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A Few Quick Comments From TPC Boston

greetingsfromboston.jpgThanks to favorable weather and the efforts of superintendent Tom Brodeur, the course is dry and firm with a promising weather forecast.

I toured the course today with Gil Hanse and Brad Faxon, so it was fun not only to hear their insights, but to hear player reactions which included several fine compliments along the lines of "I'm not sure how to play this hole" or "that bunker is right where I want to layup." Of course, the players don't realize they are paying the architects a compliment!

The new fourth is a real standout and I'll post more on that with some photos when I get the chance. Both 16 and 17 could be really fun on television, while the 18th is loaded with trouble but until the original green is blown up, I'm not sure how great it can be.

Most exciting of all is how aged the fescues already look. These images are of 5 month old bunkers. In a few years when the grasses break down and see a little wear and tear, they'll only take on more of an antique flavor.

TPCBoston15bunker.jpg TPCBoston15rightbunker.jpg


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Reader Comments (8)

Were those taken with the iPhone? If so, great job!

Also, if you could ask any of the players for me if they actually have a brain, if they have ever used it?
08.28.2007 | Unregistered CommenterSlim Pickens
I would expect the PGA TOUR pros not to like what Hanse and Faxon have done because this course is not what they play each week. Someone will complain about losing a shot because they hit it into the high fescue grasses near a bunker.

What is happening to the PGA TOUR that they are actually going to play a tournament on a course that is well-designed?!?
08.29.2007 | Unregistered CommenterScott
slim and scott, you folks are painting with a pretty broad brush are you not? i'm sure there are smarter pros than you slim, as well as some who aren't. as well, scott, there are good architectural designs and lousy ones. i think that there will be many pros who like the changes, because it IS different from the weekly norm.
08.29.2007 | Unregistered CommenterHonest Abe
Abe, even if it's not all "right there in front of them?" LOL.
08.29.2007 | Unregistered CommenterSmolmania
80 percent of them can't even think past all of the anti-depressants, beta blockers and steroids they have in them. How do you expect they are going to see a good golf course--a thoughtfully changed golf course--in front of them?

Heck, half of them can't remember which number wife they are on!
08.29.2007 | Unregistered CommenterSlim Pickens
I will be watching the tournament this weekend because the course is different. I even watched Barclays without Tiger because Westchester is a different course. Fortunately, the playoffs are being played on different courses. Which of the four do you think is the weakest course?
08.29.2007 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Yessirrie! You are really showing your intelligence now Slim! You should be proud of such insightful comments as those you just made. They are a great insight into what kind of person you are. Of course thoughtfulness is not a requirement for this site.
08.29.2007 | Unregistered CommenterHonest Abe
Honestly(pun intended) Are you really actually going to hide your head in the sand and deny that any of my statements aren't true, That they are an absolute fabrication? Or are you just that naive?

As far as thoughtfulness: look at you with the false name! (Or is hypocracy beneath you?)
08.29.2007 | Unregistered CommenterSlim Pickens

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