U.S. Open Ratings: Third Round 2.55; Undisputed Lightly Watched
Sunday, June 18, 2017 at 07:37 AM
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The third round overnight rating for Fox's U.S. Open third round telecast drew a 2.55, tying last year's rating for the lowest third round on record and down 24% from the 3.35 Fox drew it's first year at Chambers Bay. Do remember these numbers do not account for streaming views. These are also the longest viewing windows in the history of the U.S. Open--nine hours Saturday, nine-and-a-half on Sunday.

The third round overnight, if it holds, is actually lower than last year's Open Championship third round (2.75) on NBC, which was played in the morning hours vs the U.S. Open spilling into Saturday night prime time.

Hopefully Saturday's excitement and the various highlights seen by sports fans who did not tune in will get more people to tune in Sunday.

As for Fox's on-site shows of Undisputed featuring Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayliss, Thursday's 9-9:30 am EST show drew a .03, averaging 37,000 viewers. For perspective, Golf Central's Live From drew a .11, averaging 138,000 viewers over the same half hour.

In the 9:30-11 am window that led into FS1's first round U.S. Open telecast, Undisputed drew a 0.9 to 123k average vs. Live From's .18, 237k average audience over the 90 minutes.

On Friday Undisputed's 9-9:30 am drew a .05 to Live From's .14, while the 9:30 am-11 am EST window ended in a .09 vs. .17 for Live From leading into the second round telecast.

But hey, the Undisputed content was spectacular:


Golf Channel brass should send flowers to FS1's Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe for driving thousands of viewers to "Live From" show.

— Steve Elling (@EllingYelling) June 16, 2017

FS1 now:
Sharpe: That man deserves a nickname.
Skip: He's got one, Rickie.
Sharpe: What's his real name?
Skip: I dunno. Ask your researcher

— Steve Elling (@EllingYelling) June 16, 2017

As FS1's Undisputed rolls tape of Rickie and his girlfriend:
Sharpe: "I can see why he playing so well. Look at her, Skip. Rickie got this."

— Steve Elling (@EllingYelling) June 16, 2017


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