Commish Open To Foursomes Play At...Monday Pro-Ams!

Leave it to Commissioner Tim Finchem to, like most things, almost-but-not-quite get it right when it comes to something golf-related. This time it's the topic of Team USA's lousy play in Ryder Cup foursomes.

Alex Miceli reports that Finchem was not asked to be on the PGA of America task force Task Force, but sees a "silver lining" in our lousy foursomes play as a way to introduce the format to more Americans who do not understand why UK golfers enjoy playing a faster way. If only he could have stopped there...

“One of the silver linings on these things would be if foursomes golf could develop some traction in the U.S. We are strapped for (open) weeks,” said Finchem, who acknowledged the possibility of “a little side event” that could include foursomes.

Dare I mention restoration of the old Tuesday PGA Tour practice round exhibitions...oh right, we close the course on PGA Tour Championship Management Tuesdays now. Sorry, go on...

Finchem also mentioned the possibility of a special Monday pro-am that would feature a pro and amateur paired in foursomes.

“There are things you can do,” Finchem conceded. “I think that should be an area of focus.”

Ah yes, an alternate shot Monday pro-am with a PGA Tour player and a 15 handicapper is going to button things up for Team USA going forward! Yep, that'll really help! There is that one problem of Monday pro-ams being a place that most Ryder Cuppers tend to not be seen.