Senator Makes An Ace Playing With The President

An unbylined AP report details Senator Saxby Chambliss' 11th hole ace while playing with President Barack Obama Monday.

Chambliss told reporters upon his triumphant return to Capitol Hill that "everyone went crazy" when he made the shot and there were high-fives all around. The president retrieved the Chambliss' ball from the hole, while Corker took a picture.

"I told him since I made the hole-in-one, he ought to give us everything we want on entitlement reform," Chambliss said with a smile. That's Washington speak for legislation to change benefits like Social Security and Medicare.

A Reuters report by Robert Rampton noted the President's "respectable 17 handicap"--apparently without a trace of irony--but did not mention the ace. She did clarify this for readers, which might explain why she thinks a 17 is respectable!

Golf handicaps are a measure of ability and a lower handicap signifies a better player.

There's a newsflash from the city!

Texas Rep Introduces Amendment To Suspend Obama Golf Trips

Nicholas Ballasy reports that Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert has introduced an amendment to a Continuing Resolution that would not provide the White House with any taxpayer funds to transport President Barack Obama to and from any golf course as long as White House public tours were not being offered due to budget cuts.

“None of the funds made available by a division of this act may be used to transport the president to or from a golf course until public tours of the White House resume,” the amendment reads.

The video:

NY Times White House Reporter: "According to accounts from Mr. Rosaforte, who emerged as the best source of information."

Jackie Calmes of the NY Times and sequestered White House press corps tries to piece together Barack Obama's all-golf weekend and admits to relying on Golf World's Tim Rosaforte for most information from The Floridian where the President played with Tiger Woods Sunday.

Mr. Obama arrived for Sunday’s game well-practiced and primed for 36 holes, according to accounts from Mr. Rosaforte, who emerged as the best source of information. While the small pool of White House reporters and photographers remained out of sight, restricted to a bus just inside the resort’s iron gates and reliant on Mr. Earnest for sparse details, Mr. Rosaforte apparently was allowed access to the grounds and the elite group.

“The president loves his golf,” he reported on the Golf Channel after Saturday’s long outing.

Mr. Obama played 18 holes on Saturday, broke for lunch and then went straight to a driving range for practice with the Harmons, Mr. Rosaforte said. Nine more holes followed, with the team of Mr. Obama and Butch Harmon winning and “taking a couple bucks off” the others, Mr. Rosaforte added, and then Mr. Obama headed to the Harmons’ Learning Center “and beat balls for almost an hour.”

The coaches said they had instructed Mr. Obama on “pretty simple stuff,” Mr. Rosaforte said, like advising the left-handed president on how to better align his right shoulder when he swings.

“The president,” he added, “walked over to say that Butch had given him a couple things to work on — big smile on his face.”

Since the White House has released no images from the day, we'll just go with the Golf Digest cover posted at for the most accurate representation of the day.

Rosie also did his best Christiane Amanpour impression, hunkered down in a dark room as bombs went off in the background, telling an MSNBC anchor about the day. Other than the guy calling him Jim at one point instead of Tim, I'd say it was a big day in golf press history!

Ike: "Golf was essential to his daily routine."

Barack Obama played his first round of golf since August but after reading Evan Thomas' excerpt from Ike's Bluff, the President has a long way to go when it comes to matching the Oval Office's greatest golf nut.

We all know about President Eisenhower's 800 rounds, but there was all this...

Golf was essential to his daily routine. When he awakened in the morning, he limbered up by taking a few swings in his bedroom with his favorite eight-iron.

He sometimes swung the club when dictating to Mrs. Whitman. At 5:00 p.m. he would rise from Teddy Roosevelt’s old Navy Department desk in the Oval Office, put on his golf shoes, and head out the door, leaving tiny spike holes in the floorboards. On the Ellipse, the greensward stretching south from the White House toward the Washington Monument, he would practice fairway approach shots. His faithful valet (or as he was known in military parlance, his striker), Sergeant John Moaney, would shag the balls while tourists peered through the iron fence.