Online Handicap Access

The question was raised once before here, but I think that based on the many interesting comments in the post below on Merrill Lynch CEO Stanley O'Neal getting caught playing golf while the company burned, there is an interesting debate here on the positives and negatives of so easily researching handicaps online.

I'd love to hear if you all think this has been a good thing for the game or if incidents like this only do golf harm? After all, as many noted, O'Neal might have been doing some entertaining and who is to say there was much he could do back at the office? But in general, his undoing was in part driven by the image of him out enjoying our beloved sport. And based on the fact he was canned, the imagery is not positive to the outside world.

Anyway, is it a good thing that handicaps are available to see for anyone and everyone in the world?

Or might it be better to only allow access for other registered handicap golfers (if that's even possible)?

GHIN and a Guilt Chaser

On my recent trip I picked up the Wall Street Journal weekend edition. It included a front page story on CEO's and other corporate types abusing the company flying time. I left the story behind but had meant to post something about what bothered me, and presumably other readers. Namely, how the privacy of these CEO's was violated by turning in golf scores and having reporters dig up those rounds via to confirm when they were taking trips.

Well, Golf World's Ron Sirak has done a nice job summarizing this and the pros and cons with handicaps available online.