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Playoff "Vernacular" & Logo Change...Again!

Disappointingly, the Reset Cup has not become the preferred description of the algorithm infused, two-points reset system best known as the FedExCup Playoffs, until next year when the vernacular changes again.

For Immediate Something:

The seventh year of the FedExCup Playoffs kicks off this week at The Barclays, featuring the top 125 players in the 2013 FedExCup standings.
For your use, we have attached the new logo, "FedExCup Playoffs," that replaces the previous version, "PGA TOUR Playoffs." We would greatly appreciate any  references going forward to be the "FedExCup Playoffs" and use of the new logo as well.
Additional changes to PGA TOUR vernacular are as follows:
·        The Playoffs officially become the FedExCup Playoffs (with new logo).
·        There should be no more reference to the Regular Season.

What about lower case regular season?

·        The 2013 PGA TOUR Season concludes October 6 at The Presidents Cup.  The 2013-14 PGA TOUR Season begins October 7 at the Open.
·        Reference to a specific tournament will still be by the calendar year in which it is played.
·        There no longer will be a “Fall Series” on the PGA TOUR; those should be referred to as “season-opening events.”
·        The final four events on the Tour are the Tour Finals, ending with the Tour Championship at TPC Sawgrass (Dye's Valley course).

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Reader Comments (21)

Hilarious, and very much in keeping with Tour groupthink. Especially like when a tournament name changes and the old names disappear like someone falling out of favor in a photo on May Day atop Lenin's Tomb. Amazing how Chick Evans won the 1910 BMW Championship six years before the company was founded.
08.19.2013 | Unregistered CommenterGolden Bell
Complete and utter bollocks.
08.19.2013 | Unregistered CommenterSamad
This just in: No one gives a rats ass about the FedEx cup.
08.19.2013 | Unregistered CommenterRanchiBob
Huh? Thank God for the European Tour, which still has some events, recognisably so.
08.19.2013 | Unregistered CommenterGhillie
You can bet the players give a rats arse about the FedEx Cup. It allows them to line their pockets with a lot money at the end of their year. Saying they don't care about is like saying you don't care about your Year End Bonus. Not so much a fan at the beginning, but it now part of professional golf's fabric. Hate it or watch it,is on the radar. The Rich-Get-Richer Season-Ending Payout!
Hard for some to admit the FedEx Cup thingy is a huge success for players and fans. If it wasn't, FedEx would have bailed.
08.20.2013 | Unregistered Commentertour caddy 60
@tour caddy 60 You got it. They (Fed Ex) poured a ton of money into this deal. If they didn't think it was worth it they would have pulled the plug. And you can bet the players all have Fed Ex accounts! It is like having a filthy rich great-uncle you didn't know you had leave you a huge inheritance. You weren't counting on, but once the will was probated, you found out just how much you "loved" your long lost great-uncle. He now warms the cockles of your heart.
Sometimes Geoff gets confused about the nature of Tim finchem's job. It is to enrich PGA pros by creating profitable opportunities for sponsors and networks. He is a programming executive. And since the tour managed to get through the recession without lowering purses, I would say he is an extremely talented programming executive.
08.20.2013 | Unregistered Commenterjoe
They are still trying to push the FedEx Cup thingy down our throats. They think that we golf fans will eventually succumb to their tactics.
However, we all know that it just a series of golf tournaments with the only plus being the ridiculous first prize for the last tournament of the year.
And you get to hug Timmie.
08.20.2013 | Unregistered CommenterStanley Thompson
@ Stanley The Fed Ex Bonus Pool is HUGE - that is in addition to the Winner's check at the last tournament of the year. $10M first place for the winner of the Fed Ex Cup - which is the BONUS POOL. I think second place in the Bonus Pool is $3M?? Last place is something like $70K!

2013 POOL

•1st. Prize Money - $10,000,000
•2nd. Prize Money - $3,000,000
•3rd. Prize Money - $2,000,000
•4th. Prize Money - $1,500,000
•5th. Prize Money - $1,000,000
•10th. Prize Money - $500,000
•30th. Prize Money - $175,000
•70th. Prize Money - $110,000
•125th. Prize Money - $70,000
For the millionth time: If the FedUp Cup were really the playoffs and it was advance and then win or go home for $10 million, that would be compelling. Or in other words, if two golfers squared off for the $10 million with the loser getting walking around money, it wouldn't matter who was playing in the final.
08.20.2013 | Unregistered CommenterKLG
@KLG - why does a "playoff" in golf have to involve only 2 people ? in this case it involves basically 5 people, with the opportunity for another 25 to come through as a long shot. At the end, only 1 person gets the big payout. Do others get paid ? Yes, just the same as the US Open or Open Championship. But the winner gets a bunch more.

Bottom line - it is a great 4 weeks of golf. All the top players, pretty good courses for the most part, and there is alot of cash up for grabs. (and they are "Pro" golfers). Why can't people simply enjoy it for what it is ? It is not a major, nobody says it is a major, ect. Do they have a lot of commmercials ? Yep, because they hope to drive ratings. So does most every other sports event out there. They are going up against NFL football, you need all the commercials you can get ! Personally I am watching as much as I can these 4 weeks, the NFL can wait.
08.20.2013 | Unregistered CommenterBrianS
Or, they could go to single elimination match play once the field gets cut to 32. Now that would be interesting. Of course the sponsors would not feel as comfortable with match play for TV as they will for a medal play event.

But the Fex Ex sponsorship puts up the money and the gunslingers will show up. It is a reality. If you like it, watch it. If not, enjoy something else. No one is sentenced to watch it.

BTW, wish I could have qualified! And I bet there are not two people on this blog that wouldn't peg it if they too were qualified.
The Pro from Dover

Yes but....the last tourney is not based on points.
Anyone in that tournament can win the big lotto.
If it were based on total points I could understand the purpose of the Fedex thing, but the last man in the points could have a great outing and win the $10M.
08.20.2013 | Unregistered CommenterStanley Thompson
And that is the point of a real playoff: Anyone who gets in can win the whole thing. Sometimes Joe Namath and his 1968 Jets are real; ditto for the 1969 Mets. There should be no carryover from the "regular season" in the playoffs. Period. Anyone who makes it should have an equal chance of winning the whole thing. Miss one of the playoff events, you're out. Miss the cut in one of the events, farewell and adieu. That is not the case for the Cup, as I understand it. Which I might not, but I'm not inclined to figure it out. I have enough "algorithms" to deal every day sitting at this computer.
08.20.2013 | Unregistered CommenterKLG
I love the FedEx Cup and the Playoffs and watching a guy try to make a putt for 10 million bucks.
08.20.2013 | Unregistered Commentertour caddy 60
@ Stanley . But that is what makes the "play offs" the play offs. Everyone gets a fair shot at the Bonus Pool ---you have to keep making cuts. Hey, I wouldn't mind making a couple more cuts and get it down to 8 guys at the end playing for the marbles. Kind of like a demolition derby! You crash, you burn.

BTW Loved your Ginty!
@KLG - very few sports completely blank the slate and start the playoffs completely equal to all that qualify. Most have seeding systems - do you think that the #16 seed has an "equal" chance to win the NCAA tournament than the #1 seed that they play in the first round ? It is set up for the top seed to hopefully advance to play each other - but not impossible for anyone to win. The NFL gives bye weeks for their best regular season performers, in addition to seeding them against the worst teams when they in fact due play. Other sports award home field games (which convey a big advantage) to the team that does the best in the "regular" season. So most championships realize that while the want to playoffs to determine the championship, excellence in the regular season should convey some benefits to those that achieved it.

In the Fedex playoffs, all can win - it is simple - if you win 2 of the events, most likely anyone will be in the Top 5 and able to win it all in Atlanta. For one of the top guys, less is required, but they still have to produce somehow in the playoffs, or they most likely will not win. The PGA has tweaked this back and forth to achieve the best balance between the regular standings and the playoffs, personally, I think it is pretty good shape as it stands right now.
08.20.2013 | Unregistered CommenterBrianS
Yeah, I almost mentioned "bye" and seeding in other sports. Not to mention home field advantage based on something as absurd as an all-star game. And I expected your reply. So here goes. Individual Golf at medal play doesn't admit of the concept of byes. The only way to make this a real playoff is to start with top 125. Then cut to 64, then 32. NO resets (sorry for shouting) at any time once the field of 125 is set. No skipping an event, which is not a bye. Let the 32 fight it out however you want for the $10 million, but make the final format close to winner take all. The problem is that television is really in the saddle and can't abide the idea of Russell Henley fighting it out with Jeff Overton for all the marbles, although how many would be pulling for Twitter Master Overton depends on the size of his family. If the PGAT had any guts they wouldn't care about that. In any case we already know who the champion golfers of the year are: Scott, Rose, Mickelson, and Dufner. No FedEx Cup of any import will change that. Ever. In the old days the Tour Championship was a nice way to end the season, but that is all it was. Ditto for the Cup. It's football season, fergawdsake.
08.20.2013 | Unregistered CommenterKLG
Some good stuff there fellas! Ladies, not so much...
08.22.2013 | Unregistered CommenterDTF
BTW, in fact the Euro Tour has opposite field events all 4 weeks but the aggregate purse of those 4 is less than the total for a single playoff event and the total purse for each event is only a little more than the winners share in NJ, Chicago, Boston and Atlanta. Yeah yeah, I know, it's not all about the benjamins....
08.22.2013 | Unregistered CommenterDTF

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