For Immediate Release

This popped in my email box today. Keep in mind, Laser Link sponsors the Florida Open.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                           October 11,  2005

The Florida Open Tests the Laser Link Quickshot Rangefinder

MADISON, WI – In an effort to keep up with the times and make golf more enjoyable for all players, the USGA and R&A reversed a long standing rule last week that now allows distance measuring devices during all play.

The Florida Open, with a few days to spare between their event and the rule reversal, quickly acted to give the Laser Link Quickshot a try in their yearly event last week in Hobe Sound, Florida at the Loblolly Pines Golf Course.  All players were provided with a Laser Link QuickShot rangefinder to get precise yardage readings.

The leaders finished their rounds in four hours and fifteen minutes.  In previous years it took five hours and five minutes on average for the professional threesome to finish play.

“We are thrilled to see the results come in from this professional golf event.  The simple fact is, faster is better for everyone, the course owners, the players and even our non-golfing spouses.  Everyone wants the game to move more quickly.  If players can get fast and accurate yardage readings in two seconds, rather than forty seconds of ‘huntin and figurin’, the game of golf benefits,” said Rob O’ Loughlin, President of Laser Link Golf.

Colby Beckstrom took first place in the tournament which was shortened to 54 holes by rain with a score of 202.  “The Laser Link rangefinder was just a great tool.  I used it on every shot to the pin.  It helped my game.  It allowed me to concentrate on the shot and I didn’t have to worry about the yardage,” said Beckstrom.

Well I don't know about you, but I'm sold!

Seriously, it's great that Laser Link is willing to donate the "Quickshot" for free for all of the tournament players, and since they are determined to speed up play and their product works, why, I can only hope they'll continue to donate these $300 devices.