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First Crime Scene Images From St. Andrews Trickling In

#savetheoldcourse followers on Twitter have already seen these, but thanks to Colin Donaldson for tweeting the first shots of the Old Course vandalism with this shot of the Road hole work and also another of the Eden under siege.

For the few defenders who thought the work on the 11th would entail just a lifting of sod, some raking and mere smoothing of slope before laying the sod back down...think again. This is a major project and a stunning change to one of the most revered green complexes on the planet. And all because no one wants to slow the green down a foot on the Stimpmeter on select days every five years? 

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Reader Comments (9)

11.27.2012 | Unregistered CommenterRaise
And upon seeing the equipment, I felt compelled to relocate this post to this thread- I hope you all are OK with that- I know I am not OK with the cause for the poem in the first place.

The Old Course’s Lament
©2012 digsouth

A paradise of grass and sand
Where gale winds called the scoring
But when light tides rolled softly in
Easy seemed so alluring.

So from the minds of mindless charges
The wheels of change were baking
And pride for gloating
Made poor decisions
There for the mindless taking.

Mother Nature, She knows-we know
But still we know what’s better
When we can do with diesel tools
What time carved to the letter.

And so it rolls and so we roll
Because so few rule the call
But just remember when you do it again
All you had to fix was the ball.

permission for reprinting with credits shown
11.27.2012 | Unregistered Commenterdigsouth
One of the scariest pictures I have ever seen. So much for sleeping tonight.
11.27.2012 | Unregistered CommenterNick Adams
Geoff, I had worried you had gone soft but thank you for posting so much on this.

Scary that the second bigest threat to great courses, the ego's of the men currently in charge, is now threatening TOC. If the folly of decision making behind closed doors is exposed here there's more hope for the survival of interesting architecture accross the world.
11.27.2012 | Unregistered CommenterBelowPar
As an idea the change was frustrating, with machinery getting stuck in, with sod in wait and the adjustments made shortly after the announcement makes the image even more painful. No debate or discussion, even with the pros who are pushing back on Twitter about what is happening at this sacred site - for a tournament that occurs every 5 years.

Our vision has become so short sighted regarding the priorities of the game, how we need to grow it, which consumer we need to satiate and so on and so forth.

We have reached an inflection point - rein in technology or continue to alter sacred ground at the home of golf and beyond. We are at the point where pushing back tees will no longer suffice. More distance, less spin, larger club heads and so on and so forth is starting to compromise the game, certainly at the pro level.

Change the ball, bifurcate the rules, or whatever, the governing bodies in golf need to figure out how to protect the course(s) while creating a setting where the game can be enjoyed by a wide range of skill levels.

For a lot of golfers it's not about the score, it's about the walk, the camaraderie, friendships, etc. Golf is a social game, it's nice for the pros to make a heap of cash but that's not what it's all about.
Oh my goodness, looks more like a bailout area rather than an additional pin placement site. As far as I'm aware, all we mere commoners have had up to now is a description of the changes. Perhaps 'final look' sketches of the proposed changes should have been released as well? With the 12th tee just behind, this is bound to slow down play even further ... if that's possible!

I'm off to wash my mouth out with soap now. Will that satisfy you ......................... Geoffrey?
This is sick and sad at the same time.
11.28.2012 | Unregistered CommenterRon Fortson
Who cares. Probably never play it and wouldn't know the difference anyways.
11.28.2012 | Unregistered Commentermambo
So who are the two guys in black looking at the photographer? Security?

Too bad there was nothing to chain oneself to in an attempt to block the bulldozers.
11.28.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJohn G

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