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Tiger And The Stock Market, Redux

Nice post by Sam Weinman on the bizarro parallel lines between Tiger winning and the stock market's performance.

Buy, buy, buy!

A coincidence? Probably. But as Gary Kaminsky, the Capital Markets Editor for CNBC, said, "If you want to draw some conclusions, stock market participants who are avid golf fans become more aggressive and optimistic in thinking about their investments when Tiger wins a tournament."

Of course, as Kaminsky noted, the Nasdaq's rapid rise was more attributable to enthusiasm around tech stocks than it was Woods' superior ball-striking and clutch putting. But what's interesting is that the pattern has continued into this more unpredictable phase of Woods' career.

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Reader Comments (2)

Good one. Just remember when the cock crows, the sun rises. (And it rises whether there is a cock crowing or not.)
Good one, Colin.

CNBC = Certifiable Nutcases & Blind Correlations
01.30.2013 | Unregistered CommenterRLL

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