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No. 8: Cal Men Do It Again!

From an unbylined report on Cal Men's golf winning their eighth tournament this season, a ridiculous tally with several weeks to go in the spring.

This is just unfair:

Cal headed into the final round with an 11-shot lead by shooting the low team scores during the first- and second-round. On the final day, they shot 3 over.

All five Cal players finished in the top 12.

Sean Martin profiled the program earlier this year and revealed some of the keys to their epic run.

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Reader Comments (11)

is the California performance some sort of record or have some schools done this in the past, 8 of 9
03.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterTony
The win against that field is impressive. A couple of weeks ago, Cal won an event in Fresno, I believe, by 37, yes 37, shots.
03.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterSpiegs
Go bears. If you saw the Bears practice facilities at metropolitan golf links in Oakland, you would be even more impressed... Not exactly world class.
03.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterBlaker
@Blaker - At least they have a section of the grass range roped off at Metropolitan, but yes, not even close to what would be ideal. Have added any to that short game area? I haven't been out there for a couple of years.
03.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterSpiegs
Spiegs - I don't play metro regularly (forgive me, but a Johnny Miller design coupled with the smell of jet fuel isn't my favorite combo!), but I was actually out there for a round early last sunday. I took a quick peek over at the Cal practice area, and it looked much the same, though there was a short game practice area that abuts the roped off area that looked new to me. It's not a horrible place to practice or play by any means, it's just amazing that Cal is doing what they are doing, and recruiting who they are recruiting, with those facilities.
03.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterBlaker
Metropolitan is my home course. It doesn't smell like jet fuel at all. Decent track. The practice facilities, however, are paltry when compared to Stanford or other top D-I golf programs. Just goes to show it's the size of the fight in the dog, not the size of dog in the fight (or its practice grounds).
03.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterGabe
@ Gabe, you have to admit there is some strange chemical smell around the 11th green and 12th tee. I like the course. The tees and greens as they are usually in good condition and they have a grass range available most of the time. The fairways have had some issues in the past. I will try and get out there after work soon now that the time has changed.
03.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterSpiegs
@Spiegs. You are correct about the smell, but to me it isn't jet fuel. It's something having to do with the fact that the course is built on marsh (and landfill?) and is near the airport. I just know jet fuel has a very distinct smell and that ain't it.

I love that the practice facilities have a HUGE driving range with dozens of grass tees, 2 putting areas, and a separate chipping area. I don't love the course (it's ok) but it's a GREAT place to go practice your game.
03.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterGabe
Just for the record, absolutely no offense meant on the jet fuel comment or by my stating I don't like Metro. It's actually a very good public facility, with an excellent practice facility, and the greens are in especially excellent condition--so I give it props for that. I just find the layout itself so blah. I have played several Miller designs (Metro, the Bridges, Stonetree) and I don't like any of them--though Metro is at least a very playable course, so I would put it at the top of the list. My point was more that Cal is having all this success and they have to recruit kids to practice on a course in a marsh next to the Oakland Airport. That's incredible.

And just to be fair, I didn't say it smelled like jet fuel just to be a jerk. When I played there last sunday morning, there was a jet cruising around the tarmac (might have been getting repairs?) while I was on the front nine, and ALL I could smell was jet fuel. Later on I smelled marsh rot and goose poo. That I am fine with. Didn't like the jet fuel much though.
03.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterBlaker
Blaker - stop digging yourself a deeper hole...move on.
03.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterStord
The guys rarely play at Metro, although they do go out there to practice. For playing purposes they have access to nearly all of the best courses in the bay area; they're not all close to home but they include SFGC, Mayacama, Stonebrae, Wente Vineyards, Meadow Club, and many more. There are not very many closed doors when you consider the network of Cal alumni amongst the elite clubs in the bay area.

The sense of "team" amongst the current group is really incredible, as is the talent. Their bench is better than most teams. They're also surprisingly young: only one senior, and the best player on the team is a sophomore.

Admittedly an on-campus practice facility is a big deal to some, and the academics are tough. But to say that it's a difficult place to recruit to, I don't think that's correct at all. How is it different than Southern Cal or UCLA which are also top-notch universities with modest or no on-campus practice but lots of access to great courses?
03.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterMatt

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