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"Melissa Reid 'can't wait for season to end' and the dawn of her new career playing in America"

Quoting Melissa Reid extensively, James Corrigan files an emotional Telegraph piece on the eve of the Ricoh Women's Open Championship where the English golfer opens up about her completely understandable struggles with grief following her mum's tragic death in May and a tournament win in June.

The nadir came at last month’s Irish Open at Killeen Castle. It was too much to take. At the same venue the year before she had been a member of the Europe Solheim Cup team that beat America and her mother had played a full part in the celebrations.

The memories ganged up on Reid. “I was really, really struggling, she said. “I’ve always thought I’m good at blocking things out, but obviously not something like this. It was after eight holes when my caddie, Johnny, looked at me and said ‘do you want to go in’. I said ‘yeah’. And he said ‘come on let’s go, you don’t have to prove anything to anybody’.”

Reid tees off Thursday at 11:30 ET with Sandra Gal and Anne-Lise Caudal.

She is headed to LPGA Tour school this fall to try and earn her card.

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Reader Comments (3)

How can you not pull for this kid? Truly a human story to which we can all relate. Also, much respect to her Caddy. Can't help but root for both of them.
09.13.2012 | Unregistered CommenterDD4442
Women's game is much more interesting for me right now. The youngsters like Ko and Lexi, the top 3-5 from the last couple years, Yani, Ai, Jiyai, and I'll tell you, with her interview after the clearly disturbing loss on Monday, PC earned herself a new fan in the golfboy... Mel will be a wonderful addition to the LPGA ranks.

Aside from the how good can Rory be question and the will Tiger ever come back question, men's game's pretty mundane.
09.13.2012 | Unregistered Commentergolfboy
Been a Mel fan since watching her nearly win at Kingston Heath in 2009 (on a tape my Aussie rellies sent me). It would be wonderful to have her on the LPGA tour. Cheering her on and so sorry for her loss. Losing a parent young is very tough, forever after there are moments when it's just so unfair that they aren't there to share them.
09.14.2012 | Unregistered CommenterF. X. Flinn

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