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Links Trust Trademarking Of St Andrews Moving Forward

Fife Today reports that the St Andrews Links Trust is forging ahead with trademark efforts to stop outsiders from outsiders from cashing in on the St Andrews brand.

St Andrews Links Trust has applied to register the town’s name as a trademark in the European Union.

If successful, the Trust would be the only organisation able to provide specific goods or services using the ‘St Andrews’ trademark although other businesses could ask for permission.

What about St. Andrews?

With the abbreviating period we pesky Americans insist on?

The application covers 11 different classifications of goods and services, most of which are directly related to golf. Books and magazines relating to golf are specified on the application as are golf balls, clubs and bags.

If granted, the trade mark would also apply to conducting tours and trips in the field of golf as well as the provision of hotel, restaurant and bar services.

Yes, stop those horrible tour operators from bringing people to your town!

Making the already difficult task of a tour operators that much tougher would be like adding bunkers to the second green for one week every five, sorry, scratch that thought.

“St Andrews Links Trust believes it is not appropriate for these parties to use the renown of St Andrews for their financial gain by wrongfully suggesting they have a relationship with St Andrews Links.

“If the reputation and goodwill which exists across the world towards St Andrews Links is to be properly protected, for the benefit of all, it is important for St Andrews Links Trust to take these protective measures and, where appropriate, to take steps to stop third parties misrepresenting themselves and causing public confusion.”

A solution to a problem that doesn't really exist? I smell a theme with the Links Trust developing here.

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Reader Comments (2)

When I was looking for a St Andrews towel, I looked at the official shop prices, went across the street to the shop by the 18th green and looked at those prices. The stuff in the unaffiliated shop was much cheaper (about half price) but looked much more shoddily made, which confused me a bit since I thought as an American, the copyright laws were similar. I ended up paying full boat at the official shop since it was a nicer logo and better quality. So can there be confusion? Yeah, I was confused.

But if the rules historically have been that a copyright, why should the Links Trust be able to change the law just to suit their narrow interpretation after all these years?
03.19.2013 | Unregistered CommenterBob
So if I owned the St Andrews Gift shop 2 blocks from the course and been in business for 110 years, I would have to ask permission to continue using the name. Lucky I am not on the town council, I would tell the golf course they can no longer use the town name to promote their courses.
03.20.2013 | Unregistered CommenterMike Stevens

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