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Video: R.H. Lee's Humana Challenge Final Round Ace

Richard H. Lee's ace in the final round of the 2013 Humana Challenge on the 156-yard, par-3 15th hole.

Brian Gay won the Humana in a sudden-death playoff over Charles Howell.

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Reader Comments (6)

Unusually the European competition had more OWGR points at stake than the Humana. And the contrast in TV styles:
European = golf from the course as it happens.
US =golf from the course + interviews with players after their round+ recordings of how the player got to where he is now today (lots of shots of putting) + recordings of what a player did yesterday or last year + Sir Nick showing how the hole should be played + shots of the two studio commentators talking about what we wanted to see (golf) +lots of commercial breaks (through which we in Asia see the leaderboard or something.)
Why so much difference?
European golf coverage is so much better.
The commentators are much better also.
01.21.2013 | Unregistered CommenterStanley Thompson
''European = golf from the course as it happens. '

Sorry, sir, but I call BS.

I suppose all that TW drop was not shown, and no interviews occurred, not to mention the commercials and the boring commentary which interspersed with some good commentary, if you are being honest about it.

Yes, the PGA had ''messages/interviews'' from the ''sponsors'', while HSBC in Abu Dhabi would probably prefer to lay low given the 1.6 billion fine they were just assessed, though the reality is, some people SHOULD be going to jail, and unlike the guy who robbed the 7-11, no one is going to do any jail time. More banking criminals- more reasons why keeping your money in a credit union is something you should consider.

Faldo, who is from England, and played on the Euro tour, to bring you up to speed, is actually very entertaining, when he is not doing to much ''I,I,me,me ,me--which Miller, Watkins and all the lead color guys are want to do.

As to the Humana coverage- lots of shots were shown, not just the putting roundup that curses some weeks and other than the third party in the playoff, all of the contenders were shown frequently.

Additionally, while it is a birdie fest, and going low is ''easy'', relatively speaking- the drama of winning pressed everyone, and this was shown and discussed as the ''Back Nine on Sunday'' became as much a pressure point for The Humana as it is for The Masters.

I really like the desert next to the mountains scenery, and while the track at Abu Dhabi is nice, it is totally fake- when the high camera shows oles alongside the edge of the complex, the white glare of sand goes on and on-- to create a real desert course as some in Arizona are, would be much more appealling to me-but all the expatriots would not like a reminder of where they are, and this fake parkland creates just the illusion they want.

TW and Rory took the money and ran-but the customers of HSBC won't know that is why their returned check fees just went up another 3 bucks (RCF is, or was rhe 3rd largest profit center in banking- this nugget from a few years ago)

Anyway, I enjoy your posts, and very often agree, but come on- the coverage from both events is plastered with commercials and egotistical announcing.
01.21.2013 | Unregistered Commenterdigsouth
Zero commercial breaks, zero interviews and zero shots of the commentators during the Abu Dhabi telecast for us fortunate Scandinavians. Just golf.
01.21.2013 | Unregistered CommenterHawkeye
Wow Hawkeye. Pretty cool What was amazing about both events is how the real pressure of winning is such a force-- it shows how the mindset of ''winners', like TW, etc, is so darn strong, so powerful- and it makes the TW at the majors fail so real- he feels it just like these guys do at regular tour stops.

I am anxious to see how Rose and Stallings bounce back.
01.21.2013 | Unregistered Commenterdigsouth
I've been waiting for a chance to comment on TV presentations. Thanks for the opening.

I like how the European tour shows the entire hole from above highlighted as it sits on the course, and then zooms in to where the tee shots landed on the computer generated course. It helps to give a better perspective on the holes. Most of the time from a ground level camera I can't really appreciate the features on the hole.

I find the advertisement billboards around the holes to be humorous, but it probably explains the fewer commercials.

I do like to hear from the players as they finish. Sometimes if I understand what they were thinking maybe I'll make a better choice in the future of my game. Which leads me to preferring questions about specific situations as opposed to general "how do you feel about that round" questions. Phil M. had a great question answer exchange about how he played 18 on Saturday. (Paraphrase - I was such and such yards out which would be a 5 iron but I was thinking about making sure to get to the back of the hole so I went with a 4. I caught the down slope and hadn't even thought about going through into the water, but sometimes that happens)

I much prefer the camera work of the US tour. While I'm not a fan of the zoom so the ball fills the screen (it loses the shot shape for me) it beats the camera work on the ET where they almost seem surprised that a ball is coming in, and more times than not only zoom in on where it actually stopped.

So a nice mix would be great:

Show me the holes from above so I can get a lay of the land.
Let advertisers put up signs (like charity "this hole sponsored by Chevrolet") to cut down on commercials.
Find the ball before it stops.
Ask specific questions.

Maybe that's too much to ask.
01.21.2013 | Unregistered CommenterMattS

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