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Euro Golf Architects: Change The Old Course!****

For Immediate Release...

EIGCA Releases Results of Old Course Poll

While the debate continues regarding the changes to The Old Course at St Andrews, the European Institute of Golf Course Architects has made public the results of a poll of EIGCA members on the principle of carrying out alterations to the historic links.

Of 112 members polled across 25 countries, 79 responded within 24 hours and the results make for interesting reading. Members were asked to respond to one of three options which most closely reflected their own views.

26.5% agreed with the statement "No changes of any kind should be made to the Old Course".
However, 72.15% of members felt that changes to The Old Course might be appropriate. A majority of members agreed with the statement that renovations could be carried out but only if they were "based on thorough historic research". 58.2% voted for this option.
Only 13.9% of members aligned themselves to the statement that "It is appropriate to alter the Old Course in response to the changes in the modern game."
Speaking about the results EIGCA President, Rainer Preissmann, said; "Over the last few days much has been said and written about the prospect of changes being carried out to The Old Course. The EIGCA felt that this was an opportunity to discover the thoughts of golf course architects in Europe and to perhaps present a more balanced assessment."
"The results of our poll clearly show that, while many of our members agree that it ought to be possible to carry out alterations to The Old Course, a significant majority believe that such changes should only be allowed if they reflect the historic strategy of the course. This, along with those who believe that it should remain untouched altogether, reflects the continued influence of this great links on golf course architecture and shows the high regard which architects continue to hold for The Old Course”.
The full results were as follows;

·         Total number of votes: 79 (70.5% of the membership)
·         Option 1: No changes of any kind should be made to the Old Course - 21 votes
·         Option 2: Only renovations based on a thorough historic research should be carried out-46 votes
·         Option 3: It is appropriate to alter the Old Course in response to the changes in the modern game - 11 Votes
·         Abstained: 1 Vote

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Reader Comments (4)

This means just 11 of them vote to change the Old Course no matter what. Not much, considering Hawtree is one of their members. Most of them opted for the bailout question which is basically their version of abstention. Probably because they didn't want to agitate against one of their own
12.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterRyan
Kind of a sloppy poll. Something in there for everyone
Maybe the big story is that they even did it in the first place - and unlike the Links Trust were transparent.
12.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterMark B
Sort of like asking a surgeon if surgery is necessary.
12.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterAdam Clayman
The R & A is a very arrogant organization. They were never elected, simply appointed themselves as the arbiters of the rules and guardians of the game when times were less democratic and there was nobody to oppose them. The R & A has lost its way since The Open became a source of previously unimagined, filthy lucre. Architect Hawtree is a professional. in the current financial climate, there's no way he could refuse a well-paid gig from anyone, least of all the R & A. His work is like a curate's egg - good in spots. I bet that's exactly what we'll get at The Old Course. I'm not condemning it because it could turn out okay. We'll just have to wait and see. I'd prefer if the R & A was doing something about the ball and driver heads. That would be good for the game overall. To tinker with the game's history and inheritance in order to prevent pros from shooting low scores once every 5-years is as bizarre as outlawing anchoring when there are far more destructive issues hurting the game's future.
12.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterIvan Morris

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