More SI Coverage Of Wie Incident

SI admirably takes the Wie incident heads on, publishing these photos of the drop (well, 6 of 7 are photos...the 7th is some sort of trivia ad thing), while offering a rebuttal to Alan Shipnuck's piece with SI's own Rob Stanger sort of scolding his colleague, though I don't buy into one of the scenarios he suggested for Bamberger to have considered (calling out to the caddy on the spot right after the drop).

Stanger also gets on Wie and the LPGA. He points out the rule 20-2 drop violation discussed in posts below.

Another good point Stanger addresses involves the LPGA players and reminds us what a debacle Trump National was with so many needing rulings. Same thing at Bighorn, including an incident with Annika.

Is it the golf courses and the many environmental areas, or as some are saying, players not knowing the rules well enough? Or a little of both? Or maybe the LPGA not having enough officials (hard to imagine that being the case at the tiny field Samsung).

Either way it seems this incident will ultimately force several issues to be addressed (DQ for day-after rulings, outside the ropes reporting of violations, player knowledge of rules, etc...), likely for the betterment of the sport.