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Hardly A Shock: Tiger Not Looking Good For Pinehurst

Notah Begay went on CBS radio the day after the Masters and says he's spoken to his old Stanford pal. Unfortunately, Tiger Woods is unlikely for the U.S. Open at Pinehurst to continue his back surgery recuperation.

Mike Walker summarizes the Begay appearance.

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Reader Comments (29)

The man needed two weeks' immobilization following surgery, not exactly the "minor procedure" and walk in the park TW's mouthpieces were saying on April 1.

The dissembling is strong in this one, and we don't need Notah to confirm that most of what comes out of Tiger's mouth (or that of his reps) is not worth a plug nickel.
04.14.2014 | Unregistered CommenterDJ Watts
Tiger won't play again this year.
04.14.2014 | Unregistered CommenterCraig
We only learn what we're intended to learn. Is there another player who manipulates the media, and the public, to such an extent? Kim Kardashian (sp?) could take lessons. Where do I unsubscribe?
04.14.2014 | Unregistered CommenterPasaplayer
Any disc surgery you can't turn for a couple weeks, you want the scar tissue to form. (The mobilized thing came from Payne). Notah is basically just saying what every dr has said, & if you listen to radio clip, notah says drs he's talked to have said 3 months, not tiger said 3 months.

But really this is what we already knew 3 months is really best case scenario. Unless Tiger is dumb & takes a shot bc Pinehurst is supposed to have no rough. Tiger obvs wanted to compete in Masters, but hindsight being 20/20 have to think he would've been better off having surgery after back flared up at Honda
04.14.2014 | Unregistered CommenterElf
Another year of courses (hosting the majors) that would have favored the pre-Foley Tiger Woods. The pre-Foley Woods won on three of the four 2014 major venues – Augusta, Royal Liverpool and Valhalla. He won at Valhalla using Harmon's swing, and won at Augusta and Royal Liverpool using Harmon's swing and Haney's swing.

As it stands, he's only shot three rounds in the 60s in his past 18 majors. Hopefully he's using this time to ditch Foley's swing, but who the heck knows with Eldrick. He's be a fool to stay with a swing that's mangled his once brilliant pitching game and has left him 0-for-the-majors since 2010. Under Haney, he was consistently ranked near the top of the tour rankings in birdies from the rough; under Foley he isn't even in the Top 50. He's turned into a robotic shell of his former self. His current swing simply doesn't suit the type of golfer that made him great, which was a scorer and a scrambler. He's always been erratic off the tee.

Tiger won 48 times under Haney and bagged six majors. He lipped out a putt on the last hole for the lowest round ever (62) in a major at the 2007 PGA Championship as a student of Haney. His time under Harmon needs no explanation. Eight majors, many wins.

If Tiger never wins another major, it will go down in history that he wasted away his prime years (his 30s, when most pro golfers are gelling, i.e. Bubba Watson, Phil, etc.) by fooling around with the biggest snake oil swing to ever invade the PGA Tour. The Foley/S&T swing has claimed one major, on the quirkiest venue to ever host a major, by a player (Rose) who uses the most inexact version of that swing amongst its cult.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterTwoTurns&aSwish
I think I saw TwoTurn's same rant on a Hank Haney thread on and


If Tiger never wins another major, he will go down in history as winning 14 majors.

Everyone has the right to an opinion. No one has the right to be taken seriously.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterDC
We won't know he's close until his ball-shagging range buddy Chucky Three Sticks tells us "he's puring it" and stepdad #5 Cookie tells us "he's never been happier."
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterAbu Dhabi Golfer
The memories jumble more and more, even the recent variety.

But I'm pretty sure I saw Sean Foley with Justin Rose on the Augusta putting green behind the 10th tee Friday, and Foley was wearing a walking boot on one of his feet.

Bet you never saw Haney or Butch in a boot.

Maybe he over-stacked, of under-tilted.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterWillie
NBC will be bummed if Tiger misses their last Open. But they had a great run of him in his prime after acquiring the event in 1994. The same network was there for Jordan's prime in NBA. Good luck to Fox getting back its billion post-Tiger and Phil.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterMedia driven
@DJ What's a plug nickel? (serious question)
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterPGT
I posted this on another thread, but I don't really know what to think about Begay's position as the distributor of Tiger's authorized info, and at the same time posing as a journalist at GC. He has already revealed that he knew all about the back injury prior to Honda, Doral and Bay Hill, but he never disclosed on air anything other than reactions to what Tiger officially put out there. The idea that Tiger would have or even was thinking about surgery while playing at Doral was never disclosed by anyone at NBC. They just echoed his bit about resting up and getting ready for Bay Hill, followed by the Masters. Begay at some point knew this to be untrue. He is not just a game reporter now, he sits at the news desk - does he have any obligation to tell the truth ? Obviously he thinks not, he only tells what Tiger oks for him to tell to the world. I have a problem with that.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterBrianS
@BrianS when Notah signed on with golf channel their was an understanding that anything Tiger told him in confidence would be out of bounds. The golf world, really the sports world as a whole, is rife with conflicts of interest. Nobilo was a vice capt on multiple Pres Cup teams, you think he didn't have knowledge about the selection process that he didn't share?

Everyone knows that Tiger & Notah are friends, I think I'd have a problem with it if the situation was a secret. And they were friends long before Notah went into TV work. You'll notice that at Doral NBC didn't ask Notah much about Tiger's back, and not at all at Bay Hill.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered Commenterelf
+1, Brian, I have a problem with it, too. Begay is basically out there to "wag the dog," and with instruction from the incompetents who have mangled Tiger's PR now for years besides.

As for Tiger staying home, I pray this part is true. As discussed many times here, the best thing he could possibly do is sit (lie) out the rest of the season and let his brain (and soul) recover a glimpse of who Tiger Woods was and still could be.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterRLL
Ok, let me put this waaay better: their is always off record and on record, Notah's friendship is off-record, except for what he chooses to put on record. And media not telling you everything they know about athletes is a pretty time-honored tradition.

And if you think that Kostis for instance is telling you everything he knows about his students (say Casey) then you're nuts, or if you know everything Jenkins knows about Hogan. (or really if you think you know everything any media member knows about any player, lots of stuff still happens off record).
04.15.2014 | Unregistered Commenterelf
Slight difference, elf. In the case of your examples, you're referring to highly successful and talented people with obvious skills, analytical and otherwise, who function independently and make both professional and discretionary choices that generally uphold the integrity of their jobs and their person.

OTOH, you have Begay, who has leveraged his friendship with The Man who is The Money in this sport into a paid position as a... I don't know, what would you say Mr. Begay was...? I mean, other than Friend of Tiger...?
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterRLL
@RLL you may not like Begay, or think he's good at his job, but do realize that he won more professional tournaments than Chamblee, and is an on course reporter at many events that Tiger is not a part of, and has never been a part of. Networking and leveraging connections is how pretty much everyone on camera, got there. Begay has a job now other than covering Tiger.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered Commenterelf
Maybe, but I don't think a whole lot of people are interested in any way, shape, or form in the part of his job you're describing, that's all.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterRLL
@RLL that's fine. It was asked if it was a conflict of interest or appropriate for Notah to withhold info given that he was now news/media. I pointed out that news/media people routinely withhold information. Just because the only thing you care about from Notah is his info on Tiger, doesn't mean the rules should be different for him. He wasn't hired to give you off the record scoop on Tiger (& if he did, he wouldn't get any more info out of Tiger anyways).
04.15.2014 | Unregistered Commenterelf
Well, we'll have to agree to disagree, I guess. I think he was hired precisely to give off the record scoops on Tiger. And since he's perfectly willing to wag the dog at the behest of Tiger and his people, the channel stays open.

There are many degrees of conflict of interest. The kind that usually ends up getting attention tends to be centered around money. And there was, and is, a lot of money riding on Tiger's availability to play, or in some cases, on the time left open to speculate on whether he'll be playing. I think that's what was beneath the original comments on conflict of interest.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterRLL
I agree there is lots of off the record info that media folks know about and don't disclose. I would say that silence is one thing, and directly lying is another. When NB is on the air talking about Tiger's back injury and his prospects for Bay Hill and the Masters, and he says basically the Tiger line at the time - rest and recovery, hoping to play ...... , when he knows full well that is BS and that Tiger is planning on or at least seriously considering going under the knife - that is a direct falsehood. He should have said he has to recuse himself or not commented at all. I know that is hard for him, he is trying to break into the new bus, and it is sort of a tough situation to be in, but he has to take the good with the bad, and maybe he needs to distance himself from Tiger. That stance though could influence his ability to continue to get paid.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterBrianS
Hey, Geoff. I thought you had said Tiger was playing acting, right? If so, is this like a Twilight Zone episode, where Tiger's bulging disk in his back and subsequent major surgery never really happened?
04.15.2014 | Unregistered Commenterjohn doak
Notah is great. It's refreshing to hear about Tiger from someone who has actually talked with him in the last decade unlike Brandel and crew.

As for some imagined "conflict of interest," Chamblee's the one with the conflict. Several fellow journalists have referred to his "hatred" of Tiger yet the Golf Channel continues to let him cover Woods and spew anti-Tiger venom even when he's not playing. It is amazing Chamblee's still on the air after his article last year insinuating Tiger was a cheater -- that ugly smear was so over the top it was a joke.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered Commenterjohn doak
14 Major Tournament Victories is a *great* career.

Ahem ... in 2008 when I said he'd not win a major for 2 years after his ACL + (mystery cartilage) surgery I was called a racist, a heretic and so anti-Tiger, just laying out a professional opinion. Unless you talk to me, you won't hear my opinion this time, but if you didn't like it in 2008, please don't ask.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered Commenterredanman
@john doak, one of the under the rock dwellers from the Golf Channel discussion boards, crashes

Get ready for some good old race baiting.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered Commenter18 beats 14
Tiger had to adopt a swing that took pressure off his surgically-repaired knee. Unfortunately, Foley taught him a swing that wrecked his back. Now what will he do? What swing exists that exerts pressure on neither the back or the knee? Injuries will be Tiger's undoing. It's a shame, because he's the most electrifying athlete of my generation. I've been lucky to have seen the entire careers of Jordan, Gretzky, etc., and no one comes close.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterDave
@brianS I think tiger made a mistake trying to play the Doral/masters & should have had surgery sooner. But I'd be willing to place a lot of money that he was at least seriously hoping that rest/rehab would do it. That hope & the fact that he delayed surgery bc of it, is probably going to cost him the us open. As to bay hill the only person I heard on that was Dan Hicks.

If you expect Notah to give you information he learned from Tiger, that Tiger doesn't want in public, then you'll be disappointed. The toe have been friends since they were teenagers. He is actually a decent guy, and he's not going to betray Tiger's friendship or trust. If ou expect Notah to do his job, which is be a walking reporter during golf telecasts & very occasional analyst, you might find you like him, or that he's to bland for your tastes.
04.15.2014 | Unregistered CommenterElf
Something tells me that Notah isn't any closer to being included in Tiger's inner circle as Steve Williams is. I'm not asserting that they don't speak on an occasional basis, but neither am I saying that they do.

Steiny is Tiger's O.B. Keeler, not Notah.
04.16.2014 | Unregistered CommenterPA PLAYA
So this "routine" and common back surgery required that Eldrick be basically immobilized for a few weeks and not even attend a fancy dinner last week. it just me or perhaps it's more serious than they've let on.

As Lee Buck said...every time you go under the knife, you're never the same. The area where they've cut Tiger is not what they call a "happy place" to make an incision. Hope the Doc was good.

gonna be interesting for sure come his 4th or 5th injury "comeback". Golf must be a rough sport eh?

Now back to Stanley Cup ice-boxing playoff highlights....ahh real athletes!
04.16.2014 | Unregistered Commenterjohnnnycz
If you wonder why Chamblee is so loathed by many fair minded fans of golf, read Jenn Bosworth's well regarded article about him on the back9network dot com website titled, "Brandel Chamblee's Hatred for Tiger Bad for Golf." Google Jenn's name and Brandel's to find the article. Enjoy the read.
04.16.2014 | Unregistered Commenterjohn doak

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