Has Secret Tour Pro Been Busted?

The Twitter account Secret Tour Pro has claimed to be a regular on the PGA Tour and European Tours, posted rumors that panned out, and many more that did not. Ryan Ballengee considered his credibility after last week's suggestion that Tiger was barely mobile, only to be seen as definitely upright and moving (thanks reader Brian).

But Ari Marcus has posted several images that the Secret Tour Pro suggested were his own, when in fact they are not.

The post:



"Top 10 in 2014: Social Media Fails"

I hope I'm not the first to wish Steve Elkington a big congrats for making Golf Channel's 2014 Top 10 Social Media Fails list...twice.

The list is a sobering reminder of the pedantic and more ridiculous scandals of 2014, all from hitting little keys on a digital device.

And a special nod to Jesper Parnevik for Instragraming his Segway accident, which made the list.

On a classier note, GolfChannel.com's most watched videos of the year list is topped by an actual golf shot and includes several other golf shots. For those so inclined.