier? WooHoo!
One of my pals plays at the suburban DC course President Obama frequents. His foursome has been overtaken twice this season, and the last time he got a photo of one of the golf balls the President plays. It's a Titleist stamped "44"
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterF. X. Flinn
Best t-shirt I ever saw read: I work on a bomb squad. If you see me running, try and keep up.
John J. Wall...Law Student and American...about says it all doesn't it?! If you want to know what outfit has done more to ruin this nation than any other...that pack of jackels take the cake. Mr. Wall hasn't lived long enough to learn that all those little goodies he wants to claim were achieved on the backs and brains of MILLIONS of hard working immigrants of every race and religion that came, lived, often fought and in many cases died for the wonderful nation you enjoy. We ain't perfect...ALL of us have a lot of work to do to help get us back on track...but NO one party or group has the market cornered on what's needed.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered Commentersir real

NY Times as an unbias reference to fact, please excuse me while I up-chuck.

Clever guy this McCall, he paints a utopian dream while neglecting to mention the balance of powers that prevented disasterous (D) policy and taxes that would have killed and decreased the government rake. And BTW, nobody ever said either party didn't know how to make money, but we all know the current one is much more adept at spending what they don't have.
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterWall Street Guy
From the Sound of it...There's some Scared Liberals that see the end coming soon. How's that Change and Hope Working out for You????? Can you say Blood Bath Come November!!!!
07.28.2010 | Unregistered CommenterJCV
By way of balancing the books, way before the "divorce agreement" came this hilarious putdown of red states by blue states back in 2004:

There are plenty of us lefty golfers. After all the roots of the game are inherently collectivist -- communities banding together to create opportunities for healthy recreation for young and old, man and woman alike. Gold on the Scottish model will always survive, come what may.
07.29.2010 | Unregistered CommenterF. X. Flinn
T Money:

I'm sorry about not detecting the sarcasm.


I come to this site for the great golf discussions (including your commentary, most of the time ;-). When I see attacks on appearances, possible state of residence, etc. that adds nothing to the discussion, I'll call it out. There are plenty of other sites for that kind of mentality.

Not Ben Crenshaw,
07.29.2010 | Unregistered Commenterbc
@Wall Street Guy: Did I touch a nerve, push a button, or something? You sound like Sarah Palin. The numbers came from the various versions of the Standard & Poor's index, not the New York Times. Utopian dream? Where? Balance of Powers? This generally refers to geopolitical relationships between and among nation-states, so I have no idea what you are talking about. Now if you want to talk about "countervailing powers" described by Jamie Galbraith's dad, let me know (don't really). In any case such countervailing powers ceased to exist some time ago. Goldman Sachs and their wannabes are in the saddle now. Killed what? Government rake? Huh? If you are talking about marginal tax rates, as a nation, people, and country, we certainly did better in most every way when they were a lot higher than they are now. Unless you are a Master of the Universe on Wall Street, that is. Are you one of those? If so, congratulations and I hope the cul-de-sac of your dreams (h/t Mary Chapin Carpenter) meets your expectations. Be sure to keep the gate locked. Which current one (party)? Last time I looked most of the increases in the national debt were incurred during GOP administrations*, especially since the election of 1980. But maybe you do have a point; Jimmy Carter has been blamed for the collapse of the housing market. It is a truism that Republicans are better for making money than Democrats. Might not be true though. But you figure out how the arithmetic lies (spread the knowledge from the steps of Trinity Church). Anyway, you keep thinkin' Butch, that's what you're good at. I'm going back to work.

@JCV: Nobody here afraid of what might happen in November. Bloodbath? Kind of over the top, don't you think? But there is always another war somewhere. Until 1980 it truly mattered only at the margin who was elected. Nixon himself would be drummed out of the GOP for being a socialist (EPA, OSHA, Family Assistance Plan, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Wage and Price Controls). Now it makes no difference whatsoever. But to echo Old Tom (the first one), as long as I got my God and my Golf I'll see it through. Now, watch this drive!


I especially like (/s) the increase from 9/30/2000 to 9/30/2008: $5.7 trillion to $10.0 trillion! Which party controlled the federal government during most of that period? I forget.
316/2010-From Mark Knoller, White House Correspondent for CBS ( Communist Broadcasting System?)

President George W. Bush still holds the record for the most debt run up on his watch: $4.9 trillion. But it took him over four years to rack up the first two trillion dollars in debt. It has taken Mr. Obama 421 days.

Obama's National Debt Impact

Upon Inauguration: $10,626,877,048,913
As of Jul 28, 2010: $13,247,793,649,103
Increased by: $2,620,916,600,190

Looks like we have another Sea Island thread in the making!
07.29.2010 | Unregistered CommenterBrad S

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