Players Speaking Up

Bob Harig talks to players about possible changes in the 2007 PGA Tour schedule, and they are starting to say some interesting things. 

[The PGA Tour's] theory is that a condensed schedule will bring the top players together more often, because they will have fewer events from which to choose.

"Tiger and Phil talk about a long schedule; I don't know what they would know about that," said Hunter Mahan, who plays his 33rd event this week. "They play very few events because they need to be ready for the majors. To play a lot would not benefit them. They're trying to win majors, obviously they're trying to win tournaments, too, but majors are their main concern. That's why they don't play as much. (If they change the schedule) I don't see him (Woods) playing 25 events. He has his schedule."

 "I feel bad for any tournament that might not get in those top-tier tournaments and getting - I don't want to say second-hand guys - but you're not getting the top players playing them," Chris DiMarco said. "And I don't think that's fair to the tournaments that have been around forever."