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Sure Enough: The T-Rex Installation Scared Off The Aus PGA

Even though there were signs the dinosaurs at Coolum Resort installed by billionaire owner Clive Palmer weren't well received by the Australian PGA, and just because they put up large fences around them during the tournament, only today did they confirm that the pre-historic creates played a role in the tournament leaving. At least, if "signage matters" means dinosaur to you.

From the AP:

Thorburn said a "lack of flexibility of dates ... and signage matters" prompted golf's national governing body to seek alternatives to the resort owned by mining magnate Clive Palmer.

The contract with the resort had been in jeopardy since the 26-foot mechanical T-Rex nicknamed "Jeff" — placed between the ninth green and 10th tee — generated international headlines and plenty of jokes. Palmer agreed to turn off the movement sensors on the dinosaur so it didn't flip its tail or open its mouth for a menacing roar during the tournament.

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Reader Comments (2)

Not that you would expect AP to get it right - but the PGA is not 'golf national governing body'. It's the price we pay for the virtual extinction of newspaper golf writers in Australia. Golf Australia is the NGB.

It's also a good thing the tournament is moving.It's time the PGA took its own tournament seriously and played it on something other than a resort course.
02.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterMike Clayton
I believe signage matters referred to all the writing that got put on the fairway.

Another resort course expected to take over so Mike can be happy...
02.14.2013 | Unregistered CommenterUnderTheChin

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